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A fun story about a chatty baby chicken, that makes the perfect friend who is the best listener-an unhatched egg.
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I just love this adorable baby chick and the fact that she is constantly peeping.  Unfortunately with her incessant chatter her family tunes her out and passes her on to the next member to deal with her. Does that shut her down?  No way!  She continues her running dialogue every minute of the day tiring everyone out. 

On one of her adventures little chick discovers a huge mysterious egg and takes it upon herself to adopt it.  She does a great job nurturing and protecting it.  When the egg finally hatches little chick finds a wonderful friend that is willing to accept, and like, her continuous peeping and a strong bond is formed between the two. 

The book is short and the illustrations are gorgeous.  The themes of friendship, kindness, diversity and acceptance are woven through the story making them great elements that are open for discussion.  I highly recommend this book.
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This is a really funny children's book that my daughter and I loved.  It is about a baby chicken who talks a lot and her family are too busy to chat to her, so she goes searching for someone to talk to.  She finds a big egg which she nurtures until something very cute comes out of it and becomes her new friend.  Her new friend is a very good listener and this suits baby chick as she always has a lot to say and she always wants someone to listen to her.  The story of this book made us laugh and the illustrations were very nice to look at.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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In this book, Chick's family is too busy to talk to her so when she finds an egg that hatches may she finally have a friend who understands her and play with her a sweet story of joy and friendship for children with bright beautiful illustration.

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!
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Just cuteness overload! Kids will definitely enjoy reading this book. There's friendship and listening that young kids will (maybe) learn something from.
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Peep peep peep! What a fun little book! Chick Chat follows the story of a youngest chick-sibling who is VERY chatty. When her family doesn't reciprocate the conversation, she goes about her day, keeping herself entertained until she discovers an egg! Could it be a new friend to chat with?

The illustrations are adorable and colorful, and the chatty chick has such a fun personality that's so easily told through the illustrations. I thought it was endearing, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud when imagining a teacher or parent having to read this book aloud to their children. So many peeps!

I do have to say, I wasn't keen on the idea that her family wouldn't make time to chat with her, since that's a little sad and not something I'm sure a young child would be able to process as part of the larger story. I'm also not sure how a child would relate to the idea of the friend at the end not being as chatty, but still being a good friend with the chick. The concept seems friendlier to older children, but the illustrations and story itself is for a younger set.

Though Chick Chat may miss the mark on it's overall concepts and lessons, I still think the illustrations themselves are fun and appealing.
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Chick Chat by Janie Bynum is a very silly story about a chatty little chick who cannot find anyone who wants to listen to his chatter. Until he finds a hidden friend who develops a special connection with! I read this book aloud with my 3.5 and 1.5 yr old sons.

I especially liked this book because it's more or less about my 3 yr old. Boy oh boy, can my kid talk your ear off. Everyday we must plead with him to go play on his own, please don't interrupt, we can't talk right now, let's have some quiet time....So this story spoke to my mother heart to consider how he feels as a chatty kid who is prone to loneliness more easily for want of a listening ear. 

He enjoyed this story too. The mystery of the egg that the Chick finds was fun. He enjoyed the scenes of baby chick sleeping and playing. He loved the wagon because we love our own wagon. And we both loved interacting with the dialogue, saying with baby chick, cheep cheep cheep cheep! 

The illustrations are precious, and this was a good read aloud. It's the kind of book I wouldn't be surprised if someone close to me purchased it as a gift for my son because we all know what a chatterbox he is! It would make a very fun gift. 

Thank you NorthSouth books and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!
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Oh my! What a cute little book! I love the illustrations! This book would be perfect for my preschool class!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced digital copy of this book!
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A charming and beautifully illustrated storybook about friendship! I thought that the little chick was adorable and that the friendship they form with the egg, and eventually the baby turtle, is too cute.
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Peep, peep! This story follows a young chick who has a lot to say to her friends and family. With everyone around her too busy to chat, Chick discovers an unlikely friend in an egg that she finds while on an adventure. Throughout the story, Chick tirelessly devotes her days to caring for the egg. When Chick wakes to find the egg missing, her investigation brings her to a newly hatched friend! Can you guess what animal hatches from the egg? 

This is a sweet story about friendship! Readers will easily be able to identify the characteristics of friendship that Chick demonstrates - dependability, loyalty, care, and kindness. The cover art and illustrations make this book memorable and fun.

