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I've been really on the fence about what to rate this one, either two or three stars. While I loved the anxiety rep and the actual building of a friendship between Everly and Chris, I really didn't get as invested in their relationship as I'd have liked and the actual plot itself kind of dragged. I decided to go with three stars, but this is definitely one of those books that someone could absolutely adore while it just wasn't my taste.

Ten Rules For Faking It follows Everly, as she has one of her worst birthdays ever when she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman, and then her best friend accidentally broadcasts her spiraling about it on live radio. The listeners all have an opinion, and then next thing she knows, Everly is the star of a Bachelorette-esque radio dating series. All while dealing with her anxiety, her parents' drama and her new feelings for her hot boss, Chris.

To start off, I want to say that while I don't have social anxiety, or much anxiety at all really, just so that everyone knows whatever I have to say on it should be taken with a grain of salt. Anyway, I liked Everly, it was different to read a story from the perspective of someone who has anxiety, without making it out to be some sort of clunky stereotype. She was a fun character, with a bit of spunk once she felt comfortable enough in situations, and I loved how close she and her best friend Stacy were. The fact that they communicated back and forth so well about things rather than letting their friendship get shredded apart over a guy or being a bad friend like a lot of other books do, made me so, so happy. That's literally my least favorite part of romance novels usually so this was a nice subversion to that trope.

However, that's where my love of things just kind of ends. It's not that Ten Rules For Faking It was bad, it just didn't really click for me. Everly and Chris were cute together and were nice friends, but I never really felt any romantic connection between them. When we're introduced to Chris' POV, he already has feelings for Everly, but we really don't know why since he barely speaks to her and she stays closed off from everyone. It wasn't awful or anything, but it made rooting for them to get together fall kind of flat for me. Same thing with the way that there really wasn't all that much happening. I thought we'd see more of the dates than we got to, but in general the plot just dragged a bit. I know Sullivan was trying to focus on building a relationship and having Everly become comfortable around Chris, but there was almost nothing else going on most of the time besides them talking. If I were to graph the plot I'm pretty sure the climax would be at the very start of the book, dip down and then have a little bump at the end instead of having anything big happen. 


 Chris and Everly literally just had their own insecurities to work through as the finale and because of how it was set up there was no real problem that needed solving so everything just fell flat. Like, Chris had made it so apparent that he was essentially down to marry Everly in the first chapter from his POV so having their future as a couple rest on his shoulders once Everly figured things out literally held NO meaning since we all knew what would happen.


Overall Ten Rules For Faking It was a nice romance with anxiety rep, but overall that's all it really was. I didn't feel much of a connection to the romance, and while I enjoyed the book, it's not one I'd really pick up again or recommend to someone looking for a fun romance.
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Oh my goodness, I just loved this book!! This book is unputdownable, once I started I just wanted to binge read the whole book! This was a fun romcom with “The Bachelor” vibes to it. Everly Dean is a radio show producer who accidentally rants on air about her boyfriend cheating on her, on her birthday. She receives an outpouring of love, which then turns into bachelor style dating! I thought this was a really fun idea and I loved the radio station vibes as well.

I thought all the characters in the book were great. I thought the portrayal of Everly’s anxiety was well executed, and so relatable. It was refreshing to read a book that dealt with anxiety and how she works through it. I thought Chris was a great character too. Chris and Everly had great chemistry, and I enjoyed the clean romance in this book! If you’re looking for a fun and clean romance, I highly recommend checking this book out!
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Although there were certain parts of this book that I did like, I didn't really feel all too invested in it, or the romance.

Everly Dean is a radio producer who loves her job and hates her birthday. On the morning of her thirtieth birthday, she walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her, and accidentally blurts it out to the whole world. Luckily, her manager, Chris Jansen, has a plan: set Everly up on a dating spree similar to The Bachelorette, giving her a chance at finding happiness, and using the publicity to boost ratings and save the station, even as something more grows between the two.

I'm disappointed to say that the romance in this book did not work for me, at all. According to the book, Chris and Everly have known each other for a year, but haven't spoken much, and yet Chris fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. The romance, in general, felt very insta-lovey at times, and there didn't seem to be any real chemistry between the two. Everly is in love with Chris because he sees her despite her social anxiety, and Chris loves Everly because she's... brave?

