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Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the thirteenth book in the series, but I have to admit to being quite new to the world – having read a couple of novellas in the 1001 Dark Nights family of books. I also love the Deep Ops series by the very talented Zanetti, so was happy to get the chance to read and review the latest book.

What I loved about this book was the clear message that what you are told need not be true. Karma had been fed multiple lies about the behaviour of the The Realm and The Seven and preferred to stay in an evil world than face one reputedly far worse. It was a revelation to her that the queen who was meant to experiment on all strangers would turn into a friend. That Benjamin would give her a choice about the mating mark he had for her. It was powerful and yet gently written – a message many may need to hear in these days of media control.

I love that there is an underlying aim and goal which seeps through the story, but that the plot gives us a rich and caring romance, even when all around is destruction and chaos. It provides extra clues to the ultimate goal and the lengths to which characters will go to become all powerful – whatever the cost to other lives. It was fun to see Karma blossom and to even find some of her unknown powers when she needed them the most.

I am definitely going to have to get up to speed with the whole series as I can see that the next book will bring together many strands that I need to understand!
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I really enjoyed this action filled and tense story with Benny and Karma. Karma is part of the evil race and when Benny realizes she is his mate, he does everything to rescue her. I love seeing Benny fall hard for Karma and her girls. I love seeing Karma get strong and become the perfect mate for Benny. This series is just gets better and better.
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Years ago, Benjamin Reese escaped from the Kurjans while trying to save some women, including Karma. Karma had been mated with a Kurjan general 200 years earlier, but he died the first year they were together. Still being mated, when Benny clasped Karma’s hand it burned, but then the mating mark appeared on Benjamin’s hand. She escaped from Benny, but he never forgot her. Now he is back in Kurjan custody, his only plan is to rescue Karma, who doesn’t seem to want to be rescued.

This is the oddest couple in the series, and it was funny seeing Karma’s expectations of what it would be like in the hands of the enemy. She was so certain she was going to be experimented on and tortured; imagine her shock when she finally meets the frightening Queen of the Realm only to find Emma in jeans and acting like a regular person. And then seeing how the other women were treated was an eye-opener. She learns everything she’d been told was a lie. Watching her gain self-confidence, and finally learning to trust those who had been the dreaded enemy, was a wonderful journey. She went from being a cautious, docile acting woman, to a woman not afraid to go after what she wanted.

Benny is a very old warrior who never planned on finding a mate, or wanting to mate. He is so protective of Karma, while basically saying he’d give her money, send her someplace safe, and that was the end of things. But life is never that simple. 

I really enjoyed seeing Hope, Drake and Paxton together again in the dream world. It was like looking back at Hope’s mother, Janie, when Janie used to go the dream world to meet with Zane and Kalin. I’m really looking forward to see who Hope ends up with.

The original couple (Talen and Cara) are now grandparents to Hope; the alliances are collapsing; and the kurjans now have advanced technologies. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I received a digital advanced reader copy from Kensington Books and NetGalley and this is my honest review.
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I have so enjoyed each book in this series! Benny is a bit complex. Benny hides his serious side behind laughter. Thinking he will never mate, that all changes with Karma. Twists and turns and lots of steam. Kind of a slow burn with the romance. A mother will do anything for her children. Benny and Karma overcome a lot to find their HEA.
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My Review of Rebels Karma

Excellent, and emotional read. Benjamin Reese meets his mate Karma 3 years earlier during a rescue mission. Karma refuses to leave because she's become adopted mother to twin girls. It takes 3 years for Benny to find Karma, and rescue her. Benny, along with the Seven are unaware the the Kurjans have implanted a listening, and seeing device in Karen's head, and want her to take the virus which will break the mating bond from her dead Kurjan mate. Will Benny be able to convince Karma to be his mate, before she claimed by a violent Kurjan male that's been obsessed with her for centuries?

We see old favorites return, and get an update and see the growing tension between Hope, Pax and Drake, who are now teenagers. I'm looking forward to the continuing battles between the Seven, the Cyst, and the Kurjans.
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Rebel's Karma is the latest release in the wonderful Dark Protectors series. If you enjoy paranormal romance, intricate (but easy to follow) plots and well-developed characters, this is the series for you!

