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It isn't often that a bridge is a main character in a book, but the famous Golden Gate Bridge is the focus of this dual-time story that is set in both 1933 and present day. Bridge of Gold provides a fascinating look at the bridge as it was being built in 1933, and then, in 2020, as it is undergoing repairs. Both tales include danger, fear, and the search for sunken treasure that is believed to be in the waters beneath the bridge. Greed is a common denominator, and jeopardy is a recurrent theme, but belief in God and the power of prayer are also very prevalent in the stories!

Bridge of Gold offers history, mystery, and two sweet romances. I found myself searching for more information about San Francisco, the California Gold rush of 1849, and the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was quickly caught up in trying to discover who was willing to kill for gold, and I loved seeing the love between Margo and Luke, in 1933, along with the contemporary relationship between Kayla and Steven. Both couples face immense obstacles, and it's uncertain if they will overcome them, but hope and faith are ever-present as they deal with these hurdles.

This book shows another dimension of Woodhouse's writing talent and I thoroughly enjoyed her efforts. Bridge of Gold is a stunning addition to the Doors to the Past series from Barbour Publishing, and I recommend it to all who appreciate Christian romantic fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. These are my own thoughts.
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FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book. These are my honest thoughts.

This book was pretty wonderful. There were buckets of things to adore about it and only a couple of reasons why I docked a single star.

Mrs. Woodhouse has improved so much in her writing. I’m growing fonder and fonder of her stories as time goes on, and this book is a prime example of why. It’s a time-slip story that features a murder mystery that revolved around the discovery of a ship buried beneath the streets of San Francisco, California. While it might not all be factual (I hope the murders didn’t actually happen!), I was intrigued to learn that there really were ships that were sunk and used as landfill to expand the growing city of San Francisco during and directly after that California Gold Rush. So neat! It was great to see Mrs. Woodhouse expanding her abilities by dipping into the time-slip genre. She’s long been growing as a historical author, but now she’s added the dual-timeline style to her repertoire.

The mystery itself was pretty decent. I was intrigued through most of the book about what all would be discovered along the way. The majority of the clues were well placed and used to the maximum amount of suspense. The one that fell flat and popped the balloon of tension for me was the journal that never once showed up in the historical setting. If it had been seen simply sitting on the person’s bed or side table or tucked into a bag (let alone actually used by the owner), it would have been easier to believe that the person in question was the author. As it was, though, this person seemed much too busy to take the time out to sit down and journal. This person was an active sort with a time-consuming and physically and mentally taxing job, a significant other they spent their extra time with, and multiple responsibilities that would have taken up whatever time was left in the day. I found it completely impossible to believe that this person, who never picked up a pencil that I saw, would take the time to journal quite extensively about their adventures. When did that happen??? However, I did enjoy the sweet romance growth that took place while the journal was read in the present-day thread.

The setting of San Francisco only really came alive to me around the Golden Gate Bridge and the waters beneath it. I wish more of the city would have been explored, but what was showcased was superbly written. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the undersea portions of the book. The way Mrs. Woodhouse detailed the diving experiences across the two different eras was wonderful. It set the scene so well and added richness, depth, and tension to those portions of the story. I would have thought she’d actually been diving before from the descriptions, but in the author’s note at the end, she admitted she’s never been diving (and I can’t blame her there; it’s not my thing either). I love it when authors research details so extensively and weave that research in so fluidly that it feels natural to the story yet adds incredible atmosphere so that it feels like they’ve been there so many times themselves that they’re able to make it come to life so seamlessly for the reader. For this aspect of this story, I applaud Mrs. Woodhouse.

The bad guy was easy to figure out from an early chapter. I hope future books will see them better disguised. This only means there is more room to grow, but it did weigh in to my decision to dock a star since this did remove a lot of the present-day mystery for me along the way.

