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In Focus Reflexology

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I have always been interested in the concept of reflexology (another form of Eastern medicine that too easily gets dismissed by us Westerners). This book was a great introduction for someone like me who didn't know anything about the topic previously. It described the beliefs behind why reflexology can be effective and gave the basics on how someone would get started in the practice. I was hoping for a little bit more of a guide (like this is the exact point for headaches, etc.) for complete novices, but I can see how this book would be super helpful for someone that is trying to decide whether to go into reflexology as a career (or someone who wants to be able to treat their friends and family). I'm definitely a fan of this "In Focus" series because they simplify a topic that could seem confusing and water it down in a really understandable and relatable way. I'll definitely be reading more about reflexology in the future and checking out which other books they have in this series.

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