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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland

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Although far fetched in places, I just do not believe in jumping in to bed having just met someone, overall this gives a real nice warm feeling.

The characters are varied and easy to engage with and the story rolls along at a nice pace.

I certainly recommend reading this on a cold night in front of the fire.
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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is the eighth in Julie Caplin’s Romantic Escapes series and I don’t know how I missed reading the others. There’s not a connection between them though, other than all being set in lovely places. Ireland may not be as far-flung as some of the other places – Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Tokyo for example – but it’s no less an enjoyable Romantic Escape.

Hannah is a lawyer who is taking some time out from her hectic life and attending a six week course at the Killorgally Cookery School in County Kerry. Her first night in Ireland is in Dublin where she uncharacteristically has a very memorable one night stand. After sneaking out in the morning, Hannah is horrified to find that the man she slept with, Conor, is the son of the owner of the cookery school she is attending. Even worse, he’s actually quite a famous celebrity chef in Ireland, the Irish equivalent of Jamie Oliver. Hannah didn’t recognise him and hadn’t even heard of him as she’s never really been into cooking. It was hilarious reading about her reaction and those of the people who did know him: “that’ll bring the boy down a peg or two!”.

The author has created some lovely characters, both those running the cookery classes and those attending them. Instantly likeable. All have intriguing stories of their own which slowly come to light and the banter between them was fun. And the food descriptions! I think I put on half a stone just reading this book!! From pies to bread, from soups to patisserie, I think I was salivating through each chapter!

This is a gorgeously romantic tale and Conor sounded so good-looking. After their initial attraction, things are a bit more subdued. Partly due to Hannah’s embarrassment and partly because Conor has a rule not to get involved with guests, it seems that the romance may fizzle out. But there is such a spark between them, that it may be hard to resist…

A Cosy Cottage in Ireland is such an uplifting read, romantic, heart-warming and giving a real taste of Ireland and its food. I really enjoyed visiting the cookery school in Kerry – somewhere I’d really love to visit – and finished the book with a satisfied smile and, yes, a cosy feeling inside.
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Hannah Campbell decided that she needed to shake up her life a little and so taking a sabbatical from her job as a successful lawyer in Manchester she heads for a twelve week cooking course at a cookery school in Country Kerry. On her first night in Ireland Hannah meets a handsome stranger where the attraction between them is instant but when the morning comes Hannah leaves knowing that she'll not meet Conor again. However, the fickle finger of fate has a way of intervening and Hannah gets a shock when she arrives at the Killorgally Cookery School in the pretty village of Ballygeary.

What then follows is a lovely story which brings together the beauty of this wonderful part of Ireland, the joy of preparing and sharing food and combines everything with a lively story of love found, love lost and love found again. I enjoyed reading of Hannah's cookery attempts in the kitchen alongside getting to know the other characters who are also enrolled on the cookery course, each of them bring something special to this lovely story, which is a joy to read from start to finish.

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is a lovely relaxing read, just perfect for a cosy afternoon by the fire
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This book is as sweet and charming as you could possibly imagine.
Hannah Campbell is a workaholic who decides to make a big change in her life and signs up for a cooking course in a little town in Ireland. She doesn't know that the course is for experienced chefs to perfect their skills or that it's given by a world-famous chef. All she knows is that she has no idea how to do anything in the kitchen and that she's tired of always taking the safe, predictable path. Her new path begins with a wild night with a handsome stranger and that is only the beginning of new experiences that might just end up changing her life.
The plot is pretty easy to figure out and doesn't really hold any surprises, but I really think that being able to see the plot twist from the figurative mile away is part of what kept it such a pleasant read. Even knowing that the HEA was definitely coming and that the misunderstandings were sure to be cleared up, reading how everything came about was a fun read that I, for one, enjoyed from beginning to end. 

Many happy thanks to NetGalley and One More Chapter for the great read!
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This is a warm hug in literary form. It’s the most perfect book to curl up with and dive into. I didn’t realise it was book 8 in a series until I had finished, it didn’t spoil my enjoyment at all and works great as a stand-alone.
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4 Perfect Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free
The Cosy Cottage in Ireland by Julie Caplin was just what this Yankee needed to read. It took me to a place I haven't been, gave me characters I could enjoy, and best of all, It gave me food porn in my mind's eye. What's not to love!
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The Romantic Escapes series is completely new to me, and it seems a little wrong that I have picked up book 8 of 8 to review and be introduced to the charming storytelling of Julie Caplin! I was so drawn into this plot and all the characters that I was pleasantly surprised with how well this was written, keeping me engaged from start to finish. 

