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Eva and Shane spent 7 drug fueled days the June of their senior year. Sharing their childhood traumas and hopes for how they can change their lives. Then Shane suddenly disappears.
Fifteen years later Shane reappears and the pair have to work through their past and figure if they can have a future.

This second chance romance will appeal to romance readers as well as readers of literary fiction.
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I loved it so much, I don't even know where to start.

It's funny, it's smart, it's insightful, it's emotional, it's about books and first loves and second chances. It tackles some tough subjects but will also make you laugh out loud. It's about broken people who make each other whole. It's got a mother-daughter relationship that is #goals. The characters? I wish I could know them all in real life. And the writing! Tia Williams has a crazy talent for dialogue and world building. She also crafted what I thought was the perfect ending but then added an epilogue that was even better. Like I re-read it because it was that damn good.

𝗦𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗡 𝗗𝗔𝗬𝗦 𝗜𝗡 𝗝𝗨𝗡𝗘 is one of the few books so far this year that I'm recommending to all of my friends and I'm jealous of each one of them for getting to experience it for the first time. If you haven't read it yet, forget your TBR and get to it. You can thank me later.

Thanks to Galley Match, Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for the gifted copies for the Read Spin Repeat Book Club!  Not only is it the perfect beach read, but it also gave us so much to discuss.
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This contemporary romance was JUST what I needed for my seven hours at a cottage in June—not going to lie I was pretty determined to finish it in June just because😅. An emotional and powerful read, this was the perfect punch to my summer reading list.

The love story of two writers trying to find their way back to each other, this story is deep, complex, and beautifully written. The way Tia developed each of the main characters, without making this story FEEL like a character-based one was *chefs kiss*. I will read anything Tia Williams writes from now on, I highly recommend this one!

Content warnings: self harm, substance abuse, chronic pain, death of a child and loved one
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This is definitely a case of it’s just me…not the book.  
I was looking forward to a romance.  Heard such great buzz around this book, that it was true to form with both romance and comedy.  Sadly it just felt lacking for me.  I struggled to find the connection all my fellow readers found…but couldn’t.🙁
I am definitely an outlier as there are so many positive five star reviews. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing.
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This book! This book got me in the feels and had me in tears in the best kind of way. Five out of five stars for this romance and this couple Have my heart. I first found this book through a book to recommendation, and then I saw the cover and knew I had to read it. If there is one book he read this year, this needs to be it!
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Seven Days In June

Thank you so much to @grandcentralpub #partner for the gifted e-copy and finished book!

This emotionally packed fiction/romance was one of my favorite reads so far this year. 
It was filled with so many hard hitting subjects, steamy scenes, and big time life lessons.
The second-chance-romance aspect of this book was perfectly executed! I loved the retelling of their highschool years, their absolute need for eachother, and the way that they came full circle in the end. 

I flew thru this book. 
The authors writing had me sucked in from the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down.
Every chapter was simply amazing and easily led you into the next one.

Thank you again to @grandcentralpub for a gifted copy!

#sevendaysinjune #romancereads #fiction #grandcentralpub
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Eva Mercy and Sane Hall spent seven days together in high school.  It was a transcendent week in which two often overlooked and under cared for teens felt seen and accepted for the first time in all their messiness. But, at the end of the week, Shane disappeared. Now after more than a decade in which both have gone on to become bestselling authors, Eva of an erotic romance series and Shane of award winning literature they will meet again in New York. They will be forced to acknowledge the ways in which their lives' works stemmed from their one week together and how they each just might be the key to future success.  As they spend another magical week together, it's clear that their once in a lifetime connection cannot magic away all that has happened in between.  Nor does Eva want it to as the time has brought her a daughter and stability that Shane could threaten.  

This is a truly unique story that I will be recommending to many readers. I loved the character development of both Eva and Shane over the course of the book.  There are many complex issues that are addressed and traumas that cannot be swept under the rug, but demand to be dealt with by both the individual and couple if they want have any hope of perusing a life together (the spark and the desire are there without a doubt!). I think the personal growth and development of both adult characters throughout the novel is something special to see. My one "complaint" is I feel like as a reader we got a lot more of well rounded picture of Eva's life as a whole and would have liked to know more about Shane.