Rebecca Zanetti is a fantastic writer and has created yet another great book in the Dark Protectors series. If you haven't read any of the previous books, don't stress. While it's a fantastic series to start from the beginning (and you'll definitely want to go back and read the previous books), Rebel's Karma can be read as a standalone with minor confusion surrounding the different species (especially the Kurjans). Zanetti has created a story that immediately hooked me in and left me wanting more. The characters, at once, felt familiar in their personalities and actions - like a long-lost friend, and just like a friend, I couldn't help cheering them on with every victory and achievement.

One of the other great things with this series is Zanetti perfectly balances the central storyline between the MCs with important glimpses into the lives of secondary characters. I say 'important' because they're all part of a bigger overall story arc and with the reveal of each puzzle piece, I just know this series is going to get better and better.

Overall, I love this series and its author. Rebecca Zanetti is one of my favourite authors and proves herself a fantastic author with each new release. I've read multiple books in this series so far (and plan to read the rest) and I've loved each and every one. Dark Protectors is definitely one of my go-to series when I'm in the mood for a good paranormal romance and I'd recommend it to everyone.
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He’s always had Karma😍

Benny’s story is the one I’ve been patiently waiting for and it does not disappoint❣️Benny finds his mate in Karma at a Kurjan camp upon rescuing enhanced females but it takes him approximately three years to find her and free her from them….unfortunately there are things he doesn’t know about her and what the Kurjans have done😳

Suffice to say I absolutely loved this story and the ending was absolutely hilarious with a good glimpse at their future😁 Super excited for more of this series as I cannot get enough of these immortals🤩 I received an advanced copy via Netgalley and voluntarily leave my honest review❤️
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I love the Dark Protectors series so much. I'm always excited for each new book to release. This is book 13, which features Benny and Karma. 
I enjoyed spending time with them. They were so good together. I loved how Benny tried to curb some of his crazy, while helping Karma realize she can kick butt with the best of them. It was good to see Karma come of her shell (being with the enemy Kurjans and Cysts would beat anyone down). Plus we got to see someof the other characters in the series - including Hope, Pax, and Drake.
The only thing I missed in this book was some backstory on Benny. I wanted to know a little bit more about what makes him who he is.

We're moving ever closer to the final showdown between the Dark Protectors and the Kurjans/Cysts. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias or favor.
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Another great read by Rebecca Zanetti.  Zanetti writes the best alpha heroes and pairs them with strong women who keep them on their toes.  Benny is stubborn and sweet at the same time.  He really works hard to help Karma develop her self confidence.  The plot continues with the Kurgans and Cysts.  We learn more about Hope and her friends.  Dage, Emma and Bear make an appearance but we did not get to visit with the rest of the gang from previous books.  I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.  Zanetti’s books keep getting better.  I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.  Zanetti is an auto buy author for me and I highly recommend her books to anyone.
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Mated centuries ago, Karma was turned immortal.  When her mate died just a few years after, she was left with his race, who believe women are property.  Thankfully, being mated means that any man that touches her for too long will get a burning rash.
When she is rescued/kidnapped by Benjamin, Karma sees there is a different way to live.  She can have choices and determine her own destiny.  But first, she must get her girls back.
I jumped into this book not realizing it is number 13 in a series.  Usually when you are that far into a series, there are a lot of situtations that are presumed you would you understand.  I had no issues throughout this book understanding any situtation.  If it was needed, it was done quickly and consisely.
The story offers a great mix of romance, action and suspense.  The book is very fast paced yet mesmerizing enough that you do not notice how long you have been reading.  I feel that I could sit down and read through the whole series within a short span of time.  
This book is not from my typical genre.  It did call to me though and I absolutely loved it.  Well done.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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Rebel’s Karma is the thirteenth book in Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series. This book is a romantic suspense novel with fantastic characters and a great storyline which adds to the Dark Protector World that Zanetti has created.

Benjamin Reese, vampire-demon hybrid, and member of the Seven, has been searching for Karma since he saw her at a Kurjan camp and his mating mark flared to life. He will do anything to free her, even if he doesn’t plan to mate her. Karma’s only goal is to save as many innocents as possible even if it goes against what she knows and feels is right. She must destroy Benjamin and the Seven, but she is learning that nothing is what it seems. Can she learn to trust Benny, before she makes the wrong choice? Can their love and passion survive all the secrets and lies? Read it and find out! 

This story is filled with danger and intrigue.  I loved the characters.  They are both strong individuals with strong beliefs and personalities that compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. This story takes place three years after book 12 and Zanetti has done a fantastic job explaining the missing time and building the tension for the upcoming battle between the Seven and the Cyst. 

