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ABC of Gender Identity

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Devika Dalal’s ABC of Gender Identity is one of the few books I’ve seen that addresses the expansive spectrum of gender identity in a kid-friendly approach. Unfortunately, while the content is important, I’m not sure the presentation of it would be very appealing or engaging to young readers. The illustrations are flat and repetitive, with all the human figures shaped the same with a couple of options of hair style and just sort of moved around the page- ironically, they look stamped from the same cookie cutter or rather graphic template, and are far from expressive, much less evocative of anything to do with the terms they’re meant to represent and teach.  This could be a chance for gorgeously celebratory illustrations but instead, we get near-identical little ovals in identical clothing, with neutral facial expressions and the only change being small adjustments to hair and skin color. As for the text, the variety of gender identities and related terminology included in the ABC is great, but the explanatory text is very clinical and unemotional. The vocabulary is often rather high for the age of kids I’d imagine reading this with, and even when that might be the best or only way to define a term, there’s nothing about the text to make this fun or engaging or ear-catching for kids. It’s really just a glossary with bright colors. 

So, an important addition to the array of kids’ books out there, but unfortunately it falls short on its potential. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Jessica Kingsley Publishers for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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A simple kid friendly book with cute illustrations that helps kids understand the different genders. I like the guide for parents at the end of book.
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A very simple guide to gender. The illustrations were cute. Diverse. And colourful. Many of the terms I was aware of and others I was not. It has led me to now go do more reading about the terms I was unaware of. But overall a really great introduction to kids (and sadly adults) on how broad the spectrum of gender is.
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I was hoping this book would have some illustrations, but this was not the case. 
A simple child friendly guide to gender/gender identity. 
Also a nice quick guide for adults who just need a reference what might be new terminology to them.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read and review. 

Can we please give this book to everyone? It is so helpful for those of us who want to know more but can feel overwhelmed with where to start. There are so many terms  and such an extensive vocabulary associated with the LGBTQ+ community. I learned a lot from this book! The adult guide at the end of the book will also help facilitate conversations with children (or anyone, really). This is a definite must-have book!
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I was hoping that there would be illustrations to go along with this book - I think just a diverse variety of people to really showcase to kiddos that some forms of identity come from the inside.  

I loved the definitions and terms used for this ABC book.  In the guide for adults it says that this book is for those children who are not cisgender and may have a different term for their identity, but I also feel that even cisgender children can benefit from this book.  

As a parent my goal is to make sure I raise tolerant, accepting, and loving children.  I would love to have this book in print if only to teach my children all the terms, and variety of humans that exist on our plant.  our diversity is something that is truly beautiful
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