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Cover Image: The Child Who Never Was

The Child Who Never Was

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Kimberly R, Reviewer

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The Child Who Never Was by Jane Renshaw is a thrilling page-turner!  

Evie and Sarah Booth are mirror-image twins. When they face one another they are matching reflections, but their personalities are far from identical.  Evie is independent and outgoing. Sarah suffers from agoraphobia and struggles with daily activities.  Sarah's mental illness comes to a head when she is faced with a mother's worst fear.  Sarah’s 18-month-old son has vanished without a trace! Can Evie help reunite Sarah with her son?  Will Sarah overcome her mental illness?  

There is no other fear greater than that of a mother who is missing their child.  The author captures this emotion from the first page of this book, with a frantic mother searching for her child.  The harrowing events that follow provided a thrilling reading experience.  The storyline is unlike any other I have read.  In addition, this book is full of suspense and will have the reader on the edge of their seat.  The plot twists are surprising, chilling, and meticulously timed.  

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a thrilling mystery that defies the "norm" in this genre.

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