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Marlo and Ben have known each other since they were kids. But they are not friends. Nuh-huh.
After their parents' insistence they try to date new people, Marlo will try to date not so handsome men and Ben will try to date a little more glamorous women.
That's how Ben decided to join Good Catch, a dating app.
It's a story about the different dates both of them have with the wrong people. And how they start to discover that they don't really hate each other anymore.
Honestly, I couldn't finish it. It was too slow. I tried, but there was a moment I thought I was wasting my time. Sorry...
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This was such a heartwarming story. I related to Ben most. I also have a mild case of dyslexia. I loved that the author educated us about dyslexia. It isn’t just reading and writing backwards. I tend to read very slowly unless I listen to audio while following along. I just really like Ben a lot. I did not read the first book in the Harper Landing book and I was able to follow along. This book does well as a stand alone. I did however love the characters and I would like to go back and read the first book in the series.
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I received a copy of this through NetGalley. I didn't actually listen to this via audio, but rather sent the copy to my kindle and read it. It took me a day to read this book.
It was a lovely, quaint little romance novel. Very subtle and easy flowing. It is a slow burn but there are plenty of heartwarming moments to feed you need for the warm fuzzies. The author did a wonderful job developing the characters; Marlo and Ben being the main characters. Sentence structures are well formed and flow without effort. This truly was an easy read. The interactions between the characters seem genuine and relatable. 
Marlo comes from a well to do family and there were some misconceptions between Marlo and other characters in the past, but she is sweet and caring young woman who has a habit of picking guys who are just not good for her. Who can't relate with that?.. Ben is a good looking guy, but he is too nice and has some insecurities that land him in awkward situations with women. He is a "yes" guy. 
While assigned to sit at the same table at the wedding of a common associate, Ben and Marlo find themselves in a bet with their parents. Marlo is to find someone based on inward appearance instead of looks. Her father thinks she chooses men based on outward appearances and this is why she keeps finding herself in relationships with toxic or unsuitable companions. Ben's mother has a similar opinion of Ben stating that he dates only women who are beneath him and that he should put more effort into finding "attractive" women. Marlo and Ben both find themselves on the Good Catch dating app where they are matched, but Marlo blocks him based on childhood memories that turn out to be misconceptions of the man. 
Regardless fate had other plans for the two. Through several mismatched and failed attempts at hookups with people via Good Catch the two still end up at the Nuthatch alone after hours one night. Marlo and Ben had escaped together, she was escaping yet another humiliating public display of affection by her parents while out to dinner and a show one night. Ben just happened to be there with his Good Catch date, who was googoo eying a member of the band... Ben's best friend.  Ben and Marlo end up going to Ben's family restaurant afterwards where he cooked dinner for her. The rest is really history because there, they found that the both had misconstrued memories and ideas of one another. They truly had met for the very first time. They both shared and for the first time made a real connection. The rest was history because the end up falling madly inlove with one another despite their pasts and all the hurdles the two had to overcome to realize they were a GOOD MATCH. 

If you are looking for a light and easy to read romance novel. This story felt like it was straight out off of the Hallmark channel. It genuinely was a lovely, lovely read.
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If you're a fan of Hallmark and enemies to lovers this is the perfect read! It's a feel good, curl up under the blankets kind of a book. I really enjoyed it and thought it was well written with that slow burn feel. I look forward to future works from this author!
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC. I was anxious to get to book 2 after reading Sweet Bliss. I enjoyed this book and it gave me all the Hallmark Movie vibes my heart enjoys in a book, as I turned the pages... Marlo and Ben have all the quirkiness of a fun and charming romance. Some parts moved a little slow, but I still enjoyed the book and will continue to keep an eye out for more books by the author. A perfect second book to pick up when needing lighthearted pages to escape in.
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The cover sums up this book perfectly in that it is a cosy, romantic read, full of warmth and sweet romance. It has that small town vibe, that reminds me of Virgin River, so that it was just like reading a Hallmark movie This enemies to lovers story will be perfect for all contemporary romance fans.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Marlo and Ben. They have know each other all their lives. They keep being thrown together in their town. Marlo works as a teacher at a gym that her parents own. Ben is a journalist and works part time at his parents bakery. Marlo wants to her parents gym by thinking of ways to improve it, and Ben helps her. They help each other through their problems and fall in live.
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Good Catch is the perfect cozy fall read, with its small-town vibes, its bakery shenanigans, its sweet romance and the cast of characters feeling like a truly close-knit community.

Marlo and Ben have been enemies since kindergarden, but once they start spending time together, actually getting to know each other, letting go of old grudges and false prejudices, sparks fly and they fall for each other.

Good Catch is a very sweet slow burn closed-door romance, easy to read, cozy and atmospheric.

**Thank you to Netgalley, Montlake and Jennifer Bardsley for the e-ARC of Good Catch in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**
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If you love enemies to lovers, rom-coms and chick-lit… this is the book for you. A lot of people love reading mysteries and thrillers during fall, but I prefer cozy romance novels set in small towns. 