I was given the opportunity to read the ARC of this book on #netgalley, and I am excited to recommend a copy for purchase at my library in 2021. I look forward to using this book and it's theme of friendship in storytime.
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This is a cute story. Very silly. It’s perfect for younger children. The graphics are a bit cheesy but I thi it hey still get the point across. All in all it was a good read and I would recommend it to friends.
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The book was easy to read for my 6 year old and keep her interested. She also read to her brother who could keep up with the peeps! Honestly this was a very cute book that i would recommend or buy for  a friend. The colors were very light and pleasant. My daughter stated she liked that chick has a little family. I wish the book was longer.
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Chick Chat by Janie Bynum was a cute story for children that I would recommend for ages 2-5. The story follows a little chick who has a lot to say, but a family who doesn’t have time to listen to him, leading the chick to feel lonely. In this children’s story it illustrates the idea of finding friends in unlikely places and despite differences, that there is always somewhere someone who will listen to you, even if you have a lot to say.
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In Chick Chat, written and illustrated by Janie Bynum, Baby Chick has a lot to say, and no one in the Chicken Family has time to listen to her. She finds companionship in an extra-large egg which hatches her a surprise friend.

This book is cute and funny. It is short and simple, perfect for cuddling up to a young kid and reading aloud. There is a charming Easter egg in the titles of the books Baby Chick's older sibling is reading, and it has a lovely message overall.

Thank you to NorthSouth Books and NetGalley for the ARC!
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Thank you to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for granting me access to this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Chick Chat is the story of a very, VERY chatty little chick who doesn't have a willing ear to chatter at. When everyone else in her family tells her to go talk to someone else, she goes off to play and ends up finding an egg. What's inside? Will it hatch? 

I very much enjoyed what this story is trying to achieve, and when you really consider the story the illustrations themselves are telling I think it gets there. My concern is that so much of the story is told purely through contextual clues in the illustrations, rather than in the text or even in big, obvious action points in the illustrations, that a lot of future kids experiencing this book are going to miss it. In a one-on-one reading situation between the child and older reading buddy, this book will work well. In any sort of reading circle situation with one older reader and many kids, the reader (parent, teacher, etc.) will need to do a lot of additional vocalized observations and discussion with the kids in order to get them to clue into the part of the story the text isn't giving us. In the case of visually impaired children being read this story out loud, this story may not work at all unless the reader is skilled at describing the visual elements of a storybook to a visually impaired listener. 

But again, if you can ensure that the child or children experiencing this book are getting the full story out of the illustrations, then the story is very good. I like the idea that this chatty chick with no one to talk to would luck into a conversation partner as a reward for caring about something. 

Also, as the parent of a very chatty toddler, I had to laugh at the father (rooster) character near the beginning. "Make it stop!" We've all been there. Great little joke for the parents, teachers, and older siblings who will be introducing this story to the toddlers and preschoolers.
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This charming story had me chuckling from the very start (the author’s note with corrections and the illustration of Chick’s mother slumped at the table, tired of her chock’s chatter, every parent can empathise at some point!). Quite simply, excellent content for entertainment and fostering a love of books from a young age. 5/5 stars.
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Chick Chat is a charming little story about a chick who has a lot to say. Unfortunately, mama, papa and sister are too busy to listen. Undeterred he begins to play in the sand with his favorite stuffed animal. When he unearths an egg he decides to take it home. His parents tell him he has to put it back.

The next morning chick awakes to find the egg gone. After searching he finds a little hatched turtle who doesn’t say much but is fun to play with and a good listener :)

This book has simple verse and really cute illustrations. I think this would be perfect for ages 2 to 4. I enjoyed it.

I received an Arc of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
This book is set to publish on January 19 2021

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As a former elementary teacher and a mom of two, I am always curious about new children's books. Unfortunately for me, "Chick Chat" missed the mark. I do believe the illustrations are colorful and cute and would be engaging for little ones; however, the plot line is lacking. I was asking myself several times, "What is the point to this story?" I could relate to a little one that talks a lot (hence my 4 year old), but the fact that no family members would listen to him was a little depressing for a children's book. While the chick ends up finding an egg that eventually turns into a turtle that will listen, I never felt like a friendship was truly reciprocated in this book. All in all, not a book I would recommend. 

I received an ARC of "Chick Chat" by Janie Bynum from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A cute read for a child. Very colorful and attractive. Written well and easy to understand. Able to grasp attention. Downfall, The ending felt short.
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The book didn’t have a point, in my opinion. I don’t think my students or my daughter would like this book or understand it
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