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The Resistance Girl

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A beautiful historical wartime drama! The characters were well drawn and sympathetic, and the storyline flowed seamlessly. Highly recommended!
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I’m struggling to even find the words for my review of this book. But I have just finished reading it and I’m in tears. It’s beautiful. A really heart wrenching, beautiful story. 

I have read the ‘bad’ reviews of this but they haven’t read the book as this story does NOT romanticise nazi‘s! In fact it’s quite the opposite. 

It’s a story of love, family, history, pain, strength and determination! 

Throughout I was rooting for Sylvie! What an amazing character she was. 

I loved the book, it was such a nice change from my usual thrillers. Thank you NetGalley and boldwood books!
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LA based costume designer Juliana Chastain is going through boxes her mother left behind when she died and finds a lace veil, a diamond pin and a photo of a beautiful woman that looks like a movie star.  This begins a journey of discovery for Juliana as she learns about the woman in the photo, French actress, and suspected Nazi collaborator Sylvie Martone.  

Alternating between the present and past this book weaves a story of a young girl, raised in a rural convent with dreams of being an actress.  She's discovered and goes to Paris and has a successful career in both silent film and talkies.  Then the Germans invade and France falls.  

Returning to the present, Juliana discovers family secrets and travels to France to learn about her mother and why she never told her about her family or past, and what is the significance of the lace veil, the pin and the photo.  While in France she learns more about Sylvie Martone, film star, and finds photos of her with Nazis.  Was she a collaborator, or was she playing a dangerous game and really working for the Resistance?  What Juliana finds out changes everything she thought she knew about her family and makes her realize what she wants for her future.  

The dual timeline of this book works really well as the story of Sylvie unfolds and her motivations and character are revealed.  The choices that were forced on the general population of Paris during the Nazi occupation and the cleverness of the Resistance were heartbreaking and fascinating.    Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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With thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest review. 
Firstly  I've  never read anything by this Author  before  and it's quite a breath of fresh air.
What an amazing read full of character  and overflowing  with information  it was quite heartbreaking  at times as to what actually happened  a truly  moving book and can highly recommend.
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A startling journey with a touch of glamour.
Paris 1943, Sylvie Martone a beloved actress is now hated, Germany is now occupying Paris and she is involved with nazi Karl Lunzer from berlin and he is glued to her side.
Juliana Chastain in Los Angeles beloved Maman has past away and going through her belongings stumbles a secret looking for her roots and who her grandmother is the story is set to unfold.
taking us back to 1926 this is Sylvie's true story.
Juliet has to go to Paris and find out more how her maman spent her childhood. This book is incredible a truly remarkable story, Sylvie diary, notes photo's and recordings are inspiring. the real story of glamourous Sylvie Martone has to be solved and told. She will never be forgotten.
I loved it
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