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Just One Look

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I love a good unreliable narrator, and you won't find one more unreliable than Cassie Woodson. After leaving her job as a lawyer in disgrace (a restraining order is mentioned) and landing a miserable gig as a temp, Cassie becomes obsessed with a couple she stalks by going through their personal emails. Cassie is someone who is driven but often to the wrong things. She drinks a lot and doesn't seem to have a whole lot of self-awareness. So, it becomes a wild ride for the reader as they follow Cassie through the depths of her obsession. 

There were a lot of great twists and turns and certain details are given out at exactly the right moments to make this feel like a true page-turner. I'm eager to read more of Cameron's work in the future - her background as a lawyer makes her writing the perfect blend of facts and suspenseful fiction. I can't wait to read her next book and would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel a little better about their own sanity!

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