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Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything

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Agatha Arch has many irrational fears, with #1 being beans of any kind. When she finds her husband in flagrante with the neighborhood dog walker, she snaps and starts wielding the first thing she sees -- a hatchet.

Agatha is a character who reminds me of a cross between Eleanor Oliphant and Bernadette Fox. Her levels of denial don't reach Eleanor's and her neuroses outpace Bernadette.

Agatha is neurotic but in a funny and charming way. She calls her therapist "shrinky dink" and lets herself be driven crazy by simple things like loudly ticking clocks. She swore off all beans at 17 when she saw The Silence of the Lambs because beans are the gateway drug to cannibalism (obviously). Since then, she's tacked on several more irrational fears.

Agatha's enemies are the dogwalker who stole her husband, the new "interloper" in town (a homeless woman), and the local moms' Facebook group. Agatha's antics are amusing at first, but the reader's patience will begin to wear thin as she becomes increasingly erratic. Bernadette Fox's antics in Where'd You Go, Bernadette? were much more normal and believable. Agatha's story screams fiction and not reality.

Eventually, Agatha must come to terms that her husband is gone for good. She needs to let go of her marriage and fears, and learn to embrace life as a single woman. She's hidden behind her husband for years and must change her ways, go out into the world, and make friends.

Soneela Nankani is a good narrator with a great sarcastic inflection for Agatha. She doesn't stumble over Agatha's made-up words like "fother mucking" that she uses so she won't cuss in front of her kids.

Recommended for fans of Where'd You Go, Bernadette? who can't get enough stories of suburban moms who are driven crazy by those around them.
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Agatha Arch, Agatha Arch, Agatha Arch! Your book was somewhat amusing, but the posts from the FB Mom's group got to be a bit monotonous and all those rants about the "interloper" -- same. Tap, tap, tippity tap. . . So glad you spared that woodpecker, by the way. There were some good bits about being a good friend. Loved the Bear Grylls bobblehead and Agatha's spy pants. And the goat yoga was a fun addition. Unfortunately, although there is a vague resemblance to 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette,' there just weren't enough moving parts to even compare. Finally, I feel a strong nudging to go read 'Their Eyes Were Watching God.' Why is that?

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Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything is a quirky and charming adventure. The story follows Agatha as she is forced to confront her fears - both seemingly trivial and significant - in a relatable and comical way. Perfect for Where'd You Go Bernadette fans! The narrator is phenomenal as she is a perfect fit for this story. 

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Agatha Arch just discovered her husband in the shed with the dog walker.  She quickly takes the shed down with an axe and the story rockets forward from there.  Broken hearted Agatha’s actions and reactions from there are quite comical.  Agatha is indeed afraid of everything and her character is wonderfully quirky.  Her comments on the FB mom pages are mostly spot on, even if they come across as mean girl.  Her spying techniques are a riot and she definitely does not have a calling as a spy.  As Agatha’s heart begins to heal, her actions start to change as she finally begins to move forward with her life.  With a great voice, this  was a fun listen, and I would love to see more of Agatha Arch in future books!!
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Unfortunately, this one wasn’t for me. I really enjoyed the narrator and thought she did a wonderful job. I was just annoyed by Agatha and that “moms” Facebook group drove me crazy. All the references to Bear Gryills seemed like too much.  I just kept waiting for it to get better but it didn’t for me. I’m sure some will really enjoy this quirky book, but for me it just fell short.
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This will be a harsh, yet an honest review. I disliked this book. Like truly, didn’t enjoy a minute of it while listening to the audiobook. I found myself constantly tuning out and tempted to skip ahead only to get it done with (which I did from time to time and didn’t miss a single thing or found myself lost). I only crawled my way forward in the hopes of something to happen to make the book interesting. It never did. 
I’m pretty sure that I am the right target audience for this book since I check all the boxes but I don’t know, I couldn’t connect with or even get any of the characters. I found the plot was all over the place and there was too much repetition. There wasn’t much happening other than in the annoying mom’s Facebook group. I think I’d better stop ranting and end my review with the note that Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything is absolutely nothing like Where’d You Go Bernadette and this comparison is so not fair to the former. 

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Bair is another new author to me. I didn't quite know what to expect with this one but it certainly made me laugh... and also cringe at times. Agatha reminds me a bit of Bridget Jones. While I'm not a mother so I don't belong to any mommy groups online, I can imagine a lot of Agatha's observances were spot on. She's also really sarcastic which I can definitely appreciate. The narrator did a fantastic job of bringing this book to life! Maybe I enjoyed this one so much because the last audiobook I listened to was so depressing or maybe because the narrator was so good, but enjoy it, I did! This isn't my normal genre but I'm glad I gave it a shot!

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Agatha Arch is one quirky, odd little duck. The book was cute and fun and light, really just what many people need right now to escape the heaviness of life. If you're looking for that laugh out loud, lighthearted read, this is it.

Agatha is a married mother, and the book starts as she's discovering her husband sleeping with a local dog walker. There were moments in this book where I was like, what?! Oh, hell no! This man, what did she ever see in him, ever?  But then, she's weird, and she's afraid of everything.  The world is not a safe place for her, though I'm not sure it ever went into too much depth as to why that really was.  All I know is, he was her safety blanket, and this change will be her blessing in disguise.  Eventually. 

I laughed, I cringed, I shook my head in disbelief.  The annoyingly accurate way it describes this facebook mommy group that the women in her town are members of... seriously, all laughs!!  But if there's one thing this book will do, it'll make you smile.  It was a quick read that flowed well with good pacing.  The audiobook was done really well, with lots of evocation. 

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC via Netgalley.
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I absolutely love the narrator she does an amazing job. But that is all that I enjoyed. I was really hoping I would love this book. Some parts are hilarious. Other parts I found were all over the place. I never dnf a book so it hurts my soul to not be able to finish this book.
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I love the story, the narrator, she did the voices so well, I almost believe that she was Agatha! 
The book has fun and entertaining parts, like other parts that made me cry, poor Agatha, she really gets through many things, she is such a good character, sometimes she can be so mean, but she is a good person, and deserves better than her ex! I loved the last characters and the last one was pretty good.
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I loved the narration of this one! She did a fantastic job on voices, emotion and timing.

The story, though... I don't really know how to feel about it. I definitely discovered one of my biggest fears is my husband cheating on me. This fact made pretty much the entire book pretty uncomfortable for me. I hated her husband but I also hated her reactions to his cheating which made me really not like her too. I think that was what the author was going for but I'm not really sure. I was sure she would pull through and make me start to like her but I still didn't by the end of the book.

There were some funny parts and parts that made me tear up a little but overall it was kind of a crazy psychotic mess. Maybe ladies going through divorce would enjoy it??? Idk.
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I am always and forever on a quest for books with the vibe of Eleanor Oliphant and Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and I'm pleased to say that this is one of those rare gems. I absolutely loved Agatha Arch as a funny and reliable character, as well as her quirky tale of facing her many, many fears.

I had the great honor and pleasure to listen to this gem on audiobook and seriously enjoyed the heck out of every minute spent with Agatha. She is hilarious, she is real and raw, and she is out there to be the best version of herself. After she catches her husband cheating on her in the shed, Agatha is forced to think about herself as a woman and a wife - and everyone happens to have some kind of remarks and comments about her. But Agatha is just trying to stay safe, live every day without having an anxiety attack, even though her nerves have a lot to withstand.

This novel is everything I needed at this time. Such a charming an uplifting story which forced me to think of my own fears and self-esteem, much like Agatha.

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