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Beautifully written poetry once again by Leav. I have always loved how powerful her words can be and September Love did not disappoint. 'Grief' was my favourite in this collection with the raw emotion it shows. The whole collection flowed brilliantly and will not be the last of her work I pick up!
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Lang Leav's poetry collection can be a hit or miss for me and this one here didn't unfortunately meet my taste.
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Lang Leav's poetry is always moving. In September Love, she brings the aches and heartbreaks of life so poignantly, in her characteristic warmth. 

There were multiple pieces that I know I will revisit because there's something so universal about so any emotions, insecurities, and foibles she describes.
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September Love by Lang Leav


This was the first poetry book I read of Lang Leav and I feel like I need to read them all. The foreword by Lili Reinhart described Lang’s poetry perfectly, and it was written beautifully. The poems covered various topics and I was drawn in by the minimalist approach of this set. While I didn’t connect to many of them, it didn’t take away from how beautifully written each one was.


Thank you Andrew McNeels publishing and netgalley for this ARC!
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Lang Leav is one of my favorite authors out there. Whether she writes poems or in prose her writing is always delightful and captivating. This is a book full of surprises and it’s really deep and it will string your heart all along. The characters are complex and well developed and the writing is really lyrical and beautiful, like a fairy tale. I will read anything she writes without any doubt.
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Compare to the other poetry books of Lang Leav, this is a downgrade for me. But I still enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the copy!
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I've enjoyed all the books by Lang Leav so far as most touch upon life, love, loss and self love. The writing is beautiful and extremely relatable. This is the latest book by the Poetess and I have mixed feelings about it. 
Some of the writing is wonderful and some others just did not resonate with me. In my opinion, this is not good as the others, however that in no way would deter me from reading more by the writer. 
Though this was not amazing as the others, it still had some wonderful lines that I'd like to revisit in the future.
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Absolutely love her work !! I have read all the books by this author and by far this one has been her best work according to me. The poems are full of emotions and unique language which makes Lang Leav's poetry different from others.
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Lang Leav will always be Lang Leav with her words. I've memorized how Lang Leav wrote all her poems. This includes soul and metaphors, love and lust, clarity and honesty. Lang Leav's book is an epitome of a girls heart and mind. The words on every pages she write is very relatable. I have been a fan of Lang Leav and I can't wait to read more of her works.
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Eu já amo a autora e este livro fez eu me apaixonar ainda mais por seus poemas. Eles não são muito longos, mas fazem você sentir muito. Recomendo.
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Thanking NetGalley and the publishers for providing this ARC !

I always end the year with one of Lang Leav's book- and this one did not let me down! This would be my favorite amongst her various collections!

The foreword by Lili Reinhart, was so heartfelt and hit home in many ways. This is a book about love, grief, growth, womanhood, believing in yourself and most importantly self-love.

Lang Leav has taken the time to choose the correct words to relay emotions and feelings through each prose in the collection.

2020 has given us the time to reflect, to be kinder to ourselves and to others. It has been a year where many of us have lost loved ones, and maybe even motivation to do the things we love - September Love is a collection giving hope for a better tomorrow and not to give up on ourselves.

Give it a try and maybe you'll find a poem which portrays what you might be going through!
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4 stars. I didn't love this as much as Leav's last collection, but I did really enjoy this one. I was also impressed by the poems exploration on being a poet, writer, and authorship. It added a good layer to this collection. Review to come.

Due to being a high school teacher, I often fall behind on writing reviews. Here are my initial thoughts.
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I felt that this book was very underwhelming and repetitive. The only poem I liked in this collection was not even originally for this collection.
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As a long-time lover of Lang Leav, reading this book was a practice in emotional expression. I expressed emotions, on my couch, in my pyjamas, while reading poetry. 
For long-time fans, this book is definitely one for the collection. However, for new fans, I would suggest going back to read her old works for the full effect.
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Thanks to #Netgalley for making this book available to me.

