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Cover Image: Tempest Cursed: A Wuthering Heights Retelling

Tempest Cursed: A Wuthering Heights Retelling

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Tempest Cursed: A Wuthering Heights Retelling by K.C. Lannon is the first in a two-part young adult fantasy series that completely engaged me and had me rapidly turning pages. 

This eerie story takes place on the island of Moon Tithe and Tempest, the home of young Pearl and her father. Pearl is mourning the loss of her mother.  Her mother's death is mysterious; it is believed she drowned, although her body has yet to be recovered.  Before her passing, Pearl's mother imparted several stories of the Deep Dwellers to her daughter.  The Deep Dwellers are sea gods who accept offerings of silver and gold treasures to keep their fury at bay.  Holding onto her mother's magical stories of the Deep Dwellers is Pearl's way of coping with her loss.  When Pearl herself makes an offering to the sea gods, she comes face to face with Hake, a boy who is half-Deep Dweller.  Hake and Pearl form an unexpected friendship, and as they become familiar with one another, it becomes clear to Hake that Pearl's stories of the sea gods are far from accurate.  Will Hake show Pearl the terrifying truth of the Deep Dwellers?  How will Pearl and Hake's bond evolve over the course of the book?  And, perhaps the biggest question of all, is Tempest cursed? 

K.C. Lannon has done a stellar job of taking the classic Wuthering Heights and transforming it into a unique Gothic retelling.  The descriptive nature of Lannon's writing style flows through the pages, bringing the magic and mystery of Moon Tithe to life.  The storyline unfolds from the point of view of both Pearl and Hake, rotating back and forth throughout the book.  Each point of view provides the reader with a different perspective surrounding the events that occur.  The result is in-depth character development and eagerly anticipating what is to come when the point of view once again changes. 

I would highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy young adult fantasy, Gothic storylines, and suspense.  It is not necessary to have read Wuthering Heights to enjoy this book, personally, I would say the book is inspired by the classic rather than a retelling.  While classified as a young adult fantasy, this book will appeal to adults who appreciate the genre. Readers who are deterred by multiple points of view may wish to preview the book prior to purchase to see if the writing style appeals to them.  

The fantasy element combined with suspenseful events was spot on for me. I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the second book in the series. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book. I gladly rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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