Characterization was really good in this one, other than that journal issue. Each of the leads (two in each time period) felt distinct from one another. I tasted Margo’s fear, quivered with Kayla’s anxiety, hoped right along with Luke, and was inspired by Steven’s integrity. These were all characters I could root for, and I did all the way to the final page.

I hope Mrs. Woodhouse has another book coming in the Doors to the Past series, because I enjoyed this one and look forward to another well-researched novel to sink my teeth into.
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I've enjoyed other stories from this series, not quite as much with this installment.  The story itself running along 2 timelines was pretty good, but the multiple POVs was distracting for me.

3.5 stars
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After enjoying the few books of this series that I’ve read I was excited to give this one a try but it just didn’t click for me. The history of the Golden Gate Bridge was interesting but I wasn’t connecting with any of the characters and felt like there were too many POVs to make it cohesive. Things were also a little too over dramatized and had me eye rolling more often than not. 
I’m sure other readers will love this story but it wasn’t for me.
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Bridge of Gold by Kimberly Woodhouse is a dual timeline book about the building and refurbishing of the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as a shipwreck from the Gold Rush era.  In 1933 Luke and Margo are a young couple struggling to save money for marriage during the tight times right after the depression.  Luke gets a job as a diver working to build the Golden Gate Bridge when he finds a shipwreck near the South tower.  In present day Steve is a diver at the South tower working on refurbishing the bridge, when he finds the same shipwreck.  Kayla is an underwater archaeologist called in to see what's on the ship. If it matters to you, this book is based on a Christian belief.  It isn't preachy, but the characters do have faith. Woodhouse pulls both storylines along smoothly and both storylines are well written. Thank you #NetGalley for allowing me to give my voluntary and honest opinion on #BridgeofGold.
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What a unique, interesting novel that showcases everything I love about time-slips.  This book is also not only a perfect meld of historical and romance, but new love and more mature love! The main characters in each time period are an absolute delight. I really enjoyed learning about underwater diving and how much the equipment has changed over time.  It never even occurred to me that people were able to dive back in the 1930's, let alone how very difficult it must have been...especially compared to today! This story is extremely well researched and super interesting.  I think any fan of Historical Romance will be entranced by this book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Bridge of Gold is a dual-timeline packed with romance and suspense.

Kimberley Woodhouse did a great job building the suspense in this novel. I found myself enjoying both the historical storyline and the contemporary storyline, although having six POVs was overwhelming. The historical storyline did at times feel slow, but the contemporary plot kept me interested. Though I didn’t fully understand the contemporary villain’s motivation, therefore making the big reveal fall a bit flat for me, I still enjoyed the mystery. I also liked how the mysteries in both storylines complemented each other.

As for the characters, I instantly liked Kayla and Steven, the contemporary leads. Margo and Luke took me a bit to connect with, especially with the way the novel opened. But the more I read, the more I came to like them. Kayla was my favorite though, and I enjoyed her spiritual arc. Woodhouse does a great job of exploring Kayla’s grief and her tendency to try to wrestle control from God.

Overall, Bridge of Gold is an enjoyable dual timeline story romance readers and suspense readers alike will enjoy.

(Note: I received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. I was not required to write an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.)
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“To have gold is to be in fear, and to want it to be sorrow." - Samuel Johnson

This quote perfectly summarizes Bridge of Gold by Kimberley Woodhouse, the third and latest in the Doors to the Past series.

In both the 1933 and present day timelines, the lust for gold motivates a villain who endangers the lives of the hero and heroine. Thankfully the author successfully weaves these six narratives together into an intriguing novel. The 1849 Gold Rush is also a part of San Francisco’s history and of this book with sunken ships and lost trunks filled with gold.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the featured locale - I learned much about the creation of the Bridge and the 'land' of San Francisco Bay. Most of the main characters are deep sea divers, a profession fraught with danger, but the contrast between 1930s methods and today's was shocking.

