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Chick Chat is a lovely story about a little chicken with a lot to say. It is beautifully written and illustrated and myself and my 4 year old son loved the story.

Thank you to NetGalley and North South Books Inc. for my ARC.
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It's a very sweet and short book about a very talkative chick. The illustration is very cute and the story is simple yet engaging. The story is sweet and it's perfect for young children!
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For the chatter box in the family - Little Chick likes to chat and sometimes her family have other things to do than listen to chick peep and peep. So what is a chick to do? She finds a new friend. I loved this little book because it reminded me of a few chatter boxes as well that would love to chick chat. Very funny!

A Special thank you to NorthSouth Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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A sweet and adorable story about a very talkative chick. Baby chick has a lot to say but no one seems to listen to her. One day on her adventure she finds a mysterious egg... what could it be? This is a sweet story and I think its a great read for kids!
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Baby Chick’s surprise friend turns out to be the perfect answer to her problem: her family is just too busy to listen. Kids will relate to just wanting someone to listen to them and hear their stories and ideas. This story and its pictures are sweet and are sure to please kids ages 2-5. Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC of this book.
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A chatty little chick searches for someone to listen to her.  She finds the perfect audience when she finds an egg that she cares for and talks to.  Great illustrations.
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What a cute story! 

Perfect for very young readers and has a fair balance of illustration and text. 

Absolutely adorable illustrations with a simple, easy to understand story that will readers will identify with. 

I'm sure the quirky recurring "peep, peep, peep" phrase will be a cute inside joke for the kids, albeit slightly annoying for the adults.

It's a great light bedtime read that will immediately put a smile on the reader's face.
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That was a lot of "peeps" to go through, but still a super cute story!! Perfect for a young reader!

**Thanks to Netgalley for letting me review this book!**
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A cute story.  
My comment is : Peep.....Peep.....Peep.
However, I don't think I can be around with a friend like Chick.
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Peep.. Peep..peep. Baby chick wants to talk. Baby chick has a lot to say. But mama, papa and sister chick are too busy to give any attention to baby chick. He sits alone when he finds a big round egg. Baby chick brings the egg to home but family tells him to take the egg back. Baby chick again takes the egg back to the place where he found it. But the next morning he finds a hatched turtle instead of a big round egg. Baby chick is happy as baby chick has a lot to say but now he has a friend who will listen to him. It's such a cute little story. 
This was a gifted arc from publishers from NetGalley.
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I really like this book. It is quirky, fun, my daughter enjoyed how the narration when.

Each page is colorful and full of life.

Baby Chick represents those kids that are talkative and never stops asking questions. 

Love it so much!~
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A definite winner with every child I've had the pleasure to read it with!  The pictures give a solid meaning to the story, little chick is chattering more than her family has patience for.  So what does she do?  She finds a new friend who will listen to everything she has to say.  And when the surprise happens, Little Chick will have a new friend to talk and listen to herself.  So much cute, along with a well hidden story for all of us.
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There's not enough time in the day to listen to Baby Chick's chatting, so Baby Chick wanders and finds a big egg to talk to until the sun sets.  It is the perfect friend until morning when it hatches into something unexpected. Will they still be friends in the end?

The story is adorable and the illustrations evoke a mandatory "AWWWWWW" response! So cute. The illustrations, to me, are really special They are very successful at depicting youthful and intense passion of the Baby Chick and the annoyance/concern of his family members. There are hidden gems tucked in for the adult reading the book, like the sister's book titles she's reading.

I think the message is extremely timely beginner step to show that friendship can be diverse and that we can find others with opposite personalities that balance our own. It tells this message in a simple way that will be loved by children! My little boy's interest was peaked by the invigorating "Peep, Peep, Peep" throughout the book. 

My only slight deduction is the indication of a "baby" wandering unsupervised for long periods of time - not found until nightfall when it falls asleep in the middle of nowhere.  Hopefully the age audience of this book would not have that opportunity and will probably not associate the time segments depicted. While her family's disinterest was sad, it is probably not uncommon in the busy lives of today. I think their love for her was shown in the end by their concern and happiness that she'd found a friend. 

I received this as a digital copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a very cute story about a very cute, if slightly annoying, inquisitive little chick.

I think that any family with a chatty toddler will identify with this book, and the illustration with the sister at the table looking defeated, saying ‘Make it stop’ is how many family members will feel, and will bring a smile to readers faces.

Chick is not deterred, and goes on its way, chitter chattering away and playing in the sand…where it finds what may just be the best treasure ever…a new friend
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Actually this story picture book js so freaking cute but also tells me so many things about human behaviour even though, yes, the characters are the chick's family. 

Do you have lots to day when you were a kid?

Do you think kids speak a lot? All the time?

Do we not have a little patience to actually listen and give some time to kids when they try to tell us things they feel like telling us?

Most of the time, we don't and we care less when we try too hard trying to show the rest of the world that we are trying our best for our kids. Really?

And that's how I became quite in the real world and became quite vocal in the virtual world because there's actually no one who actually listens to me since I was a kid. 

That's the idea what the book is talking about but lucky chick, it got a friend who loves listening!

Thank you, author/s and the Publisher for the advanced reader copy.
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This picture book is sooo adorable and huggable! I think some kids could relate with the chatty chick that has a lot to say... but is often ignored. Luckily, this cute lil' chatterbox discovers a new friend who is happy to be present and listen. In some ways, this reminds me of my loquacious husband and my quiet self.
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Clean, simple, and cute picture book about a little chick that has a lot to say. The chick starts to share all that needs to be said with each family member but is told they are busy. Chick ends up finding an egg to chat with. What will happen when the egg hatches?
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A lovely little story about a chatty toddler that I think every parent (and big sibling) could relate to. I would love to do this one for a storytime!
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This is a truly adorable book for little ones just starting to talk. My daughter is a real chatterbox at 2 and loved this one very much. The pictures are extremely cute, we were both taken, and the vibrant watercolour work is beautiful. The natural, almost human movements of the animal characters (even the chickens with their wings), their expressive body posture, and the details in the pictures we can talk about, all makes it a beautiful picture book to own and to read again and again with your little one. So much attention and love in this picture book!
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What a precious story with beautiful illustrations.  A quick goodnight read or an "I can read it myself" book for little ones, Chick Chat is sure to please.  Peaceful and gentle, this story of brand new friends will be enjoyed by all.
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