The characters, also, were quite lukewarm for me. Chris is constantly going on inner monologues about how amazing and brilliant and incredible Everly is, but to me, it seemed more like the author was trying to hype her up. Most of the side-characters, apart from Everly's best friend Stacy, have no real personality and are only really there to help move the story forward. And rather than seeming like they were in their thirties, the characters could have just as easily been teenagers or a bit older.

All of that being said, one of the greatest parts of this book was how Everly's social anxiety was portrayed. Everything about it was very real, and this book didn't try to sugarcoat very much what Everly felt. Additionally, it didn't try to make Everly's anxiety vanish into thin air the moment she realized that she was in love, and amidst many of the books that do that, I really liked this.

Overall, this was a pretty fluffy read, and somewhat enjoyable. I would recommend it to others who just want to read something nice and light, or something with good social anxiety rep.
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This was great, fun and laugh out loud rom-com. I really enjoyed the main character and felt like it was easy to connect with her and her social awkwardness. Its an easy, quick and laugh out loud read.
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Ten Rules for Faking It was a cute, quick read that I wanted to love more than I did. It starts of great and I was really invested and loved the friendship between Everly and Stacey. In some ways this book reminded me of a grown up version of 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston when Everly starts to go on random dates as the radio station she works for takes an on-air faux pas and turns it into a PR stunt. What fell flat for me was the main romance of the book - which is a slow burn without much spark. I just didn't feel the tension and chemistry between Everly and Chris that was supposed to be there. Both seemed to pine for the other from the start and when your whole romantic subplot hinges on two people having a basic conversation then it falls a little flat. Everly's parents were also in the book way too much and were a bit over the top but I loved the other side characters - Stacey, Rob, and Chris's brothers - and hope that there are some companion stores coming that involve them.
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Ten Rules For Faking is the perfect romcom, it has substance along with witty banter and laugh out loud moments. I adored manager Chris and radio producer Everly’s story so much! The attraction, chemistry and slow-burn romance between them made a great engaging read. I thought the Bachelorette theme was a fun touch. I will be recommending this book to my book club and friends!
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As one would assume from the title, this is a lighthearted story about a woman who gets roped into “Bachelorette” style dating at the radio station where she works. This coincides with her 30th birthday and a decision to be bold. 

A cute friends-to-lovers happens. The story is well-written with no big surprises.
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I think Everlyn is my sister from another life. We both hate our birthdays because something bad always happen around our day. She is introvert and has anxiety and our brain never stop spinning around and talking nonsense about things changing topics randomly. I loved the feeling of being portrayed in a book, even it means being cheating by an ex-boyfriend too.
Stacey is the best friend I always dreamed and never find one. The one who made Everlyn laugh, even when they fight, they talk about instead stoping talking. 
This rom-com it's awesome because it shows that some mistakes made in our childhood could affect us years late as adult. Maybe because our parents, maybe because high school or some cheating ex-boyfriend. But Everlyn know she need chance some things in her life when she now has 30 y/o. So she made a list with ten things she wants for her future. Being brave it's one of then.
And when her story about being cheating goes on air on the radio she works, everything chances. Now she's the Bacherollete in search for a new boyfriend. But slowing and just if she really really like some of the guys. 
Who will be the lucky guy?

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This was a sweet romance with likeable characters. 

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for fair and honest review.
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Ten Rules for Faking It is a great book by Sophie Sullivan I giggled thru out the book and at some parts i laughed harder than I should have but it was just adorable. I think the social anxiety part of the book is what captured me and what I related me to the most. This sweet funny book is a great read and I recommend to anyone who needs a light read that is going to make you smile!
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Give a contemporary romance an illustrated cover and an intriguing summary, and I've got to at least try it. I appreciated Sullivan's depiction of social anxiety, and I felt a lot of sympathy for the heroine. I was rooting for her as she challenged herself to make some changes in her life. I did, however, feel like the book could have been a lot shorter. I listened to it on audio, and I was continually shocked by how much I had left to listen to. It was so slow, full of inner monologue, and had too many conflicts happening right at the end. The romance needed more development for me because I wasn't invested in this couple together, which is never great when that's the point of the genre. I'm So Okay With It – a good story that got lost in the length.
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This is a sweet funny book that made me laugh out loud more than once.  As someone who feels they are socially awkward and get stressed in social situations its nice to have the main character feel that way and not be this super cool girl. Both Everly and Chris have great character development and its definitely a feel good story.  I feel like in parts it sort of dragged on but that can happen from time to time, and overall did not really impact my enjoyment of the story!
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

