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Rebel's Karma (Dark Protectors, #13) by Rebecca Zanetti 
Let me just say...I love all the Dark Protectors... This is Benjamin (Benny) and Karma's story and what a story it is.  The Seven and others all play a big part in the drama, evil, angst, violence, salvation, laughter, tears, fears, heart felt feelings and steam all to get us to their very HEA.  I can't wait for the next book in this series.  
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Romantic Entertaining Tragic Wonderful characters Steamy Scary Action-packed Great world building Unpredictable Tear-jerker Easy-to-read Funny Page-turner Happily Ever After
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I received an ARC from netgalley for my honest opinion.
Zanetti is an amazing author. I love her dark protector characters. Ben and Karma are amazing. The chemists off the charts and I really enjoyed how the overarching storyline progressed. If you are a fan of her Dark Protector books, this is a must read.
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I’ve liked Benny since he was first introduced, so I couldn’t wait to read his story.  It didn’t disappoint.  Benny’s always been the crazy one of The Seven, so it only seemed fitting he’d find out that his mate, Karma, had been mated to a Kurjan.

It took me a little while to warm up to Karma.  She comes across as weak at first, except for when it comes to the two little girls she’s raising as her own after their mother’s death.  She’s naive about what’s really going on in the world, having only the Kurjan’s lies to go on.  Benny opens her eyes to the truth of the Realm and The Seven.  It was interesting to watch her become stronger and confident as the book progressed, and she eventually grew on me.

Benny is still Benny, but this time readers get to see how protective he is of his mate.  I absolutely loved his interactions with Belle and Benny, Karma’s adopted daughters.  He’s initially unsure around them, as they are with him, but he does his best to make them feel at ease.  Their interactions are adorable.  

The story of Hope, Pax, and Drake continues.  It’s been several years since they’ve all interacted in the dreamworld, but they’ve been able to resume.  It’ll be interesting to see how this triangle works out.  Readers also get to see a bit of Drake outside of the dreamworld in this book.  At times it seems like he’s leaning towards the dark side, but other times it seems like maybe he’s not so bad.  He’s a bit of an enigma, and I can’t wait to see which side is the real Drake.

This is the thirteenth book in the series.  If you haven’t read any of the books, I do recommend starting with Vampire’s Faith.  That is the book where The Seven are first introduced, and there’s an ongoing storyline involving Uric being imprisoned in another dimension by The Seven.  That continues in this book as well, and if you haven’t read the previous books involving it, you will probably feel a little lost.

This is a great addition to the series, and I’m looking forward to see what’s going to happen next.
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I was expecting a repetitive, young heroine, fate/romance driven plot. Most of Zanetti's books are made up of hot alpha males and stubborn, strong, but naive female leads. 
Seeing who the main characters were, I was a bit curious , as well as apprehensive, about how this book would go. So, upon reading I was pleasantly surprised. Rebel's Karma, follows another member of the seven, Benjamin Reese and an ex-Kurjan mate, Karma. This is set a few years after the events of the last book. Benny gets captured to save Karma while she tries to keep secrets to protect those she loves. Plot aside, Karma is one of the most refreshing characters I have had the pleasure to read about. She is not young and inexperienced like most immortal mates are in the beginning. As a Kurjan Sotie, she has lived a few centuries and gained knowledge of the immortal world around her. This is what I liked when beginning to read the novel. Her relationship with Benny, from the start was so perfect and balanced that I could not put down the book. Their romance was a little of a slow burn, which was a relief from all the insta-love and attraction in all the other books. Benny's character became more complex within the plot and readers got to see a new side of him. Truly, Zanetti created a perfect romance that did not distract from the plot whatsoever, making this a memorable read not just for the characters, but for the events occuring in the book. I believe I have an idea of where the author is going with this series and hope that the final books will create a full circle with all the immortal nations at peace. I also have an inkling for who the next book will be about and cannot wait for their story!
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I love the Dark Protectors world and Rebecca Zanetti never fails to blow you away. This is Benny's book and although he was a character that I never really cared much for his book was amazing. I love the chemistry that comes flying off the pages between him and his destiny, aka Karma.

Karma is a 19th century lady who is very sheltered and unfortunately for her also mated to a Kurjan who died shortly afterwards. She's been beaten, lied to and basically used for centuries. And once again the Kurjan's plan on using her to find out information on the 'Seven" and to have her mating mark removed. 
Benny is one of the seven who is trying to save her and all the enhanced females of the world. Benny and Karma have meet before and thanks to that meeting he now wears the mating mark on his palm. He needs her help but doesn't want to mate her because he plans on saving the world even if it means sacrificing himself to do it.

