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A great addition to the Dark Protector.  Glad to see that Benny's story has finally come to pass. Benny is a  strong, protective, loyal and stubborn hybrid who has finally met his match.  All her life, Karma has been sheltered and told lies regarding the realm  and the seven.  To protect her family, she agrees to infiltrate the enemies' headquarters, in doing so she learns the truth. about the people of the realm,  the seven. and even a few things about herself. 

Looking forward to the next installment of the Dark Protectors.  Hoping it is Garret's story!!
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When you have been following along in this series for so long, it's hard not to get excited when it's time for a side character to get his story.  Benny is one of those side characters that I just couldn't wait to see how things would go.  His crazy character has always had me laughing and I'm so glad to see that he stayed true to who he is in Rebel's Karma.  Despite not wanting to put Karma in harms way with his life, he still showed how much he wanted her in his life.  I really loved that.

Karma was an easy heroine to love.  She has spent centuries with the Kurjans.  It made her cautious but never took her bravery away. She always had someone to fight for given the Kurjan's steal enhanced women all the time and you can see that was what gave her purpose.  She has a huge heart and I loved getting to see her protective side when it came to the twin girls she was desperate  to protect.  It also helps that she has a really cool ability.

I feel like we are gearing up to the end and I'm excited because I can't wait to see how this all ends but I'm also going to be very sad. I've loved this series so much that I think I could read about them forever.  If you enjoy paranormal romance, this is one series you should definitely check out!
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Readers of the Dark Protectors series will enjoy spending time with the Seven and their mates. Benjamin has always been a bit of a wild card. He has been obsessed with finding and rescuing Karma after he saw her several years ago. Karma is interesting because she came from a different time and has been in captivity for so long. It was wonderful to watch her grow in her strength, on her own and with Benjamin. They bring out the best in each other. The addition of her children made heartwarming interactions as Benjamin discovered a new side of himself.
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A fast fun read. The leads were ok.  I don't feel like we got to know anything about Karma outside of her trauma. Is she really that meek and agreeable, or is it a survival mechanism? I felt the same way about Benny. A bunch of quips, but not much substance shown. Basically without his mating mark appearing there is nothing that makes me think these two would pay any romantic attention to each other. Which is a shame, because most of the couples in this series actually have a connection which make the mark appearing make sense. This is my least favorite book because I'm not the biggest fan of couples being together because "fate said so".

What was good was the other storylines going on. In particular the Pax, Hope, Drake love triangle. They're growing up and that battle is about to come to a head. Hope being so naive is annoying, and Drake seeming to turn to the dark side is a little to predictable, But I hope the big battle happens soon so we can finally see them grown up. 

A few developments were made with the Kurjans, and two new characters were introduced that could be important to the story. So this isn't a book I would skip. I can't wait for the next installment.
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Oh, how I love this series. Rebecca is the queen of sexy paranormal romance in my opinion. She knows how to write a sexy alpha Male that is obsessed with his woman and will do anything to win her over. Karma and Benjamin had some intense chemistry and I also love learning more about this world Rebecca has created. Dark Protectors is one of my favorite series and I hope we get more.
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This is another great book from the Dark Protectors series.

Karma is a character who has lead a difficult life. This is why she distrusts everything that Benjamin "Benny" Reese represents at first. He is supposed to be the enemy after all. However, it's not that simple and she finds it impossible to resist her temptation towards him.

Benny has been waiting for three years to rescue Karma. He knows that giving into their attraction towards each other is inevitable. So, he won't let her deny their connection and get way from him that easily. They are, of course, fated to be together. 

Karma and Benny's journey is not an easy one. It is filled with twists and turns, resembling a rollercoaster ride. Rebecca Zanetti has crafted a compelling story of two people who find each other in a ruthless, paranormal world. Overall, this is an amazing book. I loved it and I highly recommend it.

(I voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley)
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This story will absolutely make you love Karma and Benny!  Karma is such a smart and strong woman who will do anything to save her sweet twin girls.  With the help of her gift and the Seven she is able to get the family and life she has longed for.  Benny is such a goofy guy when it comes to his girls and I love seeing him finally fall for a wonderful woman!  They are so cute together and they have a lot they have to work through before they can be mates.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!  I received an ARC for my honest review.
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Karma has been alive for centuries and was once mated to a Kurjan, who died shortly after they were mated. Now she lives in the Kurjan stronghold and tries to be invisible. Karma is an enhanced female and she sees dead people. She helps them get to the other side. Benny is one of the Seven, he’s a vampire/demon hybrid and is very loyal. He meets Karma three years ago and the mating mark showed up on his hand. Now he gets captured by the Kurjans to get to Karma. What he doesn’t know, is that Karma is hiding a big secret and it could destroy them all.

Great story with action and sex. Benny is funny and protective. Karma is very loyal and beautiful. This was a hard review to write because I didn’t want to give anything away. Benny believes he can just find Karma someplace to live and get on with his life...boy is he in for a surprise.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *
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This is so sweet. I always say this might be my favorite in this series and once again I'm saying it. Benny is so cute in this book and it has a definite humor to it. This is a great book to read to put you in a better mood.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The latest in the Dark Protectors series.    I love it.   :)    It's exciting and fast-paced as usual.   The romance is sizzling.    The plot is exciting.   The characters are fascinating and their chemistry is explosive.    Just another typical Dark Protectors book.   :)     Rebecca Zanetti is really a terrific writer.    I love her Albertini books too and can't wait to read her next book....

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my opinion.
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