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Gray Matters

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“Well, a girl can always hope.” She raised her glass to take a sip. “People do change, Remy.”

Trailing tight on the heels of a series of unsolved murders is a romance that has readers riled up and begging for release. 

Remy, the lead homicide detective with SFPD is in a fix. Nightmares have been keeping her up at night, she was no closer to solving a murder without any significant leads and as more victims fall prey, she is struggling to get a foothold of everything around her. With a new supposedly straight forensic colleague Giana thrown into the mix, the story is a hot mess waiting to explode. 

Giana, who packed up her bags after her fiancé cheated on her and started a new job in a new city did not have a clue of what was coming for her. When her attraction for Remy kept her second guessing on her own intentions, was she even as straight as she thought she was?

With the start-stop, push-pull attraction between the pair and the clock counting down to bring the killer to justice, this book had me at every turn and corner. Giana, even if she started clueless, would certainly rock your boat and make you bow at her persistence. 

4.5 stars for me but upping it to 5 this being a debut book. The way the book closed left me with a sneaky feeling that there could be a sequel. (Fingers crossed there will be).

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