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How to Lose an Ex in Ten Days

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Good but not for me. The plot was fine, not quite what I was expecting from the description. Definitely more a story about loss and moving on than anything else.
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This story was a big miss for me. Initially I missed the references in the blurb to the more supernatural aspects of the story, so that was a massive shock for me - but I was able to get past that because the ending gives good closure. However, my biggest problem was with the character development. None of the characters seemed truly fleshed-out; that was most glaring in the romance between Belle and Nate (which did not really seem all that romantic), but even Rosie and Tess were given only pieces and parts of backstories.

Lottie Lucas is a good writer, but with this story being billed as '"perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk" I just expected more.
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This book has a pretty common premise, but the writing is overwhelming, original, and fresh. I found the protagonist winning and the secondary characters engaging. The plot isn't anything special, and it's fairly predictable, but it's a really amusing, enjoyable read that doesn't rely on the plot.
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I really liked this story. The plot was very unique and it made for a fast read. I loved the dynamics of the characters, even though Ed’s shenanigans made me cringe a lot. Lol The whole story gave me a Bridget Jones vibe which I loved.
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This book was a mixed bag for me, I had moments where I wasn't sure where it was going and want the pacing to pick up a bit more, however these were minor details that didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the book. The characters were very likable and the story flowed well as a whole, but the best part was the uniquenes of the storyline. I would definitely read more from this author.
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Wow this is not what I was expecting and I'm really glad I went into this blindly and without spoilers because a ghost book (that bit won't be published) isn't something I would have picked to read.
The story was really engaging. I enjoyed the bond and love between the 3 girls. Great book
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While this book had immense potential, I was quite disappointed with the end result. 

I thought Belle's overcoming of her feelings for her ex was very well done; however, I found her character very confusing to read at times. She didn't really know what she wanted and could make clear decisions. I found many of the scenes to be very choppy; while something was happening in the book, the main character would suddenly break into an inner monologue about her conflicting feelings, her surroundings, or her past. This caused the pacing of the book to be very off. 

I wish there was better development of her and Nate's relationship. It was quite rocky from the start. As she goes on a date with him and then suddenly forgets about his existence but still feels her heartbeat accelerating when she talks to him. Their relationship was that rocky throughout the book. Nate's sudden love for Belle made it even worse. 

I thought the secondary characters were very chaotic and not done the best either. Her sister's character's personality didn't seem very realistic and many aspects to her felt overdone or overemphasized. Belle's mother's sudden change had great potential to be a layered development but ended up being abrupt and out of place. 

I am glad that Belle ended up with the right guy in the end and her personal journey was done very well, so for that, I applaud the author. The story was interesting and unique and I would like to read more this author has to offer.  

- 3 stars - 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free eARC of the novel in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I find myself struggling with this book review because I find that I really enjoy the characters that Lucas writes, however, there was not enough romance in this book for me. The topics of grief and how to move forward from an ex are very well done here. Lucas has done something smart here though because I believe that this type of book will draw more people into her work as it walks the line between women's fiction & romance. I will be sure to recommend this to friends, family, and followers who like a little bit of spookiness & depth in their romance!
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The unique premise of the book initially drew my attention as well as the fact that it is set in my favorite city in the world: Edinburgh. I loved the references to Leith and Greyfriars Kirkyard, and it transported me right back to the alleyways and mazes of the Royal Mile. I think if you are willing to not get bogged down in details, you will enjoy this story. 

I felt a bit confused while reading because I felt like we weren't going on a journey with these characters. Stuff was happening but a lot of it seemed to happen either before the book started (perfect example: Nate falling for Belle) or happened so out of the blue (the sudden transformation of their self-centered mother into Lorelei Gilmore) that I was left scratching my head. The book seemed to be more about Belle getting over Ed (another relationship I didn't really understand) and that's ok--I just figured it would also be about her relationship with Nate as well and minus a date or two I feel like I'm still totally in the dark about their relationship. I feel like I know more about the wedding confetti poppers than I do about why/how/when Nate liked Belle and how she felt about him. 

The biggest case of whiplash I got was when we finally found out Ed's fate (I don't really think this is a spoiler alert since we know from the description he is ghost/spirit/guardian angel/whatever) but no one figured out what happened to him ie that he was dead?! No one did a cheeky Google or Facebook search to find out he hadn't had an online presence since the day of the wedding? His family didn't go looking for him? Maybe it won't be a major issues for other readers but it definitely bugged me. I really was intrigued by the initial premise of the book and just wanted to like the book more than I did. I think if you don't get mired in the details and you're just willing to go with the story, you will enjoy this. Especially if you are itching to read something set it Edinburgh. 

