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2 1/2 stars

Charlotte and Matt are a few weeks away from their wedding when it gets cancelled. Charlotte has always dreamed of being a travel journalist and has an internship at her favorite travel magazine starting when she would of returned from the honeymoon. She decides to go ahead & take the trip to Japan alone in order to experience some adventure in the wake of her heartbreak.

It was slow going in the beginning. I found Charlotte annoying at the start. Also, I had issues with the premise.
I mean they've been together since high school, 10 year relationship, living together and you're still not married! Just engaged. Really!!! What's the point of that????

It did pick up about 1/3 way thru once she's on her trip. I've been lucky enough to have traveled to Japan. I was able to invoke memories of my trip thru the narrative. The writer does a great job of painting a visual of the sights, sounds, food & people of that country. Definitely makes you want to travel there or return for another visit.

There was some humor and Charlotte does develop as a person while on the trip so she became less annoying.
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I enjoyed this novel for the most part.  Although I've never had plans to travel to Japan, there are definitely a variety of locations I wasn't aware of that this character was able to travel too.  At certain times the story dragged on a bit, and I did find myself putting down the book and picking up something else, but overall it was a sweet story, even though I wish we found out more in the end.
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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review this book.  

Fun plot concept but I found that I didn’t connect with the main characters.  I think it was the jumping back and forward between present day and flashbacks combined with the use of lists so early in the story.  I think that was the main reason I never made a connection with Charlotte and so didn’t really didn’t care that the wedding was off.  Plus I never really got the feeling Charlotte cared all that much either.  
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I received this book complimentary from NetGalley but all opinions are my own.

This book was a joy to read and one that was very relatable. To me and i'm sure many other people who have experienced heartbreak. The story follows Charlotte who calls off her wedding and goes off on her honeymoon to Japan by herself.  

I loved the setting of Japan and the way it was described it made me feel like I was really there along with her. As someone who has gone on a group holiday (not a couples one) I could really relate to her, this book was fast paced maybe a little too fast paced at points I felt like I was zipping through Japan. It had everything I wanted for a lighthearted read. The openly other downside was I didn’t enjoy the flashbacks that were scatted throughout the book.
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I loved this book! 
Charlotte calls off her perfect country wedding (because her fiance turns out to be a jerk) and leaves for her one month honeymoon in Japan on her own. I already love her!
This is not the usual rom-com /chick lit read (I must add fortunately!), it's a story of self discover: the honeymoon is an actual journey, but also a journey of self discovering during which Charlotte learns to be on her own, to understand who she really is and what she really wants.
The second main character of this book is Japan and so well described that you want to leave for Japan immediately, too! I love travel books and I also love Japan, so I guess this was the perfect combination for me, but I think this book is highly enjoyable by anyone, really.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What would you do if your fiance suggested you take a week-long break three weeks before your wedding? 

Yeah, I would have lost it. But, our lovely protagonist Charlotte, takes a different route. We follow Charlotte, after the whole break fiasco, as she goes on their honeymoon alone and embarks on the quest to lose-find herself. 

Charlotte was such a sweet soul. If I were in her situation, I would have totally handled the situation differently. Her ex-fiance Matt is such a little weasel.

Although I expected this to be all about love, it actually isn't. Sure, there is that element in the beginning and towards the end, but mostly this is a story of self-discovery. When Charlotte goes to Japan, she starts the journey of discovering who she really is. Having been with Matt all her life, she realised she didn't know how to live life on her own, what she really wanted from life and who she was all on her own. 

If you love Japan or like to travel, you'll be thrilled with this book. The majority of this book shows her travels throughout Japan, what she sees, tastes, feels and experiences. It's a neat way to learn more about Japan if you don't know anything.

I loved the tone of this book, because Charlotte was hilarious. While in Japan, she, of course, meets someone and engages in a night of fun and a little bit of making out. It was adorable!

