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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland

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Another great Caplin book!  I thought it was a fun and sweet story line.  I could have done without the broad swings of a great storyline with random acts of passion that popped out of nowhere.  However, this book wasn't as open door as her prior books, and I'm grateful for that.  Caplin's books always make me want to travel!
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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is another hit from Julie Caplin. As with all her books, there is so much more to enjoy than a simple story. We have the beautiful Irish scenery, so well described I can almost feel that I’ve visited there myself. There is also the cookery school, and the recipes and techniques used are again laid out in full, which brings Killorgally fully to life. And to complete the mix, there’s even the mystery of the neighbours, with a few scares and thrills to entertain.
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This was a brilliant read and is being featured on my blog for my quick star reviews feature, which I have created on my blog so I can catch up with all the books I have read and therefore review.
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I really wish I loved this book more as it’s set in one of my favourite countries. However I have to say that after even the first chapter I just wasn’t feeling it. I found that the kiss with the random stranger she’d literally just clapped eyes on really unlikely and it just put me off.
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The plot of the book was such a great page turner. The plot of the book was very well written. I  truly cannot wait to read another wonderful book from this  author. This was a truly great book.
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As a fan of Caplin's book, The Cosy Cottage in Ireland, reminded me of my visit to Ireland. I enjoyed reminiscing my travels due to the description of Dublin and the little towns. We don't expect a stranger  we meet on our voyages, to make an impact on our life. I would like to thank #NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read #TheCosyCottageinIreland, before its publication date. I truly enjoyed it.
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I love Julie Caplin books and this did not disappoint!
I love books to include travel, romance and experiencing new situations, this has them all.
Meet Hannah, a lawyer from Manchester, wanting more from life than work.
She goes to Ireland to a famous cooking school, prior to arriving meets a handsome stranger Conor, sparks fly.
The description of the rolling green hills, beautiful shorelines and lovely homely cottages were immersive, meeting new and unlikely friends and adversaries along the way.
Not everything is as it seems but works out perfectly.
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'Snuggle up in your favourite armchair and take a trip across the Irish sea for comfort food, cosy cottage nights and a heart warming romance…' was they first line of the blurb and is exactly right.

This is a book to snuggle up with, to take a journey in and to just disappear into and escape your own world.  It is Irish, it is beautiful and it has a cookery school (cooking is another passion of mine!).  Great characters that are fun and interesting to be around, 

I love books that are easy to read, make you feel good, take you to beautiful places and feed you beautiful food and this had all of that and more. It is a book to enjoy, devour and dream!

Highly recommend especially at this time of year. Snuggle up and enjoy!
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The Cosy Cottage In Ireland was my 6th read in the series of eight books. It seems like I have skipped two books and need to go back to read them. 


As these books can be read as standalones, it wasn’t an issue.

As expected, the author brought us a cute story about an interesting couple in a new intriguing setting. Just what I was looking for when I requested the copy to read.

It was a great surprise that one of the main characters was a supporting character from a previous story. I didn’t expect that so making the connection was fun! 

I also loved seeing how British people view Ireland. And those Irish men… 

Overall, I really enjoyed my reading experience once again with the Romantic Escapes series. I recommend these books for people who want to travel around the world while reading. Each book happens in a new destination like the titles suggest.
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This is the 8th book in the Romantic Escapes series, each book is a stand-alone and I have read some, but not all of them.

Hannah decides to do something daring, something completely out of character and books a sabbatical. She goes on a 6-week cookery school course in the gorgeous coastal area of County Kerry. What she doesn't realise is that when she stopped over in Dublin, that the man she met will also be at the school.

Once again this author has completely entranced me with the sumptuous and breathtaking descriptions of the setting. The school is part of a large complex that sounds idyllic and in keeping with the area. The main house with various cottages dotted around that has been renovated over time to provide dwellings for the students. I loved the ethos that the author has created with this story, it centres around knowing where and how food is produced in a local and seasonal way. Using the freshest ingredients to create some very tantalising and mouth-watering dishes. 

AS this is a book in the Romantic Escapes series, there is obviously a good romance element to it. The author does this so well and does manage to yet again create a mouthwatering storyline. The main characters definitely blow hot and cold, and they are not the only ones. 

I really liked how Hannah finds herself to be rather lacking when it comes to cooking when she is so driven for the rest of her life, especially her job as a lawyer. This self-expectation to be good at all she tries and not taking undue risks makes for an interesting character. While she may not be the best cook she does however have an inquisitive mind, and her lawyerly instincts are niggled.

I adored how the tentative friendship/ relationship developed, nothing certain and definitely not straightforward. But there is also much more to this story than that, there are the wonderful friendships and great bickering from the other students. They bring different expectations, skills, backgrounds with them and it was wonderful to see them gradually get to know each other and form their own little group.