I wasn't expecting it, but Ten Rules for Faking It has one of the best representations/discussions of social anxiety that I've read. It might not be the first thing that you think of when you think "women's fiction" but I appreciated that Sullivan took the time (and words) to handle anxiety in such a thoughtful and thorough manner. I did find it a bit of a slower read for me, but still a fun book that would be perfect for the beach!
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Where do I even begin with this book? It was amusing at times, sad at others, but always with a hint of hope underneath it all. Everly has just turned 30 years old. Her life is not how she may have always wanted it to be, between her parents on again off again marriage, her anxiety, her inability to find a significant other she feels passionately about, etc. Everly works at a radio station. She loves her job and her co-worker is her best friend. On the morning of her 30th birthday, she brings her boyfriend some coffee and a treat in the morning, only to find his secretary helping him do something other than take messages for him. With her birthday already in shambles, she goes to work. This day will be the beginning of a new adventure for Everly. After venting to her friend about her troubles with men and not knowing they were live on air, a new chapter begins for her. Men are more than willing to go out with her, and so her almost "bachelorette" radio reality and blog begins. Not all men were to her taste obviously. 
My memorable mention for the dates was for the following man. I, too, have a Lhasa Apso (Mr. Darcy is his name) that I love to dress up for holidays. This bachelor #1 would have been my choice, but he was simply not to Everly's taste. However, this guy would be perfect for me if he was real. My dogs are my life. Why can't this guy be real?
"Oh, the pictures. There were so many pictures. By the time she'd seen his Lhasa Apso in a pumpkin costume, a dog-size Green Bay Packers jersey, and Christmas pajamas, she needed a refill on her drink. 
'He sleeps on my bed. My last girlfriend didn't like sharing her pillow, so I've trained him only to use mine,' Corbin said....
I'm guessing that wouldn't be my issue, dude."
While he was a hard pass, Everly was able to find a few suitable gentlemen for her radio show. 
As her journey continues with her ten rules for faking it progresses, she grows and comes to some great conclusions such as, "Even if it goes wrong, you have to try." Yes! A thousand times, yes! Say it louder for the people in the back! Another favorite was, "Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's not worth it." Everything in life that is worth having is not easy. A person has to work at what they want to achieve. Ugh. I just adored Everly so much. Her anxiety felt so real. Everyone feels anxious now and then. Some people have anxiety all of the time. No matter if you have hardly any anxiety or have it all of the time like Everly, you can feel for her. You can sympathize. While the plot itself may have been lacking in a few spots, I am still giving this book a 4 stars because I adored Everly and all of the good quotes I got from this book.
Now to end with my favorite one, "I don't need to change who I am to feel good about myself, but I do need to push myself to be better. To be more."

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This was a Slow Burn book for me. It had a cute storyline and some really amazing characters but for me the book really dragged on. If it was just a little bit shorter and a little more fast paced I could easily see myself giving this book a 4 star review. 

With that being said however the way this book shows us how someone with anxiety deals with daily was outstanding. The author did an amazing job of getting that across to us readers. Like I said before the characters development was also really good. I just didn’t find myself not wanting to put this book down. 

There were some really funny banter in this book and love me some good Veronica Mars references! All in all .. this was a cute and easy read.
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Ten Rules for Faking It was cute enough, charming enough, and amusing enough, hence three stars.  It benefited from the dual perspectives of both main characters and a lovely cast of supporting characters.  The final conflict fell a bit flat for me, unfortunately, and character motivations fell apart,  but I didn't hate the experience.
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Everly Dean is not enjoying her thirtieth birthday. She went in to do her job as a producer for a radio show, working along her best friend Stacy. When Stacy asked about her birthday, Everly told her all about how her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now, Simon had been with his assistant when she’d had stopped by with coffee and doughnuts. But Simon hadn’t just been with his assistant. He’d been with her in bed. 

Everly had dropped breakfast on the floor and left. 

And then she went in to work to see her best friend, and Everly found out that Stacy had made a big mistake too. She’d put Everly on the air to wish her a happy birthday, not knowing how her story was going to come crashing out. Everly’s bad beginning to her birthday was spilled over a live microphone to their entire listening audience. 