I have always enjoyed poets ability to pour their emotions like ink. Lang is no different. She makes you experience things not just through her eyes but through yours. to question relationships, suituationships, life changes and even the next book you plan to pick up. She influences you like magic and helps create a positive impact. This collection whilst short packed a punch of positivity, love, longing and hope in a time when isolation seems to be all we know.
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Highly recommend. Love all of Lang Leav’s poetry. Definitely a favorite of mine! Go buy! Being able to just express yourself through such a small amount of words is incredible. Can’t even describe how great this collection was!
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I very rarely read poetry - in fact, this may be the only poetry book I've read for pleasure since ~2011-12. Since I don't often read poetry, bear with me during this review. I am not as familiar with the technicalities of poetry, so this review will be based mostly on how it made me feel. 

What drew me to September Love was mostly the author – I've heard good things about Lang Leav, and despite DNFing Sad Girls, I thought I would give her poetry a chance. "Maybe it's an entirely different thing?" – I told myself. 

September Love is a poetry collection that seems to focus primarily on, well, love. Whether they are all about Leav's love life, or someone else's, isn't entirely clear. But love is the subject. Some focus more on relationships, others on breakups, others seem to be about the relationship with oneself. Others have a feminist tone.

I'm glad I gave her poetry a chance – many of the poems resonated strongly with me, especially the ones with a feminist focus.

"Do not think twice about the imposition when they tell you, there is nothing worse than a fallen woman. Nothing worse than a woman who doesn't know her place. You will learn otherwise when you trade your truth for an ideal that no amount of good you do will ever be enough anyway."
(from "A Woman", September Love, Lang Leav, pp. 117.)

The love poems were also quite beautiful, and captured the imperfectness that comes with love – how it's not always rainbows and sunshine. The breakup poems were also quite heart-wrenching.

"Tell me there has been someone else like me, for you. That your experience of love has not been defined by the way I spoke your name into the hollow of your neck.
(from "September Love", September Love, Lang Leav)

I did skim some of the poems. Some of them were too vague for my tastes, others had too much of a "Tumblr" feel. (I found out later that Leav got her start on Tumblr – I wasn't at all surprised.) 

Of course, as I previously stated, I am not usually a poetry reader. Perhaps my criticisms are unfair – I usually like plots and answers. From a technical standpoint, Leav is a writer of high caliber. I just think poetry is not-for-me. If Leav were to write fiction again, I would give it a try. 

Ending on a positive note, from a beginner-poetry-reader standpoint, I will say Leav was very accessible. If you're looking to read poetry, I'd say Leav is a great way to dip your toes in to contemporary poetry. At least, it's a lot more accessible than Gertrude Stein or Shakespeare.
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this is another book that i was immensely excited to read but unfortunately due to the system i was not able to download it and when i came back to attempt it one last time it was already expired. i will be definitely purchasing this on my own but thank you netgalley for the opportunity.
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another good one by this author! she makes books meant for a coffee table for sure. Each one of these poems is different and its fun to just open the book up and flip to a page and see what is to offer.
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I requested Lang Leav’s ‘September Love’ because when I first began writing poetry in 2014, I had come across her work online. I was taking the plunge and pouring my heart out in a different way than I ever had before. 

Poetry is incredibly personal and special to the poet themselves which is why I do not believe in calling poetry bad or good because the subjectivity is there and with a very strong presence. Personal taste will continue to influence how we as humans view certain poetry. 

As I write this review, I am listening to the band Japanese Breakfast which fits the mood of this poetry collection. Just like my own work, Leav explores love and human emotion through words and metaphors. Ultimately, as the reader, you must put yourself in the shoes of the writer and see the experience through their eyes. 

In the poem ‘More A Poet’, Leav says;

“One day I woke up with every breath 
I thought of you” 

Your initial impression would be that this is a very broad thought but we mustn’t forget that this line will evoke something wholly different for Leav. She wrote that line with a specific memory in mind. Despite the broad subject matter, it can strike a chord with anyone. 

More often than not, strangers to poetry are intimidated by it. They believe that Shakespeare represents all forms of poetry. However, they are mistaken because poetry has become far more accessible over the years. 

In conclusion, Lang Leav is a contemporary poet for those new to poetry and also people who are avid readers of the form. Leav manages to put the feelings that you have never been able to express into sweet words.
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