As is often the case, I was more interested in the present day storyline which includes mystery, romance, and a bit of political intrigue. Kayla and Steven (named for the author's daughter and son-in-law) were more fully formed than the characters in the historical timeline.

I appreciated the historical information and links to research in the author’s note. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
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I truly appreciated the historical aspect for the setting of this book 
Woodhouse has outdone herself on this one.
I love her books because they're so interesting and I love learning as read each one. This one is no different. The romance is pretty sweet too.  Not overly done either.
A little bit of everything is in this book to make the perfect read! I finished it in one day it was so good!
She's one of my very favorite authors simply because she writes about flawless characters and awesome subjects.
Lots of twists and turns that will keep you spellbound until before you know it the book is finished.
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Enjoyed every page of this new release.  Lots of action, history with a bit of  romance too. It shows book 3 but it’s not a series, just a collection.  KimberleyWoodhouse out did herself on this book.
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This is another book of true historical crimes. The story goes back and forth between the present and the past. It involves greed and despair. It starts during the depression but even touches back to the gold rush. 

It is also informative. You get a glimpse of the very early way of diving, the equipment, and the dangers. You also get a glimpse of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is a Christian book but not preachy in any way. It shows some with strength and others finding their way in their faith. This also has a touch of romance.

I recommend this book and feel you won't be disappointed. A bit of mystery, crime, and romance make up this interesting book.

I give this a 4 out of 5-star rating. Five stars are given only for the very best, this isn't that but it's above average.
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This split time novel really appealed to me as I grew up in California and traveled across the Golden Gate Bridge several times on vacations.  Both of the split times focused on the bridge itself.  The past time during its construction, and the present during an archaeological excavation of one of the many shipwrecks that occurred in the bay with its terrible currents that led to many shipwrecks.  

Woodhouse's  research into the bridge and the many shipwrecks that occurred especially during the California Gold Rush is obvious throughout the historical time period.  The connection between the historical and present day time periods was the search for one particular ship, The Lucky Martha, with the pursuit of it in the past for its possible cargo treasure, and the excavation of it in the present for the history it would contain.  But the past caught up with the present as many raced to gain entrance into the buried ship.  

Kayla and Steven were excellent present day MC's as they worked together to unearth the mystery behind the Lucky Martha; and at the same time, keep themselves safe as others also pursued it.  Their similar interests in diving and history helped them develop a relationship that neither expected.

Well written and quite interesting, I look forward to the next book in the Doors to the Past series.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book  from the publisher through NetGalley.  Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.
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Wow. I am in awe of the research Kimberley Woodhouse has done for this book! I am genuinely speechless! When thinking about something as majestic as the Golden Gate Bridge, the thought of divers never really comes to mind. But, how else would the foundation be kept in place? 

I loved how she weaves the past into the present while respecting the characters and providing them justice. This is my 2nd book from the Doors to the Past series, and I must say, this book stole my heart. I finished the book within a day. Once, I started, I couldn't stop. There was so much going on. I commend her for her ability to create different timelines AND maintain intrigue via so many different POVs. 

Steven stole my heart. He was such a gentleman throughout. And thoughtful enough to support his teammates and Kayla. Unlike other character's I admired his bald head, it was refreshing to see a character different from the norm. Same with Kayla, who managed to wolf down a lot of food than most women would accept!! They had great chemistry. I loved them.

Though, my heart broke for Kayla's loss. 

My only complaint would be Luke. He was noted to be French but when he spoke/during dialogue, I couldn't envision him as a French man. I grew up with a lot of French speakers, thus why this area seemed lacking to me. 

Thank you, NetGalley and the Publisher for the complimentary ARC. All thoughts are of my own.
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A good addition to the Doors to the Past series. Overall it was an enjoyable read, and I appreciated the Christian overtones, but I wasn't able to connect with characters as much as I would have liked.
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This was a fascinating look at the construction of the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in the 1930’s and a story of romance and intrigue surrounding a sunken ship from the 1800’s  that held amazing secrets. The author used a dual timeline which shifted between the 1930’s and modern times. If you enjoy a suspenseful mystery with a touch of romance, then this is for you. I enjoyed it and recommend it! 4.5 stars. I was entrusted with a complimentary copy of the book and this voluntary review contains my honest opinions.
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Kimberley Woodhouse's split-time novel, Bridge of Gold, kept my rapt attention from start to finish.