Stacy killed the mic as soon as she could and apologized profusely to Everly, but their new boss Chris had been one of the many listeners who had heard about Everly’s morning. As the pone lines start lighting up, Christ sends Everly home for the day to recover from her double shock. 

Everly goes home and feels sorry for herself, until she realizes that nothing will change in her life until she does. It’s her birthday, so it’s a good time for her to take stock. She starts making a list of things that will help her make her life better. Later, Stacy shows up and is excited to add to the list, trying to help Everly get past her anxiety and assert herself more. Everly is ready to move forward, her fate in her own hands. 

What she isn’t expecting is the outpouring of support from the listeners of their radio show. But it gives them an idea—an adventure in dating, so Everly can replace Simon. Station manager Chris is all for the idea, making sure that Everly can try this dating game but not be overwhelmed by her anxiety, and Stacy is all in to help her friend find a boyfriend who is worthy. 

Everly isn’t sure how much she can push herself in this new direction, but she’s willing to try. And she’s very grateful to Chris for being so sensitive to her anxiety. It makes her feel safe. He makes her feel special. But will that interfere with her new dating opportunities, developing a crush on the boss? Or will that just mean that her professional life and her personal life will leave her sad, unemployed, and alone? 

Ten Rules for Faking It is a charming rom com with lots of spirit and enthusiasm. Told in alternating viewpoints between Everly and Chris, this story takes a deep dive of how challenging it can be adulting with anxiety. While Everly tries to “fake it” to find her new life, she is careful to make sure she has support and encouragement from her friends for each step. 

I liked this book, but I have dealt with enough anxiety in my life to feel the pain of Everly’s struggles. I was so happy for her that she stays strong when she can and takes time for herself when she can’t be strong, but it did bring up some painful memories for me (not that that’s the fault of author Sophie Sullivan, just a thing that happens sometimes when a character’s struggles mirror my own). 

I definitely recommend this one for fans of rom coms, but I also have to say it would be a great book for anyone wanting to better understand someone who struggles from anxiety or to offer hope and encouragement for those anxious like me. The descriptions of Everly’s panic and her need for time alone to recover is as good of an explanation as I’ve read. And this book is lots of fun, so that just makes reading Ten Rules for Faking It that much more gratifying. 

Egalleys for Ten Rules for Faking It were provided by St. Martin’s Press (Griffin) through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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A lively, quick read revolving around a radio show producer. In this funny rom-com, Everly has to navigate her love life, but also the thoughts in her head, and her loving but overly-comfortable parents. 

Everly is a producer at the radio station and it's her birthday -- yay... not so yay. Birthdays suck, and this one is no different. Everly has rules to live by that keep everything neat and orderly, but those rules do not account for being thrown into a radio-contest bachelorette type project while managing her social anxiety. Her best friend Stacey is obviously on her side, but her boss Chris keeps blowing hot and cold and she can't place him. 

I really appreciate reading books where the main character is dealing with mental health struggles but where they are validated and are simply a part of that character. In this case Everly has social anxiety but while it affects her life it does not necessarily control it. The novel is also about friendship, support and getting through (major/public) embarrassments. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are all my own.
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Everly Dean has a track record for bad birthdays, but her 30th takes the cake when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her (literally in the act) and then inadvertently rants about it live, on the radio to DJ/best friend Stacey. They turn the radio confession into an opportunity when her gorgeous, yet distant boss, Chris, proposes they create a Bachelorette-style radio segment after receiving so much listener support for Everly. The main problem is Everyly's social anxiety, shyness, and "quirks."
This was a cute rom-com with some cringy moments with Everly's parents and a speedy resolution. There were points mid-way through that dragged on a bit, but it was a relatively quick, easy read. I enjoyed Sophie Sullivan's depiction of anxiety ad the various triggers and how it manifests. The storyline with Chris was tepid and far too instant to be gratifying and realistic--we learn early on that he's been into Everly from the moment they met--going from distant boss to chummy admirer. Finally, there could have been one major conflict (Chris's dad owns the radio station, but Chris decides not to disclose the connection to his employees) rather than two or three that were pretty easily resolved. Overall, it was just ok and light read with pretty homogenous characters.
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Oh, Everly - Queen of the crappy birthdays. She was game for the Bachelor-style dating game to boost ratings and hopefully find love - and she finds it in a not-unexpected-but-still welcome place. Loved this one!
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