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Synclair's summer is set up to be filled with friends and cooking. But she's also searching for the God she knows is real, but doesn't quite know how to make sense of, and so she begins an exploration of her spirituality.  Then, as if by divine intervention, her old elementary school friend Avery shows up for the summer and she's gorgeous, and totally into Synclair. Her summer takes some wild turns, but her friends are there for every minute of her journey. 

This was a super interesting book, I really enjoyed reading through the exploration of Synclair's spirituality through her eyes. Something that could be quite serious and heavy was brought a sort of lightness through her eyes and through all the drama that comes with being a teenager and the unique situations Synclair gets herself into. I loved the style of writing - I think somehow this was my first book by Rachel Gold and I will have to rectify that. I really loved all the characters, and Rachel Gold really made sure to explore all of their unique stories. This was a fun YA with cute romance and an interesting exploration of spirituality. If there is anyone who can make that combination work it is the brilliant Rachel Gold. 

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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