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Cover Image: What Would Frida Do?

What Would Frida Do?

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I've read quite a few books about Frida (she's by far my fave artist), so I was uncertain that there would be any new angles to be taken that haven't been done a million times before. "What Would Frida Do?" was a pleasant surprise. Although there are biographical descriptions of her life, Arianna Davis has injected some fun and fresh ideas by framing the book with how to use Frida as an inspiration for living a fierce, bold, and inspiring life.

I loved how each section focused on a particular area of Frida's life and described ways that a person can get inspiration from Frida to live out their dreams. My only complaint was that some of the information about Frida tended to get a little repetitive because the book wasn't written in a linear way. I would have loved more insight into her artwork as well, instead of a focus on her romantic life.

Overall, I would recommend this book to any Frida fans and, in particular, to young women who want a fun look at a revolutionary artist who can teach them how to live up to their potential.

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