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Book Club Kit: Mexican Gothic

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A very interesting book club kit with additional information about the setting of the book and the Gothic genre. 
It also contains questions about the book and a dress up doll of the main character.
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This book has an outstanding cover. The author of this book, Silvia Moreno-Garcia has written a fantastic piece of letter for the readers in the book club kit, so you must check it out as it is worth reading. In the book club kit here, it has tons of cool stuff in it including a paper doll of Noemí which you don’t want to miss. This is a great addition to know the novel and I loved reading the author notes. There is a playlist curated by the author. I'm personally not a horror gothic books reader but I enjoyed reading the bookclub kit. Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for a copy of the kit.
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I loved this addition to Mexican Gothic. Silvia Moreno-Garcia explains the real town this book is based on called Real Del Monte Town. Reading her descriptions of the land, soil, mountains, peaks and valleys, really brought the book back to life. So, interesting. 

It was taken over by the English, so nicknamed, Little Cornwall and had English Architecture, which made the old and creepy house from Mexican Gothic so easy to envision. 

Loved the Spotify list with link. Will enjoy that. 

Still, the Best is the Noemi Paper Dolls! How Cool is This! Love ❤️❤️❤️. Print out and Make a College for my Wall.  

Thank you NetGalley, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Penguin Random House Library for this addition. Love to review it.
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If you like Silvia Moreno-Garcia's books, you will l0ve this one. Her books talk about a variety of difficult themes and this book kit only helps put them into perspective in the most dazzling way possible!
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Not sure why I couldn’t connect with the story or characters but the few chapters I did read I pretty much had to force myself to finish. Maybe I just didn’t vibe with it but really disappointing. Might try again in the future but for rn it’s a very clear DNF
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This book is... Nothing like I first imagined 😂 forget anything you know about ghosts and haunted old houses. This is VERY different from the standard "scary ghost wants to k*ll me" kind of book like I imagined. Might seem like it at first, but don't trust it!
The writing is really damn good. I usually can't read horror books simply because I can't imagine what they are describing very well, but with this one I actually felt kind of spooked since I could imagine everything. Plus, the thrill starts very quickly and you grow suspicious of almost every character. I also felt hooked to read the pages as fast as I could to solve the mystery. 
However, I think that the tiny little hints they showed in the book didn't make me as surprised with the plot twist as I assumed I would be. It's still a really good one, I am just good at watching out for the details 😂 and the ending was a bit too open for me, something I particularly don't enjoy. That's why I rated this book four stars.
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Book Club Kit: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia had interesting questions and discussion prompts. I would recommend this kit to anyone reading Mexican Gothic with a group.
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This is the most fun book kit I've seen yet! I love everything about it: The author's note, the simple but engaging discussion questions, THE PLAYLIST!!! So good and really nice to go through after reading the book.
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I LOVE Silvia Moreno-Garcia! Her characters and settings are so lush. The grandfather is a dirty creep and the descriptions made my feel like I was in the clammy, spooky, unrelenting atmosphere.
So good! For sure want to read it again! Cannot wait for her next book!
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This is a great kit for a book club read around this title. I love the further history of the area where the story is set, as well as the history around gothic novels in general, and the playlist is to die for as a listen for this dark story. The paper dolls are an innovative addition that I haven't seen before.
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Full disclosure: I requested the book club kit before my friends and I start this next month! We are all BOTM members and can't wait to finally read, "Mexican Gothic." I have never done a book club kit before, but I love the note about the history in the kit. I am really happy I got to read the history before starting the book. Overall, what a cool idea! I wish more books had kits like this one. It makes it so much more fun!
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I really loved this! I wish more books came with book club kits. I really loved the playlist the most! And the discussion questions of course
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I want give 2nd life to my old book club. But actually I dont have ideas addition fun things we can do specifically. This gorgeous kits give me a little guiden to make a fun project together. But I dont think that bonus paper doll clothes is useful, maybe they want us use as bookmarks?

Thanks Netgalley for providing me with this fun.
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PREFACE: I devoured this book. It was FREAKING WEIRD BUT WONDERFUL! Still creeped out to this day and get the heebie jeebies thinking about it. 

SECOND PREFACE: this is my first book club kit and I am writing this as in real-time as I read this.

-WHAT?!?! THERE ARE CURATED PLAYLISTS FOR THESE THINGS?! I do think that should be advertised or marketed, I think a lot of readers would be more apt to download/use the kit if they knew about this FLIPPING COOL FEATURE! (not me stopping here and listening to each one, not at all ;-))

Enjoying the tidbits on the geographical location, and the discussion on Gothic novels and how they've changed. 