This is one for those who adore a heartwarming romance set within a stunning location. I adored everything about this story and it is one I would definitely recommend.
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I really enjoyed this book. Everything from the characters to the storyline were great. Fast paced and intriguing. Definitely worth picking up!
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For me this was a very light hearted read. However i cannot help but feel for the length of the book not much actually happened.
I can't help but have wanted more from it. It was very surface leverl and i think there were parts that could have been explored further and it would have given it a better rating and grip factor.
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I'm not a big romance reader so it came a a huge surprise that I loved The Cosy Cottage in Ireland.    It has just the right amount of romance within a good story.   I highly recommend it!
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***4.5 stars*** - I need to go to Ireland now! This is my 2nd book by Julie Caplin. The Little Swiss Ski Chalet took me to Switzerland.  Now I’ve been transported to Ireland. The author has such a wonderful way of describing scenery and locations. 

The story revolves around Hannah, a lawyer, who takes a risk and signs up for the Killorgally Cookery School. She can’t cook and wants to become better skilled, so she temporarily leaves her job and travels to Ireland. Here she meets Conor in Dublin. A fling. Unlike her character. Follow along to meet the other characters at the cookery school and what happens between Hannah and Conor.

I really enjoyed this romance story. Thank you NetGalley and HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter for the digital advance copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  #NetGalley #TheCosyCottageInIreland #omcreads
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Manchester lawyer Hannah has decided to take some time out for herself and has enrolled in a six week course cookery course in County Kerry Ireland. Before heading to Kerry, she spends her first night in Dublin, where she meets the handsome Connor A famous television chef.

When she arrives at the cookery school she meets Connor again who just so happens to be the son of the owner of the cooking school.

I love this book series and couldn’t wait to read the latest one. It can be read as a standalone.
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And this was an easy read and I really enjoyed have a story developed. It definitely doesn’t and how you expect and the reunion is awesome! A great, sweet read it’s clean and fun.
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Loved it!!! It was great to see Hannah again from "The Little Swiss Ski Chalet." Enjoyed the story, characters and writing style. It wasn't hard to guess what was going to happen once Hannah left Conor in Dublin and reached the cooking school. Conor is prone to jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst in people. Hannah and Conor have horrible communication skills and always assume the wrong thing with each other. I wouldn't want to leave Ireland after staying in the beautiful cottage and would love to take the cooking class with Adrienne (plus Conor would be and added bonus). Hannah had the best job. She got to collect the eggs everyday and interact with all those chickens. All the other students taking the culinary class with Hannah were an added bonus. I can't imagine the amount of money Jason had to add to the swear jar. Loved the story about Fungie.

Definitely recommend the book. I can't wait for the next book in the Romantic Escapes series. Look forward to reading more books by the author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I love this series of books , each one has a beautiful, scenic location. This time we are transported to Ireland, the rich detail investing the pages gives you  a real sense of the surroundings 
      Hannah and Conor are the main characters,  who meet during a stopover  in Dublin, what happens in Dublin stays in Dublin ..... Only in their case it doesn't . They were never supposed to see each other again ...........
      I love Julie Caplin style of writing, she wraps you up in her storylines and leaves you feeling warm and fluffy. . There's humour, and heartwarming romance, with a good knowledge of family dynamics and relatable characters. If you need a pick me up , this is a good dose of feel good fiction. 
     Thoroughly recommended. 5 stars from me.
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As someone who is Irish, I often worry seeing Ireland in books or other pop culture. Is it going to be realistic, it the diddley-eye Hollywood portrayal? 

I'm glad to say this was pretty True to life, right down to characters saying Mam. 

I would have loved some recipes included in the back, though
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I love Julie Caplin's books. Full of charm and a lovely escape from this pandemic-ridden year. This one is no exception. It was interesting to see a side character from her previous book, The Little Swiss Ski Chalet, to grow into the heroine of her own story. Isn't is just what we would all want: to be the heroines of our own love stories? 

Hannah is a real-life character, standing on the Earth with 2 solid feet, yet she is so craving for something different, something new that she cannot even phrase it for herself. You can totally relate to her new, daring Dublin-self as well as to her old, boring England-self. Hannah, a terribly good lawyer, is not the damsel-in-distress type, rather she is the one coming to the rescue of a very self-absorbed Connor. More than once. :-) The setting of a cookery school in the Irish country side seems idyllic, but there is a lot of tension family and workwise under the surface.

There is good banter, the plot is lovely, the scenery is to die for. And Caplin has a lovely eye for details capturing the athmosphere.
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