This book is filled with humor, adventure, conflict , danger and of course sexually scenes that burn up the pages. Yes it can be read as a stand alone but you would get more joy out of reading it if you at least started with Vampire's Faith, it's where the story of the Seven begins. Once you're all caught up I'd go back and start reading the series from the book that started it all, Fated!
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Rebel's Karma is the sixth book in the continuation of the Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti (13th book overall). It brings to light new faces from times past and present along with a deeper insight into the history of the Vampire Kurjan war. While some of our favorite characters from the earlier books do make cameos in Guardian’s Grace, the focus is on illuminating a new mythos that began in Vampire's Faith with brand new characters and relationships.


This book focuses on Karma, an enhanced lady from the 19th century who was mated to a Kurjen once. Since his death, she has been sequestered and held captive by the Kurjans. Still, with the help of her special ability, she has helped many spirits achieve peace and transition to the great beyond. She is sent in as a trojan horse to uncover the secrets of the realm under duress.


Benjamin Reese is a highly powerful being who is one of the mythical seven tasked with binding the Kurjan leader in another dimension and making sure the barrier holds forever. However, the barrier between the worlds is weakening. Despite his brethren's watch over the centuries trying to contain an ancient evil, the endgame is near.


Together, Benjamin and Karma work with his brethren to save the enhanced female captives including her adopted daughters while fighting enemies hot on their trail. This book is truly spellbinding. Rebecca Zanetti creates characters with such depth that you just can't help rooting for them.


Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC
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Benny sure tuned out to be one of the most loved, funny, sweet, crazy and irresistible heroes EVER in the Dark Protector world!

I wasn't expecting to love Benny as much as I did, but I really couldn't resist him. There was something almost easy going and kind behind his uniquely crazy and entertaining personality that I adored completely! And I think Karma brought out the very best in him even more so. I was equally charmed by Karma as I was for Benny too. She was brave, smart, honest and perfect. If there was a complete and utter perfect and kind heroine ever to be born in a book, Karma is it! Karma and Benny as a mated pair make me insanely happy.

Rebel's Karma was intense, amusing, sexy and full of danger and humor. It was fascinating seeing the inner Kurjan and Cyst territory from Karma's perspective. I feel we get a really good look at how dangerous and deadly they are and how important the Seven is to taking them and Ulric down for good. I am in awe of this book and am so looking forward to Sam's and Garrett's stories! These books are truly fantastic!

Rebel's Karma gets a WILDLY CRAZY AND ENTERTAINING FIVE BLAZING HOT STARS! If there is one book in the whole Dark Protector series that should be praised again and again, it should be Rebel's Karma. This book was AWESOME!
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Oh how fun it was to watch Benjamin Reese fall for a slip of a woman, Karma. She is to small, to delicate and to much a lady for Benny, but fate had its own idea.
Karma has lived centuries under the Kurjan’s control. Widowed early in life she learned to be as invisible as possible. Unable to mate again her only use to serve the Kurjan’s. With them kidnapping enhanced females she determined to find away to free them and the twin girls she’s taken on as her own children. 
I loved how Karma called him Benjamin and how he was hell bent to make Karma see her bravery and strength. 
What starts out as a secrets and lies may turn out to be a lifetime of love if they survive. 
I recommend this book and series but it must be read in order. You will not regret it because all the books are awesome!
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I was provided an Advanced Reader Copy from Kensington Books and NetGalley for an honest review.

I have been waiting for Benny's book for quite some time!  Of course "crazy" Benny has to be fated to mate a Kurjan mate.  What I enjoyed about this book was learning more about the Kurjan side and what they tell their people about the vampires.  It was interesting to see what Karma believed regarding the different people in the vampire nation.  She blossomed and grew as a character once those lies were revealed and felt more comfortable standing up for herself and what she wanted. 

While all the books in this series focus on the main couple as well as the ongoing series plot, some books focus more on the couple and some more on the plot.  In this one, while there was definitely heat between Benny and Karama, I feel like this book is doing a lot of plot setup for the next few books.  We learned more about individual Kurjans, including a couple of the younger generation.  We also got to see more of Hope, Pax and Drake who are now teenagers (there was a 3 year jump between the last book and this one), as well as Sam who is supposed to play a role in the final ceremony.

