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Buzz Books 2020: Romance

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A book of excerpts of upcoming romances. Enjoyed reading these sneak peeks!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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This sample anthology contains some interesting selections that I’ll be looking for when they come out.
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I’ve been hearing about A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby and was very excited to read an excerpt. I found the beginning a bit tricky to follow, but I am intrigued. There is a lot to unpack here, and I believe more would be explained in chapters to come. So far, I don’t see a lot of emotion from the main character, I would hope for more. I might check this book out, but it would be based more on external interest than on these first chapters.

How to Fail at Flirting

I love a heroine who shows the difficulties of research and academia and I also love a story in which her career plays a significant role.  This sneak peek teased friendships with my kind of humor and a story about the heroine finding herself again. I definitely want to read this book! 

Better Than People

The start of this story was almost too graphic for me, and the number of animals was a bit much to keep up with. I’m curious about Jack and Simon, but not feeling like I need to pick this up right away.

The Roommate

I have heard from trusted sources that this book is right up my alley and the first two chapters have definitely caught my interest. I find the family curse intriguing, the unrequited love for the absent best friend very easy to relate to, and I can’t wait to see our heroine open up! I am dying to read this book.
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short samples of upcoming books.  I find this difficult to work with on an e-reader as if I want to find a particular book it's hard to do so.
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I was so excited to read this issue of Romance Buzz Books and it did not disappoint! There are so many good romances coming out and I cannot wait. I love using this guide to discover new authors as well.
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Thanks! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I live diecoteing the latest novelties and you present us always the best in terms of great books and literature. Thanks for existing!
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I really enjoyed this big book of excerpts. There were so many that was entertaining and made me wish it lasted just a little bit longer. I made an extensive list on books that I’m waiting to be published, as well as requested some from publishers on NetGalley as well. I’m tell you if you want discover new books and don’t where to begin...start here.
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I love Buzz Books. They're free, what's not to love about that, and there are several chapters in each sample, enough to evaluate whether you'll like a book or not. I found four to request ARCs of: The Cul-de-Sac War, ROMEantically Challenged, The Ballad of Hattie Taylor, and the Roommate. I would have requested more, but my TBR list was getting too long!

There's something for everyone in this edition. LBGT, animal lovers, western romance, Caribbean romance (?), an Amish mystery, truly a little bit of everything.

My thanks to Publishers Lunch and Netgalley. I received an ARC in exchange for agreement to review; my opinions are my own.
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I recently learned about this publication that provides excerpts from soon-to-be -published books. It is a handy way to preview books that might interest you and to learn about new authors. I am always looking for new authors to read and for new approaches to the romance genre. I will be looking forward to reading this each time it is published.
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Amazing collection. I totally recommend every romance reader to check out this collection for upcoming books they may not know about. I know I found a few new to me authors here.
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There are many interesting books in this selection. I am looking forward to reading most of them. You can't go wrong with this book.
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"Buzz Books 2020 – Romance"
A great resource for finding your next TBR book.  
I used the summary to decide whether I cared to read the first chapter..
and the First Chapter to decide If that book was headed for my TBR list.
This collection held a good variety for reading choices.
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Buzz books,2020 Romance By Publishers Lunch 

This is a quick snapshot of how NetGalley operates and there system. Then it’s a look at upcoming Romance books coming out that is a wonderful mixture of fresh new authors and established authors. I think it’s a great way to get a synopsis of titles and authors that you might not normally have considered because so many books come out on a daily basis, but this just gives you a chance to view a select mixture!  I hope to get The RoomMate , Paris is Always a Good Idea and Follow Your Heart! I normally would not have chosen these books, but I hopefully will get them, if not I have them in my calendar to purchase because they sound fun and interesting! 
I received this from NetGalley and I am willingly giving my thoughts and opinions!
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I haven’t heard of many of these books, but several of them look good, based on the excerpts. I’m especially excited about “A Duke, The Lady, and a Baby”!
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This was an excellent sampler of some of the biggest books yet to come in 2020, including:

- How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams
- The Duke, the Lady and a Baby by Vanessa Riley

The samples are about two chapters or so, depending on the novel. Definitely enough to get the flavor of the book. Each book contains a summary at the top, publication info, a bio of the author and a link to request the full ARC. 

I’m blown away by how great it was to have a romance look book like this. Highly recommend! 

Also, sidenote: these stories were Senate-heavy. Three included stories with senator characters. As a politico, it was amazing to see political romance novels.
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Interesting read that is certain to increase your to be read pile. Especially if you like to read romance. Useful reference if you like to keep up to date with what is being published and trends in a particular genre.
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Thanks for providing this catalog. Looking forward to several in here, but The Roommate and RomeAntically Challenged are standouts for me!
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Hi everyone!
As always the list is amazing. If you love this genre and need some recommendations you should definitely read this.
I’ve already said this in another review of ‘Buzz Books 2020’ but the thing I love the most about this list is that for each book there is an excerpt for 1-2 chapters, which can help you realize if you’re gonna like the book, because sometimes the blurb isn’t enough! 
I loved so many books and can’t wait to read them! 
Some of them I already had on my TBR because I saw them on netgalley but didn’t get them in time.
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Very helpful resource that I will definitely be using again. Looking forward to reading so many great romance novels later this year.
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Can't review the content as it's only excerpts of upcoming books, but the samples look super intriguing. Will keep an eye out for the books!
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