All the books in this series contain a happily ever after and can be read as a standalone, however, reading it in order will give you a better appreciation for the characters and the series itself.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series! 

This is a voluntary review of an advanced readers copy sent by the publisher via netgalley.
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While Bennie and Karma aren't a favorite couple for this series, I did enjoy the book overall.  Bennie was great as we got to see his softer side as well as his more serious side and not just the crazy.  He was gentle and understanding with Karma, tamping down his alpha he-man tendencies so as not to scare or overwhelm her and tried to encourage both her self esteem and confidence regularly.  As for Karma, it was nice to watch her overcome her fears, concerns and grow more comfortable with the freedom she had been denied for so long and wasn't aware was possible.  It was a nice change to have the heroine familiar with the immortal world (having been 1st mated & shortly after widowed by a Kurjan 300 earlier) but only having a limited view since all her knowledge was via the Kurjan (and their propaganda) and having had little exposure to the modern world under their more restrictive rule.  While could see some romance blooming between the two, they didn't have the same spark that between most of Zanetti's couples.  There was action, visits with prior couples and some movement on the series plot.  I wouldn't recommend this so much as a starting point for the series but it is another good installment for fans of the series.
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Kudos to Rebecca Zanetti for being able to bringing us something new and fresh in the 13th installment of the series.

Benjamin "Benny" Reese has been one of the standout characters in the continuing Dark Protector series.  I was excited to see him get his HEA.  Problem is I keep getting thrown off every time it is mentioned that Benny is a vampire/demon hybrid because everything about Benny's personality makes me think of him as a bear shifter. Benny is so laid back. He is always looking for the fun in any situation. He is always ready with a wiseass remark or a joke in a tense situation. But his "claws" are always ready to come out if his Brothers are threatened. I have truly had to remind myself several times in the last six books that, like the others, he is a vampire/demon.

In Guardian's Grace, Benny was helping to evacuate some Enhanced females who were being held by the Kurjans and when he reached to help one woman, he ended up with a mating brand on his hand. A mating brand for a woman who was a Kurjan's mate.  Of course, Benny can't do anything easily.   In  Rebel's Karma, Benny has been trying to find Karma for three years and allows himself to be captured by the Kurjans so we can get closer to her.   He, of course, escapes but he basically kidnaps Karma who doesn't want to leave. First, because she has been raising twin girls (both Enhanced) after their parents were murdered by the Kurjans;  secondly, because she is trying to help other Kurjan mates and any Enhanced female that are being captured and held against their will; and finally, because she doesn't know any better.   At first, I found myself annoyed at Karma's fear of Benny and lack of trust for the Realm, but then as we spent more time with Karma, it really began to make sense. Karma is about 300 years old. She was raised is a small village in Sweden and when a man came and offered for her hand, it was not unusual for a family to  be happy to have one less mouth to feed and they married her off to a man they obviously knew little about.   Karma found herself mated to a Kurjan who was shortly killed in a past war (there are a lot of wars between the immortals) and this was Karma's introduction into this previously unknown world.

Even 300 years later, Karma isn't allowed to watch TV and/or get news of the outside world but even is she were, it's not like she would be getting any information about the other factions. Karma's first introduction to this world is by being mated to a Kurjan and she only knows about the Realm, the demons, vampires, witches, etc. based upon what the Kurjans have told her.  She wasn't given an encyclopedia of  immortals. Of course, the Kurjans want her afraid of them.   You don't run away if you are more afraid of the unseen threat.  When she first meets Emma, she is terrified because she was told that the Queen of the Realm enjoyed torturing prisoners and ripping off their flesh just to hear them scream.   She, of course, has no reason to doubt the information that she was given.

Karma's mating virus kept her safe for several centuries from being mated off again to another Kurjan, except that Terre, the second in command of the Kurjans, has had his eye on her for awhile. What I didn't realize is that although the Kurjans created the virus as a way to hurt the Realm, it is the Realm that re-engineered the virus to use to safely release mates from their mating bond after a mate has died. So when Benny "rescues" Karma from the Kurjans, Terre makes sure they get away safely because he wants the Realm to give her their injection to break her mating bond so that he can finally have her  for himself and he is holding her adopted children as leverage.

