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🎃 Halloween capers turn cruel and deadly: true whodunit🤔

The culprit is cruel and remains a big question mark right through to almost the last chapter and the cagey actions of a group of friends keep you guessing at the origins of the killer's anger.  With plenty of twists and red herrings, this Carla Kovach thriller is a true whodunit.  Tons of suspense, shady characters and, leading the investigation, a very messed up DI.

The thrill was there at the end but I did not enjoy this DI Gina Harte thriller as much as the previous one I read despite the engaging murder mystery. I found the vagueness and switching time periods, POVs and scene at the start of the book confusing.  As the story built momentum this was less of a concern for me.

Gina's personal life and history often overshadowed the murder case she was trying to solve.  I like knowing something about the lead and secondary characters' lives outside work in a police procedural but I prefer where their private lives are supplemental and not a main focus.  Gina has so many personal issues that it's hard for me to understand how she got past vetting as a police recruit!  Kovach did a good job of meshing Gina's haunting past with the case but I could have done without Gina's freakouts and flashbacks.

Thanks to publisher Bookouture and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest review.
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This is the 7th in the series and I had not read any of the prior books but this book was fine as a standalone.  DI Gina Harte has a big secret that comes into play in this book. Secrets are a theme of the mystery and the book. How what we do in the past can shape our futures even if no one knows what happened. I enjoyed this book. Would have liked a little more of the dynamics between Harte and her co-workers but the book mostly focused on her and her boss Briggs. It seems that this book may be allowing the character to makes some transitions in future books. I look forward to reading the first 6.

I was given a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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You are in for a wild ride with this one!

Disclaimer, I picked this book because I was instantly drawn to the cover. Little did I realise when I requested this book that it was book 7 in a series. I was anxious that I wasn’t going to enjoy it because I hadn’t read any of the others but it didn’t matter at all.

It’s Halloween and two girls dresses in costumes head into the woods and stumble across something horrific. A recently dug shallow grave. When the two realise their screams can be heard for miles. What they fail to see is the person watching them in the shadows.

A few days later another body is found and they start to realise they have a serial killer on their hands. Who is the killing watching now?

I was on the edge of my seat at every twist and turn! Definitely need to read this series someday.
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This is my first book in the detective Gina Harte series and it won’t be my last. 

This book had me guessing who the killer was right up until the reveal....and I got it wrong! Often with this genre of books you can see where the story is heading and it’s easy to guess who it is, so either I’m not on my game or Carla is very good at manipulating the reader into going down the wrong path so the reveal is a big surprise. 

Although this book is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone book. That being said I want to go back and start from the beginning so I can understand more about Gina’s past. 

The chapters are short and written from various different characters perspectives, which I found made this a quick read. 

As this book is set around Halloween it would be a perfect read for October.
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Dig my grave in preparation for my burial because this book scared the heck out of me, nearly to death! (But please do make sure I am actually dead before burying me because I don’t wish to be buried alive. Remember that episode of Buffy the Vanpire Slayer where Buffy had to claw her way out of her coffin? No thank you! *shivers*)

This book was chilling and I enjoyed every flip of the page in this spooky, captivating story.

This story had all the right ingredients for an unputdownable thriller.  I read it in nearly one sitting, because i was so eager to know what was going to happen next and see how everything unfolded.

Halloween night horrors. Eerie treks through the woods. People being buried alive. Bodies being found. A killer on the loose. So many creepy factors and I loved it! 

This is the 7th book in a series, and that makes me very happy because i’m looking forward to reading the other installments since I enjoyed this one so much! 

This series revolves around Gina Harte and I love her as a character, and am looking forward to finding out more about her and delving into more murder investigations alongside her. 

This book is creepy, intriguing, and filled with twists and turns.

If you’re looking for a spooky read for October, then pick this one up!

Highly recommend!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   I have liked everything this author has written and this was no exception,   for me it is up there as one of her best.   Great storyline, great characters.   Loved it.   Will have you gripped to the end.
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I love the series but this wasn't my favorite Detective Gina Harte book. I enjoyed it, but found it hard to get into the story. Cherie, Alex, Isaac and Marcus weren't the most likable characters. There was just something wrong with Cherie. The interactions she had with people, even her husband and children, just seemed strange. I love Detective Gina Harte. The more I learn about Terry, the more I despise him. He was a horrible person and Gina shouldn't feel guilty about his death. At least Hannah didn't make an appearance and constantly complain about her mom. I want her Briggs to get back together. The story was full of twists and turns. I never guessed who was behind all the murders. I can't imagine being buried alive in a coffin. It would be terrifying. I loved the ending when everything was finally revealed. I wouldn't have minded a few more people dying in the coffins. 

Definitely recommend the book, especially if you read the previous ones in the series. I can't wait to find out whams next in store for Gina (hopefully more romance with Briggs). Look forward to reading more books by the author. Love the cover of the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bookouture through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This book starts with a great opening - being buried alive must be everyone's worst nightmare. I loved the flashbacks throughout the book to the victim's ordeal, as the story is slowly revealed. When the first body is found, the race is on to find the killer before others die. 