Who would like it? If you love romance, stories about self-discovery, Japan, books about travel.
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I loved it! I traveled through it, I loved the main character and her journey. I liked the story and how it developed and also the scenery!
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This book felt extremely promising for me to begin with. I was super intrigued by the cover and the story and it got even better when I started reading. Often in stories the girl is with a guy that is obviously a big jerk, but he is the one leaving the girl. For once the guy acts like an idiot and the girls leaves him before the wedding – felt like breath of fresh air compared to other books I read. I really started to like the female main character and thought that I was really going to like this book when I saw something unfortunate. Flashbacks. Flashbacks I usually never really care for. They are usually lazy and unnecessary for the story. And I could have tolerated a flashback or two. But there was a lot of them. Every time a flashback happened, I felt annoyed, and it felt like I was dragged away from the story for something that did not feel relevant. The flashback did become fewer and is the reason I did not put the book sown and the few there after I actually just skipped.

The story is heavily focused around the theme about finding yourself. The main character came out of an eight-year relationship despite being only 24. In Japan she now tries to figure out who she really is with a backdrop of Japanese concept such as ikigai and forest bathing and touring around the country. I guess it gives a very tourist version of Japan, but it really makes you want to travel there – preferably yesterday. It is a book I would recommend for people who want to think about the concept about finding yourself, really want to travel alone, or want a women’s fiction book that do not really have any romance in it.
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I'm sorry but this book wasnt what I expected and I just couldn't get into it 
The beginning was good but once she took off on her travels alone after cancelling their wedding I lost the thread and struggled to reconnect to the book
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This was a great quarantine read! I felt like I had the opportunity to "travel" vicariously through these characters! This was a super fun, witty, light read!
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Charlotte and Matt have it all planned out. First, the wedding. Then, the month-long honeymoon in Japan, after which they were going to move to London, to start their lives together.

Only, there’s one problem.

Matt suddenly decides he doesn’t like the plan.

THE BROKEN HEARTS HONEYMOON is a fairly breezy story about one woman’s quest to re-find herself after her fiancé decides they need a break just a few weeks before their wedding. As they’ve been together since school, Charlotte isn’t quite sure who she is without Matt and when the opportunity arises for her to embark upon their planned honeymoon trip–albeit solo–she takes it in the hopes that a new perspective will help clear her mind and provide direction.

This is a tricky book for me to rate because some things I thought were done well. There was a good bit of humor that really worked for me. However I also think I was just thrown off by my own expectations. I went into this expecting a romance and its decidedly more Women’s Lit. That said, its not bad. Just not what I typically read.

The one thing that I did really struggle with was the pacing at times. Some of the scene transitions felt a bit wonky to me and I also felt like the flashbacks at the start of the novel were mostly unnecessary and took me out of the story. That said, I think the author did a wonderful job with describing the locations and making the setting really come alive. Had I been in the mood to read a travelogue (as this at times reads as one with fourth-wall breaking asides to the reader) I probably would have enjoyed it much more than I did. As it is, I would rate it a solid 3.5 stars. If you’re a reader of women’s lit and the sort of ‘eat, pray, love’ adventures of self discovery, you’ll almost certainly love this.

**Thanks so much to Netgalley for providing an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
**Review originally posted on my blog
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This book certainly took me through a range of emotions! 
The authors wonderfully refreshing writing style really caught my attention and kept it fully to the very end. 
Charlotte's unique personality was just perfect! It added humour and emotion, and following her story as she grows as a person made me smile so much.
A heart warming, laugh out loud read that will keep you hooked. I love this book.
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I really struggled with this book, a DNF at 15%. I kept trying to come back to it, but failed. There were too many flashbacks. Just not a good fit for me, which is a shame as I love romance and travel.
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Charlotte’s life is turned upside down when her fiancé, Matt, tells her he’s having second thoughts on their wedding that is only weeks away. The wedding is called off but Charlotte decides to still go on her month long honeymoon to Japan alone. While she’s on a journey across the country, she’s also discovering who she is as a single woman and what she wants to do with her life.

