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From the Ashes

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This was the sequel to this author’s very good debut book, Out of the Flames. 

Within this storyline, Sloane and Finn had to deal with several problems. They were determined to take down the very dangerous cartel and the people responsible for the death of  Sloane’s wife. In order to do that they needed to find the department’s leak that worked for the cartel. Besides that, each women also faced personal issues. Sloane was trying to fulfill the promise she made to her wife of adopting Reagan. But Avery’s homophobic parents continued their legal fight to take Reagan away from Sloane. Both women also had to deal with their love for each other. Even though Finn opening declared her love for Sloane, Sloane was not ready to reciprocate. Avery’s presence was still very much alive in Sloane’s thoughts and even her dreams. More importantly, Sloane had to take into consideration Reagan’s feelings about bringing another woman into their lives. 

I enjoyed how the author developed this sequel with realistic problems the characters faced after the loss of loved ones. The author also provided more answers to the car accident that killed Sloane’s parents. This was a very emotional moment for those involved. The way it was described, you couldn’t help but feel for those characters. 

Similar to the previous book, there was a lot of drama when the characters dealt with the cartels. These scenes quickened the pace of the story and allowed for more anxious moments. The secondary characters, both good and bad, increased this story’s emotional depth. 

Since this was a sequel, I recommend reading the first book to get an overall understanding of the characters and their background. The author did provide some past events to resurface, but the emotional scenes from the first book were too good not to read and experience. 

This book was very engaging with tense moments, emotional breakdowns and recovery, and most of all, tender loving scenes. 

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