Both sets of characters were the kind you wanted to root for, smart, faith-filled, and loveable.

From the storyline centered on the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, and to the present time, intricate plot details sprung from the pages which made this book come to life.

Take it on your vacation this summer, park yourself on a beach chair or comfy seat, you'll be there a good, long, wonderful, while.

I received this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post nor write a review.
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This was a very fascinating and original story. I am learning to appreciate dual-time period novels and what I can learn about the history that each novel portrays. In Bridge of Gold, the story is told around the Golden Gate Bridge. 

As with any time-slip novel, there are two stories in the book. Woodhouse does an excellent job of intertwining the stories, developing the characters, and bringing it all to a solid conclusion at the end. Bridge of Gold has it all: mystery, suspense, romance, treasure seekers, gold, sunken ships and so much more. I have never read a story like this one and it was fascinating and a quick read. 

I loved the originality and depth of research that went into the story. I appreciated that the characters were flawed and learned from their mistakes. I also appreciated how they handled the conflicts that came their way. I was fascinated by both stories and curious to see what would happen with them. I also appreciated how smoothly the storyline flowed.

Bridge of Gold is part of the Doors to the Past series. Each book is intended to be read as stand-alone novels. Each book in the Doors to the Past series will feature a dual-time period romantic suspense story set against a historic American landmark. 

Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book. I was not required to give a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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he storyline of this book is really interesting. It’s dual timeline and follows Kayla and Steven in modern day investigating a sunken ship from the Gold Rush era and the mystery of who the two skeletons belong to that they find and how they came to be there. The other timeline is historical, set in 1933 when the Golden Gate Bridge was being constructed and following Luke, one of the divers who is helping to construct the south tower and stumbles upon the same ship and a nugget of gold.

I enjoyed the historical aspects of the book, both looking at the construction of the bridge in 1933 and what diving was like at this time, and the archaeological finds and their significance that was being discussed in the present day. The characters were interesting and I enjoyed watching Kayla and Steven’s relationship blossom, and especially reading about all the food they ate! 

This book falls under the heading of both historical fiction and Christian fiction, but this wasn’t too heavy on the religious aspects which I appreciated.

I was frustrated mostly by the lack of depth in the book - action scenes seemed to race by and be wrapped up too quickly. There needed to be more time spent building up the suspense for me. 

Overall, a book I enjoyed but didn’t love.
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I went into this story expecting a quickie read with some history added in. Instead I got a deeply layered story with all sorts of detail about the San Francisco Bay, from the beginning of building the Golden Gate Bridge to a contemporary story that features a long-sunk ship near the footings. Generally I feel internally divided by dual-timeline stories, but this one was very well balanced and I loved both of the heroines. I kept being very afraid that at least one of them wouldn’t actually get their happy ending, since both stories got extra-intense as the respective greedy bad guys go after the leads in both time periods.

I also loved the details about diving, historical and modern, and the nod to Pirates of the Caribbean with the whole skeleton-in-the-sunken-ship feature. I liked how well she was able to capture the feel of both modern and historic timelines so it was easy to keep the two heroines’ stories straight.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free reading copy. A favorable review was not required.
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A fascinating story that is rich with historical details woven seamlessly into the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the building of the bridge and some of the complications that divers and engineers encountered. Throw in a treasure hunt, a mystery and some romance and it becomes a captivating tale. The premise of the story was rich and promising and the execution held my attention from start to finish. The characters and conversations fell a little flat for me, but the other elements of the story more than made up for this and still made it a great book. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own, freely given.
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