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Cover Image: My Heart's in the Highlands

My Heart's in the Highlands

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Leslie S, Librarian

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This one was my first lesfic in a while, and it was a good one to jump back into. Lady Jane Crichton was one of the first seven women to get a medical degree in Victorian Edinburgh, and though shunned by most of the scientific community, she has one friend with whom she can share her secret, and it’s a big one. Jane has built a time machine. Her first big test lands her in the 13th century Scottish Highlands and right into the arms of Ainslie nic Dòmhnaill, a wild, fiery-haired woman destined to inherit chiefship of the great Clan Donald. Jane has never been attracted to any living creature, only science, but she can’t ignore the way she’s drawn to Ainslie, and it’s tempting to stay, not only because of her attraction, but because women are treated far better in the 13th century than they are in 1888, but will the two be able to make things work across the time gap?

This book moved pretty quickly while covering a LOT of ground. There’s time travel, clan wars, unsettling discoveries, sexual tension, relationship drama, political intrigue, queer politics. So many things, but overall, a hoot. I didn’t know I needed a queer version of time travel in Scotland, but this book proved I definitely did. I’m on the uphill slope of a reading slump, and this book was easy to sail right through. Hopefully the slump is over, but we’ll see.

I will say I’ve already started a new lesfic novel, so things are looking up. I’m a little late to this one (published in June), but this book is perfect for fall going into winter. As the nights get cooler, we all need a little bit of heat. This book has plenty, and it’ll inspire you to hunker down with your favorite plaid blanket.

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