Many thanks to HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter & Netgalley for the ARC.
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2.5 stars
This book is made for people who like their contemporary romance with a bit of (non spooky) paranormal sprinkled in. 
However, this book is light in the romance, and more heavy on moving on from past loves. It touches on grief and how to move forward from loss. Belle talks about how hard it can be to be lonely. All of it is very relatable. 
I appreciated the thought and how it discusses how hard it can be to get over someone, but I did not find myself enjoying this book....

Was everyone annoying in this book, or was it just me? Nate came off as a jerk (I can’t even tell how she was attracted to him to begin with. We miss that part in the novel). Belle was still upset about something that happened 6 years ago. Rosie was too involved in everything and had no sympathy.  Ed was an instigator and was trying to ruin her life (I think trying to show how if you don’t let go of the past it can hinder your future). 

I just really couldn’t connect with anyone, which made me not care about the outcome. They kind of got themselves together by the end, but by that point, I was over it. 

It also bothered me that Belle basically says the only reason she said “yes” to Ed’s proposal was because she didn’t want to say no in front of everyone watching. And then she agreed to a rushed marriage cause it’s what he wanted. But then suddenly she looks back and he’s the love of her life. She sounded pretty wish washy and indifferent when he was around. Maybe I missed too much of their relationship (it only shows glimpses) to see why she would think that?

And Nate. What a jerk. Belle didn’t owe him anything and he acted like she owed him everything. She doesn’t have to tell you everything about her life cause you took her on one measly lunch date. And be a grown up and talk to her about if it bugs you. Their whole “relationship” was so childish. 

And *spoiler alert* how in the world could her ex fiancé have died and she not find out about until 6 years later?! That makes no sense. And neither did the “explanation”. She didn’t try to find out where he was once?! She didn’t know any of his family or friends that could’ve told her? And social media didn’t know?? How. They were ENGAGED. Someone would have mentioned it. 
Okay, rant over. 

It just wasn’t a book written for me, and that’s fine! Not every book is for everyone. 
I think it was well written, I just couldn’t jive with the characters or the storyline. 
I’d read another work by the author. Hopefully the characters won’t be as grinding as these ones were. 
But if the description sounds like it would be interesting to you, I would go ahead and give it a shot. 

*special thanks for NetGalley and One More Chapter for the ARC to review!
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"How To Lose An Ex In Ten Days" is about a woman named Belle who realizes her feelings for a man named Nate, and tries to navigate those feelings as Ed - her ex that left her behind at the altar - is trying to be apart of her life again.

I thought the plot was really interesting, and even though I wasn't as interested as I hoped I would be while I was reading the story, I thought it was pretty good and I still think a lot of people would really enjoy this book.
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How to Lose an Ex in Ten Days is a fun, surreal story of fear and forgiveness. Years ago, Belle's fiance Ed disappeared from their wedding without explanation. Belle has been holding on to the past and has had a hard time letting go of might-have-beens. Now she's realized that she likes Nate, a colleague from the office, but moving on from past hurts is rather difficult because suddenly the past is holding on to her too. Her ex Ed is back in her life again, haunting her wherever he is least wanted, and Belle is very confused. The thing with Ed is threatening her relationship with Nate because it's impossible to tell him the truth about Ed as Belle doesn't really understand it herself. Is Ed just an excuse because she's afraid of getting hurt again by Nate? In the meantime, her sister Rosie is stressed about her upcoming wedding, and her mother causes consternation with her attention seeking antics. Will Ed ruin another wedding and destroy Belle's chances of happiness again, or will he save the day?

I liked the plot because it was different and unpredictable. Mixed with the fantasy elements there are colourful characters and some insightful thoughts about the difficulty of letting go and moving on. At some point I got a little annoyed with Belle because she seemed a little stuck on delusional love, but she gets a clue towards the end. The writing flows well, and I only noticed a few minor issues with homophones and spelling.

I got the ARC via Netgalley in exchange for free opinions.
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Thank you NetGalley android the publisher for this copy of the book. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

I like the cover very much. I think it’s just as cute as the story itself! The book was great, I loved it. Would recommend.
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