This powerful self-discovery story was so intriguing and eye opening. Charlotte learned so much about herself that could be helpful to any young person experiencing a difficult transition in their life. Also, the trek through different regions of Japan made me want to hop on a plane and see all of the sites for myself. Overall, this was a fun contemporary read with a plot unlike anything I’ve read before.
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The was an enjoyable read, but I preferred not to have the back & forth movement, the story overall was good and interesting especially as Charlotte overcomes all.
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" Do I have the balls to go on my honeymoon... alone ? "

What a funny and light-hearted story!

Charlotte calls off her wedding after her fiance... well... screws up. It seems like the hardest thing before her leaving alone for her honeymoon to Japan. A long hoped trip across the world that beautifully stages a sweet bildungsroman.

I must admit I had no expectations, having never heard of the author. Actually, this book is my very first ARC (thank you Netgalley by the way!!), and I jumped into it as Japan + Romance looked like a perfect cosy read.

I've been dreaming about Japan for many years now and I finally got to "visit" it. It's well documented, brings us to see so many different sides of this country.

This novel is a first person narrative, and Charlotte is indeed a great adventurer and a great travel journalist :) The secondary characters are tridimensional and appealing (maybe not Matt the twat hahaha)

Charlotte leaves England to find out who she is, and in the end I got to think about who I was, and who I wanted to be, and the adventures I was ready to experience to become this person.
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It wasn’t love at first sight for me and this read, but it gradually won me over. It took me a little bit to adjust to the writing style and tone. It was cheeky, bordering on trying too hard at times with one too many shoehorned pop-culture references throughout. The premise of the book feels rushed in the beginning, BUT once you get to Japan…this book charms you. It’s clear the author did a lot of research into the trip aspect of the book, and truthfully if I ever get to go to Japan I think I found my itinerary.

Admittedly, this book would be fun to read before a vacation as it really inspires a sense of adventure and possibility.

Pick up if: you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella, you keep looking at your photos from your last trip to Japan, you think a solo trip is the best way to get over a breakup, or you’re looking a some armchair travel .
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This book was amazing and I really enjoyed everything about it. 
The story focuses on Charlotte, who is a very real and down to earth character, with real struggles and flaws.
Charlotte’s wedding plans fall through and she decides to go on their month-long honeymoon on her own - all the way to Japan!!
Japan is a huge part of this book and I loved finding out all about its culture. It was beautifully written and honestly felt like I had escaped to Japan.
This book doesn’t focus on a love story or romance but more on Charlotte’s journey, both her physical one to Japan and also her emotional one.
A wonderful, heartwarming adventure and I loved it.
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The Broken Hearts Honeymoon is a perfect book for these times when we are all stuck indoors and unable to travel.  Reading this book was like taking a trip back to Japan, where the majority of the book was set.  The descriptions of the scenery were enough to make me feel like I was really there in Japan experiencing the vacation alongside the characters.  As a Japanese person, I felt as though this book accurately described the culture and practices that really occur in Japan.  You can be assured that this book is, for the most part, very well researched and factual.  
I also enjoyed the journey that Charlotte took throughout this book, rediscovering her sense of self after her extremely long term relationship ended.  I feel that it is a book that a lot of people will be able to resonate with.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a case of the travel bug during this pandemic and wants to escape on an adventure to the exotic country of Japan.
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The premise of a woman about to be married then cancels due to the groom to be having cold feet is an interesting story. Charlotte is faced with reality of being single and having to go on this prepaid trip that was meant to be her honeymoon alone. With the current timeline and a year ago timeline is a new element I have yet to come across. The main character reflects back to when she was first was proposed to then being engaged and all the wedding preparation is insightful for the reader to understand why she feels the way she feels about this messy situation.
I yearn for more narratives that are like this where the protagonist is faced with a difficult situation and decides to use the situation to grow as a person rather than dwell on the horribleness of a breakup. This felt real and believable especially with the characters interactions with other characters. i found myself on Charlotte's side and agreed that Matt was not ready for a committed relationship.
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