*Small spoiler - I also don't know that I would classify this book as a full on romance since the HEA doesn't happen until the epilogue. We get there...but it takes a push from external forces and the story has already "ended."
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One of my favorite humans, Kennedy Ryan, was recently raving about Seven Days in June and since she's never led me wrong, I took the first opportunity I could to read it. 

Being completely unfamiliar with the premise of the novel, I had no idea what, exactly, I was getting into and I really enjoyed the unique way the narrative of Eve and Shane was built around a crazy seven days they spent together in their teens woven with their present adult lives. As you got to know who they'd become, you slowly became aware of *why* they'd left such a lasting impact on each other. Both of them came from challenging (such an understatement) childhood and it seemed like they were finally finding some security and stability and yet...yet they both had this undercurrent of yearning for the other (though I think at the beginning both of them would deny it). It was both absorbing and entertaining to 'see' them interact as their adult selves and fight reverting back to their teenage selves. Their connection, denials, and ultimate capitulation to the feelings that would not let go made you want to push them together, no matter how much they didn't think it was a good idea, because their need for each other was so very obvious to us all (I'm including all the secondary characters in that 'us'). 

This novel is a testament to the intensity of young love. So many people scoff that those young loves and doubt that those emotions have any staying power. As a daughter of parents who've been married since my mom was 18, I am living proof that those emotions can stay. As a teacher of teen students, I can definitely see the power and influence love can have--in good and bad ways (and I'm so glad we got to see both). I liked that this novel explored that often wondered "what if". We got to see the "what if" come to life, with all its humor, complications, and the best part--a happy ending.  

Other things I enjoyed: the secondary characters--they were complex and added value to the overall narrative--and the little bit of Louisiana spice that was thrown in. As someone who has lived most of my life in Louisiana, it's always a pleasant surprise to see it play a role in a novel, even if most people just play with the stereotypes (I get it! My state has a mysterious allure that is hard to resist).  

All in all, I enjoyed this novel very much and am eager to read more from Tia Williams.
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"In the year of our lord 2019, thirty-two-year-old Eve Mercy nearly choked to death on a piece of gum. She'd been attempting to masturbate when the gum lodged in her throat, cutting off her air supply. As she slowly blacked out, she kept imagining her daughter, Audre, finding her flailing about in Christmas jammies while clutching a tube of strawberry lube and a dildo called the Quarterback (which vibrated at a much higher frequency than advertised--gum-choking frequency). The obituary headline would be 'Death by Dildo.'"

That's how Seven Days in June kicks off -- what a first few lines -- and I think it's indicative of the style throughout. Tia Williams' writing here super worked for me; this was a book I just couldn't breeze through because I found myself wanting to savor so many passages. There's even a record-scratch moment that was deliciously satisfying. 

Our main characters, Eve Mercy and Shane Hall, fell in love over the course of seven days as teens but haven't seen each other since. That ends when the mysterious, rarely-seen literary darling Shane shows up at a book event where erotic romance writer Eve's on a panel. (I'll refrain from detailing the plot further as I found so much enjoyment in how it unfolded.)

While the book certainly circles around a romance, this one read more contemporary fiction to me, maybe because of its structure and focus on trauma. (That's a value-free judgment; to be clear, I enjoy reading both genres and don't think one is better than the other.) These characters were easy to feel for, and the plot moves along, but it was the writing that was the real star here for me. 

(Do be advised of a host of content warnings)
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This book was different.  Although second chance romances are my favorite troupe, this one, although was a little different, it was still enjoyable.  One thing that stuck with me was Gia's daughter Audre.  Not only did I really enjoy the flow of this story, That first paragraph took me all the way out.  I had to read it several times to make sure I read what I really read.  Overall it was such a good story, and I really enjoyed it