The continuing kindness of the people around her finally wins over Karma, especially Bennie Reese who tries to play it casual with Karma while that mating brand burns on his hand.  But Karma still needs to risk returning to the Kurjan camp in order to rescue her girls.

This was the first time we have had a glimpse into the life in the Kurjan camps.  I would have enjoyed meeting a few more of the women there to see if any of them were happy or are they all prisoners of their forced matings.   Most of the Enhanced females who stumble into this world are thrown by what they learn, and even Mercy, who is a fae and who knew about this world, reacted with anger rather than fear.   Poor fun-loving Benny had the most uphill battle to win his mate.

This is the first time we have had a main character come in from the enemy camp whose knowledge of our favorite characters is based on lies and propaganda. It made for an interesting new twist.
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Loved it! Great book. I really love this series and can't wait to see what happens in the next book. These characters and their stories and their adventures always make for a good, fun read.
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Rebel’s Karma by Rebecca Zanetti 

Benjamin Reese, a vampire-demon hybrid, came across Karma three years ago and has looked for her since. And with an “R” etched on his hand, which can only mean one thing, he won’t stop until he’s found Karma and secured her protection. But, Karma has lived amongst the Kurjans, a group known for their vile practices, for decades. Once Karma is thrust into Benjamin’s world, she begins to question everything she’s ever been told. Karma might be falling for Benjamin, but she has something bigger than herself to protect that has her following through with her role on behalf of the Kurjans. 

Once I started this book, I simply couldn’t put it down. And although this is number 13 in the series, the world Rebecca Zanetti has created still remains utterly captivating (it can also be read as a standalone). I loved watching their relationship bloom and Karma come into her own sense of self with every interaction she and Benjamin had. And watching characters from previous books in the series appear and interact fostered a sense of familial kinship that sprinkled some pure lighthearted moments throughout the book. This book kept such a great pace with a good balance of action, character/plot growth, and spice! Overall, I really enjoyed it and I will be waiting (not so patiently) for the next one.
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I will leave a review on Amazon or B&N on June 8th

I sort of came into this series pretty late considering this is my first book I have read. Although I am sure the book would have been better if I had read the previous books, I had no problem reading it as a stand alone either. I found the book to be action packed, full of humor and I fell in love with both Benny and Karma. I will most definitely go back and read the previous books, I would recommend this book to those that enjoy this genre of books.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and in publisher, in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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Karma and Benny defy the odds and overcome great obstacles to find their HEA. A fantastic story!

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Love this series so much!  Benny and Karma’s story is just amazing and I love how everything turns out for them. Karma is so sweet and also so strong and Benny is a goner before too long. He doesn’t think he is the kind of man who can have a family but with her he wants it all. 
I love the additional info we get about the ritual and Ulric and who will play roles in that. That story always continues in the background as each of these warriors find their mates and it is cool how everyone and everything seems to tie in.
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Another brilliant read in this wonderful series and like all of its predecessors it is the perfect combination of suspense drama and angst.

Benny a member of the seven met his mate Karma and had a mating mark to prove it the only problem been he had to find her before he could claim her  Now she has to learn that the seven are not what the Kurzon have taught her and that in fact her mate will not be killing her unless it is with rapture Can these two find a way to be together and both forget what has gone before You will have to read to see
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Four and a half
This time it's the slightly crazy but ever so dependable Benny who steps into the limelight. If you recall he previously met Karma, a female who had been Mated to a long dead Kurzon soldier and boy did that leave a lasting impression ! Yep poor Benny suddenly found himself with a Mating Mark and now he's finally tracked her down.
Karma has led a sheltered life and has no idea about the lies she's been told. Now she finds herself with the dreaded Seven and knows she's about to die a painful death. Yet things just are not what she expected but then again she's not exactly been honest herself !
I absolutely loved Benny as he's just such a hoot. He may be big, bad and brawny but he's also sweet, loyal and I have to say a touch blind at times ! He's determined to give Karma a happier, safer life but its one that doesn't include him. Karma has a lot to learn about being away from the Kurzon nation and she's always going to be a little self effacing but everything about goofy Benny just calls to her. It's just too bad that things don't exactly go to plan.
I truly enjoyed being back in this world and it was a joy briefly seeing what feels like old friends. For this reader it was especially joyful because my favourite Bear featured in all his grumpy, ursine glory ! Full of action and hot steamy moments but there's also humour and adorable sweetness but my lips are sealed.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested and my comments and thoughts are honest and I believe fair
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