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Buzz Books 2020: Fall/Winter

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This is always so helpful to give me an idea of great upcoming reads!! I always have so many books on my TBR but this way I know what to look out for. Thank you!
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One of the Best Buzz Books for a Fall/Winter Collection of Fiction and NonFiction books for a year (2020), I have ever read! First, lists upon lists of ALL the books coming out this fall and winter, from our our BIG, BIG, Popular Authors, of course. PLUS, so many debut authors that are just so FANTASTIC this year you'll need to make time to read everyone.
I started reading the excerpts, so graciously provided by the publishers, authors, and Buzz Books, and couldn't stop reading! I want them all! NOW! I'm BREATHLESS, they are all so good.
This is the season to READ! Get your BUZZ BOOK 2020 for Fall/Winter now. You do NOT want to miss out!
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A great collection of anticipated reads for the winter season, with links to netgalley requests. They're a great way to learn about upcoming titles and making access to them easier. And there are so many good books coming out later this year - I can't wait.
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Buzz Books 2020 gives readers a sneak peek of the 30 buzziest books being published this fall season. I love reading about upcoming books and look forward to each issue of Buzz Books!
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I'm glad I stumbled upon the Buzz Books Great Reads for Fall/Winter 2020. It contains books of interest that will be published later on in the year and includes excerpts of the books that they believe will do well. They have quite a selection to chose from and this is a great resource to see what's coming!!
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Some great books on offer here - as usual the standard is extremely high. Unusually though, only one of the books I clicked through on was available to request - hopefully there's better luck next time.
Regardless of my bad luck with requestable books, I still look forward to these Buzz collections twice a year - they're not only a great sampler of upcoming releases,  but a remarkably accurate market gauge.
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I really enjoyed being able to read snippets from some of the most anticipated upcoming releases! I love historical fiction so I found The Chanel Sisters by Judithe Little to be my favorite of all the excerpts. It reminded me a lot of City or Girls and The Gown, both of which I adored. I also was so intrigued by the writing in Danielle Evans’ The Office of Historical Corrections. I don’t typically read short stories but I’m hooked on her storytelling.

Some other favorites that I’ve added to my TBR are: When the Apricots Bloom by Gina Wilkinson, Three Ordinary Girls by Tim Brady, and Monogamy by Sue Miller.
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My first Buzz Books and I hope it won't be my last! Thank you for sharing and bringing to my attention some amazing books :D
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So many interesting choices in this edition of Buzz Books 2020 Fall/Winter.  Also some new authors to me.  With some lengthy novels I am sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.
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This reference text is at the top of my most helpful list. I appreciate NetGalley's generosity in sharing this collection of previews. I look for it every quarter. It is the best!
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Informative preview of upcoming titles for the Fall/Winter! I enjoyed reading some of the previews of the upcoming releases and they made me eve more excited for some of these titles.
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I LOVE Buzzbacks ! I’m always exited when this comes out. I find new book and authors that become my favorites every time
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I always love seeing the new / next season’s release of Buzz Books and finding out which of my favourite authors have new books coming out, those new-to-me authors who I’ve been meaning to read, as well as getting a chance for a peek inside some of these books to be released in the coming season, Fall / Winter.

There are many, many more books listed, some with excerpts, although not the majority, but it helps me at least attempt to plan out the coming months of reading.

The Notables
Ayad Akhtar – Homeland Elegies 9/8
John Banville – Snow 10/6
Elena Ferrante – The Lying Life of Adults 9/1
Alice Hoffman – Magic Lessons (prequel to Practical Magic) 10/6
Jane Smiley – Perestroika in Paris 12/1

Highly Anticipated
Yaa Gyasi – Transcendent Kingdom 9/8
Paulo Coelho – The Archer 11/10
Rumaan Alam – Leave the World Behind 10/6
Judithe Little – The Chanel Sisters 12/29
Sue Miller – Monogamy 9/8

Commercial Fiction
Smith Henderson & Jon Marc Smith – Make Them Cry 9/23
Fannie Flagg – The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop 10/27
Ken Follett – The Evening and the Morning 9/15 (prequel to The Pillars of the Earth)
Philippa Gregory – Dark Tides 11/14
John Grisham – A Time For Mercy 10/13
Gregory Maguire – A Wild Winter Swan 10/6

Biography and Memoir
Rick Bragg – Where I Come From: Stories From the Deep South 10/27
Philip Norman – Wild Thing: The Short Spellbinding Life of Jimi Hendrix 9/15
Michael Posner – Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: The Early Years 10/6
Neal Karlen – This Thing Called Life: Prince’s Odyssey, On and Off the Record 10/6
John Birdsall – The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life and Times of James Beard

Buzz Books are available for free on Amazon for Kindle, and Barnes & Noble for Nook
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This is such a great way to inform myself about new releases and learn about new authors. Quite an interesting selection as well!
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A very interesting publication.  I liked the fact that there was a comprehensive list of all upcoming publications at the beginning. A lot of information to absorb about upcoming releases.
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It's always such a delight to find a new Buzz Books is available, with the promise of new writers and books to discover. This issue is another five star one
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I really enjoyed this sneak peak for some of the most anticipated fiction and young adult books of 2020. I look forward to reading some of these in the upcoming months.
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Amazing List! A must-read for bibliophiles to stay up -to-date with the most anticipated books and their excerpts.
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Great way to keep up with future releases. I love having access to these updates. It is a great resource for those in the industry and for those bibliophiles who are interested in keeping up with future publications. There are some great options coming up this fall and winter.
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Really fun to get a peak at all the exciting books to come, and great to see direct links to request the NetGalley ARC as well.
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