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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Completely and utterly obsessed. this was a beautifully tragic and hopelessly romantic love story. this was one of my most anticipated 2021 reads and it did not disappoint and i couldn't get enough. I need everyone to read this. I love the characters I love the whirlwind their love took them on. I love their vulnerability and words for each other. 
amazing read. everyone neeeds it
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What a beautiful book! I’ve seen it all over bookstagram with rave 5 star reviews but I thought “no way can this legit up to the hype!” Well, my friends, not only did it live up to it - it exceeded it. I love the storytelling style and how we jump between different timelines. The depiction of the characters was warm, it was honest, it was raw, and it was perfect! I also loved that the two main characters were writers - something I aspire to be myself, so getting into their heads and seeing the creative process was phenomenal. If you love a second chance romance that will change your life and stay with you for a long time, this is that book!
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I loved the core Romance between the hero and heroine, but the side characters were distracting. I wish I would have liked it more. My thoughts are better articulated on the episode of my podcast, Learning The Tropes, that is linked below.
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Loved this book.  Thank you to NetGalley for the advance e-copy.  Will be happy to recommend widely to readers at the public library.
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A smart, emotionally charged, second chance romance that was intense from page one. Shane and Eva are two incredibly successful best selling authors despite having every odd stacked against them from a tumultuous childhood.

I always enjoy a romance with flashbacks to when they fell in love as teens, and this one was no exception. Their chemistry was intense both then and now. The book managers to portray literary intelligence without feeling stuffy. And while it is definitely not a romcom, I found myself laughing a lot which kept the dark topics light. Eva’s daughter, Audre was a shining star in the book.
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Seven Days in June is a fantastic read! It made me laugh out loud, cry, and swoon. I absolutely loved the pace of the story. I loved the relationship between Eva and her daughter. This book left me wanting more!
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My expectations for this book were not equal to the quality of the story, the characters, and the writing.  Eva is an author of an erotic vampire series, unique with Black main characters.  Her relationship with her daughter Audre is opposite of what her relationship was with her mom, Lizette, in so many ways.  Shane enters the picture, also an author, and their seven day relationship from fifteen years prior is set afire.  Both Shane and Eva have broken, fractured and horrendous pasts, which brought them together initially.  I loved the story, the depth of the characters, and everything about it.  Read it, and thanks to NetGalley for this wonderful book.
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In this novel, Shane and Eva met in high school and had an immediate connection, spending an intense week - 7 days in June - together before they were driven apart by tragedy and never saw each other again. Fifteen years later, Eva is a bestselling paranormal romance novelist and single mom to a precocious 13 year old, and Shane is a newly sober literary author when their paths cross again, leading to another seven days in June to see what their connection still is and whether they can move on from their past. But while that description might make you think this is a romance book itself, this is no light chick lit novel - it’s a pretty deep book which isn’t just about love, but also about trauma and pain, both metaphorical and literal as not only did both characters have difficult childhoods but Eva suffers from an invisible disability. The writing snd the characters in this book were wonderful - not just Eva and Shaun but Eva’s friends and especially her daughter Audre really came to life as well, and I was totally engrossed in the story. 4.5 stars.
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Thank you to Grand Central Publishing, the author, and NetGalley for the gifted copy of this book!  All opinions in this review are my own.

Seven Days in June is phenomenal.  If you are looking for a steamy summer romance, this book is everything you need.

Eva Mercy fell for Shane Hall fifteen years ago over the course of seven days in June.  After their relationship came to an abrupt end, Eva has spent the last fifteen years building a best=selling writing career and raising her daughter.  When Shane steps back into her life, Eva doesn't know if she should give into the feelings that come flooding back to her or finally cut ties with this part of her past.

I love how the book is divided into seven days and that Tia Williams plays with the timeline.  While each section starts out in the present, almost each one ends with what happened on that day in the past.  While Eva is struggling to decide what to do in the present, we are able to see what happened over the course of that week fifteen years ago.
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Seven Days in June revolves around 2 main characters: Eva Mery, an erotica writer, and Shane Hall, an award winning literature author. These two were in love 15 years ago and fast forward to present day, where they cross paths again in New York City. 🗽

Their love story has beauty, but also heartbreak behind it. The author’s descriptions of their special bond and the struggles Eva and Shane face are unlike anything I have ever read. So many topics are discussed, to name a few there’s chronic illness, the celebration of Black History, and motherhood. 

I finished this book a few weeks ago, but I cannot stop thinking about it! I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone and if you read it then I hope you loved it as much as me.
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