Ehhh...I feel that the cut-out is a juvenile addition to this and I'm cringing- what is the purpose of this? What would've been more exciting and beneficial would be to showcase old photos with women wearing the outfits such as the Kickpleat skirt/sweater, the nightgown- it would've given this more of the gothic vibes that ARE what Mexican Gothic is all about. There were better ways to spice up a book club kit to elaborate on the history and look of 1950's dress.....especially since this is an actual kit for a book club- I would imagine a lot of the members may look at you with two heads if you ask them to make a cut-out doll...sigh. Disappointed. 

I would've rated this at at 5/5, but the ending wasn't something I felt was appropriate for a novel marketed as Adult fiction.
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I really liked the book very much, it is certainly a different story and set in a part of the world whose culture is little represented in fantasy books. I loved Noemì and the way she related to the other characters, but I admit that I almost preferred the antagonist, was described beautifully and temperamentally credible. the ending is nice, predictable? a little, but still in line with the story.
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Having read Mexican Gothic just over a year ago, and actually for a book club, I was interested to see what a guide like this one could have brought to our experience. First off, I enjoyed reflecting back on the characters and setting. There is a lot to enjoy in Moreno-Garcia’s world-building, and the main character, Noemi, was a delight to reconnect with. That being said, much of this content felt cobbled-together from pieces I found elsewhere (and much of it on goodreads), though the playlist was a nice bonus, and I thought the inclusion of the paper dolls was smart and they looked very slick. I would have enjoyed getting more information with the playlist, however; do certain songs correspond with specific characters, scenes, or moods present in the novel? The essay on the development of “gothic” storylines was also interesting, and the list of questions to lead discussions was a good start. In these as in other parts of the guide, however, I was possibly a little underwhelmed. My book club’s discussion was a bit more spoilery than the provided list engenders, and focused much more on the intersection of horror, colonialism, and eugenics. Possibly these topics were too fraught for such a short booklet to delve into? My thanks to Penguin Random House Library Resources and Silvia Moreno-Garcia for a copy of this e-arc to review.
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“There’re people in the walls. There’s people and there’re voices. I see them sometimes, the people in the walls. They’re dead.”

After receiving a frantic letter from her newlywed cousin begging for someone to save her from a mysterious doom, Noemí heads to High Place, a distant house in the Mexican countryside. She’s not sure what she will find, for there are many secrets behind the walls of High Place. Mesmerized by the terrifying yet seductive world, she may soon find it impossible to ever leave this enigmatic house behind.

Set in glamorous 1950s Mexico this gothic suspense novel was dark, twisted and so good.
It’s a slow burn, and the author slowly starts to set the atmosphere, for me that worked perfectly and I couldn’t put the book down!
This is my first book from this author and it won’t be my last.
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"Mexican Gothic" is my number one recommendation when someone asks me for book recommendations. This story is haunting, beautiful, bizarre and full of many twists. Perfect for anyone interested in spooky stories, historical fiction, fantasy, and great storytelling.
I've hosted a book club using this book and got other book clubs to read this novel. I wish I had known about this book club kit sooner to use as a resource. Would definitely recommend getting a group together to read this story and pair it with this resource.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the review to copy!
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This is a review for “Book Club Kit: Mexican Gothic”.

This is the first official book kit I read, a good experience overall, helped by the fact I just recently finished Mexican Gothic. 

The discussion questions are thought provoking, both specific and broad enough  to allow readers to give their own Unique answers and interpretations.m while still managing to stay relevant to the specific topic. 
I think it could serve as a great guide for a book club discussion or just a body-read of a small group of reader. 

It was so interesting reading the author tell about the real life inspiration for the setting of “Mexican Gothic”. In a scenes it’s not hard to imagine such a place exists, but at the same time I’m baffled that’s reality. 
Since the novel managed to completely transform me into the setting, with a vivid but otherworldly atmosphere, I’m so intrigued to see if the real place is close to the novel’s discretions and my imagination. 

I’m not against having a small history lesson with my lesion reading, but I wished I’d know about the real history while or shortly after reading the novel. The audiobook didn’t include such extras, and I don’t know if idoes on the print version. 

Adding the Doyle family seal and pattern was a nice touch I appreciate as a visual learner. 

The section title: “how gothic romances became domestic Noirs” was so interesting to someone who’s not well versed in the subject. Ultimately the author took a well known and explored genre and twisted it into a modern yet very appropriate narrative. Such creatively is always welcome.
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Mexican Gothic was a thrilling novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. This book is wrought with compelling characters, a rich 1950's setting, and a gothic romance that will delight all readers of the genre. The ending was satisfying. The reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because on a few occasions I found the chapters a little long. I would recommend!
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