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A Little Devil in America

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Sometimes I read a book that's written so well that it makes a review seem kind of irrelevant. "A Little Devil in America" was like that for me. I honestly feel like there's not much I can add to the conversation about this book except to say that it's fantastic. By focusing on Black performance in America, the subjects range from minstrel shows to Whitney Houston and centers on how Black entertainers have shaped our culture. The information is presented in a captivating way (which is sometimes lacking in nonfiction books), but it's Abdurraqib's personal reflections that make this book really sing. His frank honesty and the way he views the world made me feel privileged just to read it.

Anyone who wants insight into the lives of Blacks in America should check this out. It reminded me of a cross between Isabel Wilkerson's "Caste" and Kiese Laymon's "Heavy" - educational content with a stirring memoir feel. Since I can't do much more than recommend this book, I'll just end this with a thank you to the writer for crafting such an insightful and moving book.

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