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“Oh, yes, she, we just bought a house, and the yard needs a lot of work. There’s a pool that looks like shit, and gardens that look like shit, and a patio that basically looks like shit. We were thinking of redoing everything.”

Warning for readers. Do not read this if you have some kind of persona to upkeep or uphold. The book is hilarious. I showed a lot of teeth while reading, could not contain my giggles and was laughing out loud deep into the night. 

Samantha Cassidy, an Emmy winner, popular actress of a sci fi series, darling of scores of lesbians fans, is a closet lesbian. She yearns for a girlfriend but is reluctant to come out for fear of jeopardising her childhood dream of winning an Oscar for her late father. To help Sam along, her agent cum best friend Jade suggested a quick sexual fix and took her on an undercover trip to check out a fanfic writer whose writing got their libidos raging. When Jade found that Alex not only writes but also fix houses, she kicked her plan into action. 

Alex Novato, landscaper by day and fanfic writer by night is hot and only into hook ups. Engaged by two weird ladies to remodel her/their house, she was ready to revamp the house and seduce her way into Sam’s bed. When she got to know Sam more, she found herself changing her MO but will she be sacrificed for Sam’s dream? 

Family and friends on both sides would amuse you to no end, the characterisations make them all lovable, dorks, bimbos or whatever. 

A solid 5 stars based on the entertainment value of the book, perfect for times like this. 

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