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Cover Image: The Other Side of Forestlands Lake

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake

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Andi K, Reviewer

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Awesome book. Finished it in one day. A second-chance romance with murder-mystery and supernatural haunting on the side. Not really my genre, but I love Carolyn Elizabeth's other books so jumped at this one and did not regret it!

After years of hanging out at Forestlands Lake for the summers, teenagers Willa and Lee are finally admitting they not only like girls but like each other. But the drowning death of Willa's younger sister and Lee's mother's cancer diagnosis end the summer tradition for both families. 

Decades later, Willa returns to Forestlands Lake with her youngest sister in tow to find both opportunity and despair. Lee has returned as the head of a summer camp for LGBTQ kids, and the two women look to recapture their childhood love. But there persists an undercurrent of animosity and death... hauntings, possession and revelations ensue.

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