I recommend reading this book.  While it can technically be read as a stand alone, I think it would be better off if you had read the whole series to understand who all the characters are.  If you didn't want to commit to the entire series, Vampire's Faith would be a good spot to jump in as it is where The Seven's story begins.
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I haven't been with the Dark Protectors series from the very beginning, but I do think that I've read enough of them now to have a good understanding of the series and want to know where it is going.
This was another enjoyable instalment and at the end of this book, we're left with all but one of the 'seven' paired off. These are men who are supposed to be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice at the final battle and had always felt they could never take a mate. Clearly, fate has different ideas.
This time it's Benny's turn and he finally gets to spend time with Karma, who he knows is his. I liked the chemistry between this pair and the way that they accepted that they belonged together. There was more of a family element this time, with Karma having twin adopted daughters.
One of the great things about this series is that there are other storylines unfolding at the same time as the main story here. With each book, we get a small glimpse of Hope and her friends. It's clear that she's going to have a large role to play in the future and with each book, she gets older and that draws closer.
You don't need to have read all the books in this series to enjoy this one, I started part of the way through. That said, they are all interconnected and the more that you return to this world, the more you understand and appreciate the characters and storyline.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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An excellent book that I was looking forward to (Benny has always been a favorite of mine =D) and which fulfilled all my expectations =D

For me, Rebecca Zanetti quickly became a "buy immediately no questions asked" author and I always look forward to each new release =D

What I particularly liked :
- the universe with the different races, their mythologies (I can't wait to know what it really is this story with the Seven since we have ten million versions !!) but also all the technological advances that fit perfectly with fantasy! I particularly enjoyed in this book having a glimpse of the Kurjans from within !
- the different plots that I loved !! The one around Karma of course but also all the innuendo with the very tense situation within the kingdom, the shenanigans of the Kurjans and of course all the intrigue around the famous ritual of the Seven =)
- characters !! Benny that we had already seen several times in the different books of the Seven but also with the Reese brothers and that I adored !! A little crazy but terribly endearing >< And of course Karma who was so courageous despite the trials, who made me laugh a lot with the discrepancy and the misunderstandings linked to her life among the Kurjans (the scene of the meeting with the queen was awesome !) and with its power that fascinated me !
- This end too cute <3

The questions / expectations I have now :
- I must admit that for the first time, I wanted a Kurjan to have his HEA (Vero !!) so I hope we will have one !!
- I didn't think I would ship them but I SO ship Paxton and Hope =D
- and I really want to have a book with Garett now >< I am very intrigued by his dreams !! And of course Sam =D

In short, for fans of urban fantasy who want well-constructed universes and endearing characters, I recommend the entire series =D

PS: to the publisher and Netgalley, thank you so much for the ARC =D
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Karma gave up her chance of freedom, in exchange she has worked to free other woman and children that have been kidnapped and held by the Cyst and Kurjan’s. Benny intends on changing that one way or the other, little does he know that Karma won’t leave without twins. 

A lot of humor and suspense mixed in with a really good story. This series continues to be enjoyable and can’t wait for the next one in the series.
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'Rebel's Karma' is the amazing, sizzling, love story between Benjamin Reese, a demon vampire hybrid, and Karma, an enhanced female. It is the 13th installment in Rebecca Zanetti's 'Dark Protectors' series. I have been waiting for Benny's story for a long time and 'Rebel's Karma' did not disappoint. 

Benjamin met Karma three years ago when the Seven were on a rescue mission in Kurjan territory. Upon departing, Ben touched Karma and the mating mark appeared on his palm. Karma demanded that he leave her behind and he did but he never forgot her. He has returned to rescue her.

A couple of hundred years ago, Karma had mated a Kurjan warrior, shortly after that Kurjan died. Due to the mating bond Karma has been unable to be intimate or mate anyone else. When Ben comes to rescue her she leaves with him but her thoughts remain focused on saving the enhanced females the Kurjans hold as prisoners.

With the upcoming ritual that the Seven must perform to rid the world of the threat of Ulric, can Ben safely make room in his life for a mate? Now that she is free will Karma was to immediately jump back in to a mated relationship?

Benjamin is so comedic and kooky it is easy to fall in love with this tough male who tries so hard to make those around him happy. Karma is tough, not warrior tough but mentally tough; she had to be to survive among the Kurjans for so long. 'Rebel's Karma' had a lot of action, some hot love scenes, and a wonderful love story; it is the whole package. Amazing!
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me via NetGalley. Wow what can I say about this title it was just an awesome read. This book was just something so wonderfully different I’ve never quite read anything like this. You should read to find out you won’t be disappointed. I’m definitely going to read more by this author.
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I love this series and was not disappointed with Rebel's Karma.  Benny is such a cool character and we have seen him grow over the years with his nephews and others.  It was great to finally get his story and Karma is the perfect balance for him.  While she has had a hard life, it has not hardened her against life and love.  The battle with the Kurjans and Cyst continue as well, with some surprises thrown in.  I'm looking forward to Sam's then Garrett's stories before Hope finally gets hers.  Highly recommended.
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Benny may be centuries old but he has never really got the swing of adulting it appears.  Even as one of the Seven, he seems to have kept his eccentric sense of humour and flare of irreverence!