 This is a perfect, chilly Sunday read, that will warm your heart and provide a relaxing romantic tale. This has everything you would expect from this genre, and more. Although some parts of the plot were predictable, it didn't take away any of my enjoyment.

This has made me want to read the entire series from the very beginning, and also look into visiting Ireland, perhaps next summer! The descriptive scene-setting that Julie has achieved has made me want to experience the delights for myself. 

I will definitely be looking out for future work by this author in the future and highly recommend this read.
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Another instalment of the romantic escapes series and you will be pleased to know it is just as good as the rest.
Readers familiar with the series will know that the girl gets the guy, but the reason we read is the journey that takes us there.
Hannah decides to learn to cook, so signs up to a 6 week cookery course in Ireland, she meets a world famous chef and sparks fly, ups and downs ensue but all ends well.
It is interesting to see how the author briefly intertwines Hannah's story with her sister from the previous book. . 
A most enjoyable read with beautiful, evocative descriptions of Ireland, especially the part with the boat ride.
The only downside is the descriptions of the food etc makes you feel hungry. 
A warm, relatable, enjoyable read a welcome addition to the romantic escapes series.
I heartily recommend this book. 
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the advanced copy of this book..
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What is nicer than a cosy cottage to shut yourself away in and recharge the batteries and think about the future. But for Hannah, it is anything but. Whilst she might be thinking about her future she has come away to Killorgally Cookery School in County Kerry. Hannah is not a cook and coming away on her own, taking a break from her job as a lawyer in Manchester is all very not like Hannah.

On a stop over in Dublin, Hannah does something else not very Hannah like, but it is a night to remember and surely she won’t ever see Connor again. That is until she turns up at the Cookery School and finds that what happened in Dublin is going to follow her everywhere.

Connor it turns out is someone everyone knows worldwide and Hannah must be the last person on the planet not recognise him. Hannah tries to focus on the cooking, along with a great mix of fellow pupils, but this is no ordinary cookery school. This place gets right under your skin, they learn about where the food comes from, the joys of growing and picking fresh and local. Julie Caplin yet again, gets to the heart or should that be stomach of every reader as she leaves wanting to throw down the book and go cooking ourselves!

The setting of Ireland was a gem, they don’t call it the emerald isle for nothing. The green of the countryside, the relentless weather and the rolling waves as well as the local celebrity and this time it is not Connor! We really get to experience Ireland without leaving our homes.

There is some sort of issue with Killorgally Cookery School and their immediate neighbours and it seems that Hannah somehow unwittingly becomes embroiled in the disagreement. It takes a while for the answer to become obvious and Hannah then becomes the catalyst that makes everyone at the School take to the fields and make a stand.

Is Hannah a different person in Ireland or is Ireland having a profound affect on Hannah, only the actions of those around her are going to give her the answers she is looking for.

This is another winner from Julie Caplin and warmed my heart on the dampest of days wherever you are in the world. If you want romance, food and travel then any of this series of books will tick all those boxes. I can’t wait to go travelling again.
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Lovely festive feel good book! The storyline and characters are so relatable! Sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and relax with this beautiful story.
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Not a story that will stay with me, but a pleasant enough read. I thought the two main characters were a bit childish at times. Loved the setting, as well as the cookery lessons! With thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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4.5 Stars

Julie Caplin’s The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is a magical romantic read perfect for snuggling up with as the nights begin to draw in.

Busy lawyer Hannah Campbell is always on the go and seldom has any time for herself as her life in Manchester keeps her on her toes and constantly striving to reach her next goal and her newest target. In desperate need of a break, Hannah decides to press pause on the corporate life and books herself a place at the world-renowned Killorgally Cookery School in County Kerry. No longer having to worry about schedules and deadlines, Hannah is looking forward to sampling all that Dublin has to offer and when she clocks eyes with a handsome stranger called Conor on her first night in Ireland succumbing to temptation quickly proves inevitable.

Hannah cannot wait to get to Killorgally and spend six weeks immersing herself in the culinary arts – until she gets there and realises that what happens in Dublin, doesn’t necessary stay in Dublin when she finds herself coming face to face with somebody she never imagined seeing again. The cookery course has thrown Hannah and Conor together in the most startling and unexpected of ways and as the two of them find themselves getting closer and closer, it soon becomes apparent that these six weeks are going to change both of their lives…forever.