There are a few twists and the plot keeps you guessing all the way through, until everything ties together at the end. Gina Harte is a great character, and I had no problem getting into the book, even though I haven't read any others in the series. I look forward to reading more!
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Two girls excited about being dressed up for Halloween are running through the woods, and discover a shallow grave. Then before long, another similar grave is discovered. Detective Gina Harte easily sees that a serial killer is in action. As always, Gina hits the ground running with this case. However, things take a sharp turn, as the killer has made her the target.

This story is told in an interesting way. By far the story is told in third person point of view as Gina works to solve the murders, but then the killer's voice is in first person. How chilling! Readers begin to see why Gina was targeted. What this did was to raise the tension in this book the deeper I got while reading it. I simply could not put this thrilling book down.

Their Silent Graves is the 7th book in the Detective Gina Harte series. I picked up this series with Her Pretty Bones and have read each book since.. What is happening in this book really goes into the past Gina had and not only helps us to see how troubled she is, but eventually how and why she is tied to the case at hand. Therefore, I think reading the books in order is pivotal to truly appreciate the depth of Gina's angst.

Gina had a horrendous past with her now deceased husband. What happened to him and how her marriage has made her the woman she is really comes through the pages of each book in the series. The fact that this current case has delved into Gina's past to make her life a living hell makes knowing Gina through the pages of this series come full circle.

Carla Kovach has hit it out the park with this newest book in the series. She was able to pull a lot of emotions out of me while I was reading this book, and that included shock, compassion and even grief. Now I cannot wait to see Gina continue to fight her way past her demons and perhaps find a bit of joy in her life. So, I definitely need the next book in this series soonest.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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I loved this book! Carla Kovach kicked this series up to a level  it has never been before. Gina Harte and her colleagues embark on the creepiest, most diabolical case yet. The setting was perfect, the time of year being Halloween for a mystery about reconciliation for sins of your past.
Gina Harte proves herself once again has a strong. intelligent,feisty, determined detective that nothing can keep her down. This is a perfect crime procedural to read, while we transition into the autumn season.
I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of this exceptional series!
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced copy of the book. 

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This is a standalone book in the gina harte series but I would recommend maybe reading the other books first to get a background of the character I wish I had maybe read the others first although it didn't spoil the enjoyment of reading this book.  This is a great psychological thriller with a lot of blood and gore and suspense and lots of twists and turns  this is quite a creepy book to read with the descriptions of Halloween and eyeballs being turned inside out featuring on the opening pages and the descriptions of characters being buried alive sends a shiver down your spine.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Their Silent Graves, the seventh novel to feature DI Gina Harte, set in the fictional Midlands toen of Cleevesford.

Two teenage girls hunting  their mobile in the woods stumble across a rope that leads them to a grave. This will not be the only grave Gina and the team investigate as they try to find a killer.

I enjoyed Their Silent Graves which has a plot full of twists and an unexpected conclusion. Initially I found the novel really confusing with the first two chapters covering events from years ago with no immediate relevance and a narrative interspersed with chapters from Cherie’s life of stress. It’s obvious she’s keeping a secret but what is her relevance to the investigation or is she the unnamed killer who also has a say? I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t like all these unknown events and characters so it took me a while to adjust to this apparent randomness. I really liked the investigation and Gina’s part in it as I found it interesting and well constructed.

The novel is once again all about Gina and her past as an abused wife. Perhaps though with the developments in this novel the author can move past it and Gina can become the fully fledged smart, competent detective she is without this past casting a shadow over her life. In short, move past her victimhood to flourishing survivor. I had little interest in the chapters about Cherie. At first she’s a sympathetic character, stressed and prone to panic attacks, but the more exposure she gets the quicker the reader realises that it is all due to a deep, dark secret she is determined to conceal.

Their Silent Graves is not the best novel in the series, but it is still very readable with an interesting plot and strong characters.
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7th book in the enjoyable Gina Harte series.  

There was a lot going on, which was told of several different viewpoints.

This was a good story, though it meandered on until half way through the book where the story picked up pace.  This I felt was one of the weakest books in the series

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review.
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Thank you for the advanced copy of this book. I’m a big fan of the Gina Harte series, so as usual was counting down the days to read this one. 

An excellent  read from Carla Kovach again! I loved this and read it way to fast, I just couldn’t put it down. 

The killer is burying people alive, and they want Gina to know that she’s involved.... will she figure it out before she becomes a victim herself?