Unbelievably his "R" family crest appeared on his palm when he was smack in the middle of a rescue mission.  Activated by a Kurjan soti,a former enhanced human known as Karma.  She refused to leave with them, fearful for what would happen to those in her care.  For 3 years Benny has looked for her.  It looks like his hard work finally paid off.

Karma may not be their biological mother, but she has taken over the care of two little girls, kidnapped after their mother was killed by the Kurjans. Only the mating allergy has kept Karma safe from being re-mated in the centuries since her husbands death.  But she has been given by the leader of the Kurjans, one she CANNOT refuse.  But it means she'll be free of the mating allergy and it'll be open season on Karma!

Karma is really an anachronism,  With her manners, long skirts and prim and proper demeanour she is polar opposites to loud, obnoxious, forceful Benny.  I enjoyed how she tempered his rashness and he brought her out of her shell, showing her all the things she could do, within her safe zone, rather than lambasting her for all the things she wouldn't/couldn't do.  The camaraderie between the Seven is so strong it leaps off the page at you and you see how it is also affecting Karma, empowering her.

All the fakenews that Karma has been exposed to is a menace!  The interactions with Emma were hilarious!  

There are a slew of new characters to love to.  Especially one very introverted, brainiac Kurjan.  I cannot wait to see what happens with him! Your heart will melt at this big, bada%% soldier thinking he's too scary for a pair of toddlers.

No spoilers here by #PrincessesRule #BClub4Ever LOL
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I thought this was a good addition to the series.  It could be read as a stand alone, but definitely helps to have read the rest of the series.  Karma was a good combination of weak/strong and Benny was able to tread that line between being stoic and learning to love.
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First let me say that I was so excited when I saw this book. I love everything by Rebecca Zanetti.  But Dark Protesters is my favorite.  I am so excited that Benny finally gets his story. Karma was an amazing character.  She has such a horrible background and it was wonderful to watch her open herself up.  We not only get to see the Seven and their mates, we also get to catch up with Dage, Emma, Talen, Hope, Pax , Max, Sarah Bear and Nessa. I came wait to see who shows up next ams I really hope that Sam’s book is next. The only thing that confuses me ( mostly because I can’t see how it will end) is the Hope / Pax / Drake story line. I honestly can’t tell who is going to end up with you. Although I loved Drake’s cousin Vero and I really hope that he gets his own story. ( maybe with Libby ) This is a wonderful addition to one for my favorite series.
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Rebel's Karma is the latest book in the Dark Protectors series. While it could be probably be read as a standalone, the story arc continues from past books and a lot of the context will be hard to understand without reading the rest of the stories in the series. Benjamin Reese, the craziest member of the Seven, knows someone has to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world and it just as well as be him and he has no intention of leaving a mate behind. Karma is a widow of a Kurjan soldier, an enemy of the Seven, and a spy under duress and Benny's fated mate. Fate draws them together as the war between the warring nations threaten to tear them apart and Karma learns to fight for what she wants. Steamy and sweet, the story is fast, paced and totally addicting and Benny is definitely the perfect book boyfriend for another winning tale in the Dark Protectors saga. This reader cannot wait for the next installment. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
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I received an e-ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This story is about Benjamin Reese and Karma (last name unknown).  It takes place 3 years after they first meet and Benjamin has a mating mark from that meet.  He has been looking for Karma the entire time and this is about him trying to find and save her from the bad guys-Kurjans.  The bad guys want to find Karma because one of the Kurjans is infatuated with her to the point of obsession.

I really enjoy this series and all of the mated couples that are intertwined within the story.  The world building and plot twists can take place over several books so I wouldn't call any of the books stand alone but you can read and still enjoy without reading the other books.  I did find that Karma annoyed me at times when she wouldn't stand up for herself.  Eventually, I came to like her and she was able to grow throughout the book.

The book also has a couple of side stories that I believe will take place in the next few books of the series.  I would recommend reading them in order to enjoy the full world that author has built.

This book is for anyone who loves the immortal warriors with mates, lots of action and steamy love scenes.
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