Will Hannah and Conor find everything they’ve always wanted in Killorgally? Or will their old lives end up getting in the way of the bright new future they could have – if only they find the courage to grab this unexpected chance of happiness with both hands.

Julie Caplin’s books get me every time. Regardless of where they set, I never fail to fall under their spell and The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is certainly no different. Warm, funny, witty, emotional and wonderfully romantic, The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is a charming and enchanting rom-com about taking time to smell the roses, life’s little surprises and falling headlong into love in a beautiful part of the world I absolutely adored.

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland has got it all: a gorgeous setting, a handsome hero, a lovely heroine and an engaging and enjoyable romantic story you are simply going to love.
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Love love love it! I've read all the other books in the Romantic Escapes series too, and I've been highly anticipating The Cosy Cottage In Ireland. It did not disappoint! This has just become my second favorite book in the series. I've never been to Dublin before but it's on my list, especially after reading this story. I loved Hannah and Connor together, their chemistry is soooo strong! 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and the author, for providing me with an eARC in return for an honest review.
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Thank you to Rachel for letting me take part in this tour and to One More Chapter for my copy of this book via Netgalley. I have a lot of Julie’s books on my TBR pile but shockingly this is the first one I have read.
Hannah is a very cautious person and has spent her life being the safe one. I really liked Ireland Hannah as she called herself. I thought she needed to let herself go a bit and this was the perfect opportunity.
Conor, Conor, Conor. Be still my beating heart. What a gorgeous, kind down to earth man. I am a sucker for an Irish accent, so I very quickly fell for him.
I loved the other students at the cooking school. Fliss and Jason’s back and forth was very entertaining. I loved Merry and Izzy too such sweeties. All that cooking did give me the munchies though so make sure you are well supplied on snacks.
I LOVED the kayaking scene. This scene encapsulates everything I love about this book. It was funny, magical and romantic.
I really enjoyed this romantic escape. Julie’s style is everything I love in a romcom book and I will definitely be reading more of her books.
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Another fun installment in the 'Romantic Escapes' series. The beginning sees Hannah trying something new - staying in a hotel on her way to a cookery course, she kisses a stranger (Connor) to help him avoid unwanted attention. This is completely out of character for Hannah, who is a lawyer and usually carefully evaluates everything. A couple of days later she bumps into him again at the course, only to discover it is being held on his family's farm and run by his mother! The usual romantic ups and downs that I have come to expect from this series follow, with a couple of unexpected twists. 

A light-hearted and enjoyable read, great for a day relaxing at the beach or for a cosy afternoon in front of the fire.
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I really enjoyed this book. It draws you right in. The descriptions make you feel like you are right there in Ireland. The romance between Conor and Hannah had me on the edge of my seat. Will they or won't they. And on top of all this there is a mystery to solve.
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The Cosy Cottage in Ireland, a novel by Julie Caplin, is  cozy romance set in Ireland with a bit of a mystery mixed in.  The setting is beautifully described and the characters are engaging. I wasn't familiar with Julie Capland's writing before, but will definitely look into more novels by this author.
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This is my second book from Julie Caplin and it did not disappoint. What I love about her books is how they transport you to another place. They are lighter reads that always let me escape. The covers are some of my favorites!

This one takes place in Ireland, at a cooking school retreat. It was a good love story, not all rainbows & unicorns. I’m looking forward to reading my next Julie Caplin novel.

Thank you Netgalley and One More Chapter books for an advanced reader copy to enjoy for review.
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What a lovely book this was. I would recommend it to all readers who like a slow, cosy story. Hannah is a very relatable character and I loved the setting of this story. 
I had hoped it would be a little bit funnier, sometimes I was tempted to speed read, because big chunks of the text felt a little unnecessary, like the author wanted to fill the book with extra words.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
This is the fourth Julie Caplin novel I've read, and it was pretty wonderful. 
I loved the characters, the setting, and of course the descriptions of the food. 
The plot was well thought out, and the development of the relationship was fun to witness. 
I don't really have anything I'd change about the novel. 
If you want a lovely relaxing read, where you get to watch a fun love story unfold in a beautiful location, this is the book to read.
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