Well written and with the usual brilliant characters, this is another hit and I’m sure a big seller.
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This series just keeps getting better and better. D.I. Gina Harte has come a long way. I have enjoyed the growth in her character. The interactions between her and her team have come a long way as well. Her complicated relationship with Briggs has more importance in this one and it's nice to get a deeper look. 
The case is creepy, intriguing, and full of twists. I was stunned by a reveal I never suspected. This author has a knack for creating characters that stick with you.
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DI Gina Harte has come a long way since her first appearance in "The Next Girl". With every installment in the series, I have gotten to know & love her more & more. Their Silent Graves showcases yet another angle to her personality when the case starts to get too close for comfort for Gina. I love how vulnerably real her character has been kept throughout the series & Their Silent Graves is no different. I absolutely loved the setting of the book - set in Cleevesford during Haloween this book successfully left me feeling creeped out. The cases themselves were twisted & cruel but I somehow ended up sympathizing with the perp in the end. That's a new one for me right there. The plot is twisted & I couldn't guess who the perp was right until the end. The characters were a bit complicated & since there were quite a few I found myself struggling to associate with each of them. As always Gina & her team shone through it all. It was nice to see everyone including Briggs involved in the case.
Up until now, I've seen Gina handle a lot of pain & stress in her personal life. Hopefully, something changes for her because I'd definitely love to see one of my favorite characters move from under that cloud of gloom.

Thank You, NetGalley, Bookouture & Carla Kovach for an arc!
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Carla is definitely one of my “go too” authors and as soon as I see she has a new book out, I always look forward to catching up with D.I Gina Harte. 

This book certainly hit the spot again for me. This book is based around Halloween and due to the MO of the killer in this one, it makes for a very dark and creepy read. It actually made me shudder as I imagined how it must feel as I read Carla’s description of the scenes. 

D.I Gina Harte not only investigates this one, but also finds herself right in the heart of the case which made me feel even more invested in the whole storyline as I tried to figure out how on earth she could be. (Don’t want to give spoilers) 

The ending of this one was brilliant! I thought it was very cleverly done and brought all the loose ends together as the end result came out. 

Yet another fantastic instalment of the D.I Gina Harte series.

Look forward to Book 8
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A Slow Starting But Lives Up To Its Hype With A Caveat

The novel opens with two flashbacks. The first, 24 years earlier, has two guys in a bar where one brags how he is going home and show his wife her place. The second, 12 years earlier, a young woman cajoled into attending a Halloween party, but her new friend and others turned against her and as a prank buried her in a coffin.

The main storyline then starts with DI Harte meeting her boss, DCI Briggs in a local café as two friends having a coffee together. Suddenly, an obnoxious man, apparently looking and smelling homeless, starts a row with the owner over the price of reduced-price chicken sandwich. Harte intervenes and the man leaves. That evening, two young girls taking a short cut through the woods discover bell without a clapper with a string going into the ground into what looked like a fresh grave. Once Harte is on the scene and the coffin opened, she recognizes the deceased as the obnoxious man from the café. The novel proceeds from here.

The main storyline line consists of two major threads. First is in the voice of Harte and deals mostly with the investigation, and the second in the voice of a local woman who seems to be coming apart at the seams. There is a minor thread in the voice of the unknown perpetrator, and another thread deals with Harte’s dark secret that may be revealed. The investigating has plenty of twists and turns as the light seems to shine on one individual before it fades and wonders until the light finds another individual or back to refocus the investigation a previous individual. The pressure to solve this case intensifies and more people disappear.

The B-storyline is rich with much character development for Harte and Briggs. The reader will learn much about their, sometimes, too close relationship, and how that relationship affects their actions especially when Harte is placed in a very serious situation. Harte’s dark secret also plays a major role in B-storyline. This aspect of the novel contributed my reading enjoyment.

As for aspects that some readers find objectionable, this novel comes through with flying colors. There are not any intimate scenes and only seven minor vulgar words. The psychological violence is quite edgy as there are some very frank descriptions of individuals being buried alive. Reader beware. As the setting of this novel is England, there is use of informal British language. I found reading this novel on an e-reader was an advantage as I could highlight the word and search the Internet quickly and easily.

The one caveat I have is responsible for my evaluation of a slow start. The author would start a chapter with name of characters, but I didn’t have a clue who they are and their place in the storyline. Many of these were members of Harte’s investigatory team. This is the seventh novel in the series, but the first I read. This aspect interrupted the flow of my reading resulting in slowing down for the first part of the novel. If these new characters are just part of the main storyline, after reading a little deeper into the chapter, their places became clear. This aspect also caused me to miss the significance of an early chapter until much later in the novel. This is the only aspect that made me question on reading this novel first. Once I became comfortable with the characters, the novel finally captured my attention and a desire not to stop reading. Lastly, because I enjoyed reading this novel, I was influenced to purchase the first novel in the series.

From the aspect of reading this novel as the first novel in the series, I rate this novel with four stars. If you have read any of the previous novels in this series, this novel probably would be a five star read. Enjoy reading Their Silent Graves.

I have received a free e-book version of this novel through NetGalley from Bookouture with an expectation for an honest, unbiased review. I wish to thank Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review this novel early.
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The Gina Harte series by Carla Kovach reaches book 7 with Their Silent Graves which is another enjoyable atmospheric police thriller which will keep you entertained throughout.

The book can be easily read as a stand-alone if you’ve not read the previous books in the series and is one I would recommend
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Carla Kovach is one of my favourite authors so I was so excited to read this.  It did not disappoint it was a fantastic book that I read in one sitting, I just could not put it down.  Can’t wait for the next one in the series!   An excellent book, entertaining and had me engrossed for hours, madly taking in the story.  Can’t recommend this enough it was fab.   Big fat 5 stars from me.
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