I honestly loved practically everything about this book. I loved that it had a personal meaning to Bardsley, I loved the small town vibes and all of the cozy details. The fact that Marlo was a ballet dancer is also something I liked (I used to dance ballet) and I liked that Ben was a writer. Family owned businesses and cozy bakeries are just the things I love reading about!

I read this in one day as the rain poured outside and I sat snuggled up in my blanket. Such a romantic and cozy read - just the thing I needed for a rainy fall day!
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A small town romance reminiscent of Debbie Macomber. Good Catch is the second in the Harper Landing series but each book can be read as a stand alone. The two main characters from Sweet Bliss, the first book, make an appearance a couple times in the second, which makes it fun if you’ve read the first but not at all necessary. 

This is an enemies to lovers, closed door romance with so much small town charm. Marlo and Ben have hated each other since elementary school, but after the each end up on some very bad dates, sparks fly between the two and past misunderstandings come to light. 

There was great dyslexia representation which came from the author’s daughter’s experience. I appreciated the way she incorporated it into the story so well.
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This is a sweet, clean small town romance. The story follows former ballerina Marlo and her childhood enemy Ben as circumstances force them together and they realize that they might not hate each other after all. A few of the characters are a bit over the top (Marlo’s parents and Hunter) but everyone else was charming and brought the small town to life. Harper and Ben’s issues and insecurities felt real and their transition from enemies to lovers felt natural. I loved the two of them together from beginning to end and look forward to seeing what comes next in Harper’s Landing.
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This was such a great fall read. Classic enemy to lovers romance with a HEA. I loved the dynamic between the main love interests and how Ben and Marlo were able to see past their preconceived notions and find their soul mate in one another. I cannot wait for her next book.
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Although Good Catch reminded me of a Hallmark movie, I had a difficult time engaging in the book. It was a little slow for my taste. Marlo and Ben were enemies and became lovers. There were a few parts that entertained me, but overall, I struggled with this book.
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After loving Sweet Bliss I was excited to read the second Harper Landing book. The small-town setting creates a bit of magic in the love story and gives me all of the Hallmark Movie vibes in the best possible way. The exes were funny if not a bit over the top. This book is the perfect escape for an entertaining read.
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We are back in Harper's Landing with this second installment to the Harper Landing series! This is definitely a series that can be read out of order - you'll just see characters from the first book pop up a couple of times! 

This time we are following two new characters - Marlo and Ben. Once again, I really enjoy Jennifer's writing style for this book. Her descriptions and world-building are on point and her character interactions are genuine and relatable. I absolutely love small town stories, especially small town romances, so I was excited to read more about the residents of this charming town! Marlo was a sweet, honest girl slowly trying to overcome a past injury and the physical and mental toll that it took on her. Ben was a delightful gentleman - very helpful and down to earth. I thought the two of them made a very cute match! 

While I did love the hilarity of seeing these two on other dates and the ripple effect of disasters that they each caused, I found a few things were sort of left as loose ends. Brittany for example, and her whole fiasco - I would have loved to heat what, if anything, happened to her afterwards. In the end, I was happy with the book and loved the feel-good vibe it brought me. Overall, this was a quick, sweet read and I can't wait to see what happens next in Harper's Landing!
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Jennifer Bardsley takes readers back to Harper Landing in a sweet enemies-to-lovers romance that is both humorous and heart-warming.
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Ben and Marlo aren't enemies, exactly but they aren't friends either,  She's just moved back to Harper Landing to work for her dad after an injury ended her ballet career and a rat ended her romantic hopes.  Ben, a reporter, hasn't had much luck with romance either.  The two of them bond over, of all things, the dates they get by using an app.  You know how this is going to go but you, like me, will smile at the characters and enjoy the small town atmosphere,  This is the second in a series linked by place not people (although if you read the first one ou might spot a familiar face) making it a fine standalone.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A good read.
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I was so excited to get to go back to Harper Landing so soon after reading Sweet Bliss. In the second book in the series we meet Marlo and Ben, who are friends of Julia and Aaron from the first book. Good Catch actually starts at Julia and Aaron’s wedding, but we only catch glimpses of them after that.

Doesn’t this cover just make you want to grab your coziest sweater and curl up on the couch with some hot apple cider? I can’t wait for fall.

Like Sweet Bliss, this book is a Hallmark movie wrapped into a novel. I loved it! Ben and Marlo have been frenemies since kindergarten, and have always overlooked each other. It was really fun to hear the ways they had competed against each other since they were kids, and get both sides of each story.

I also really enjoyed all the bad date stories before Marlo and Ben found each other. The author certainly did a great job of describing how small this small town is, with so many love interests crossing paths. I do wish there was a little more to Ben and Marlo’s romance, which felt a little rushed once they actually started dating. Regardless, I thought they were the perfect match and loved how their romance played out.

This is definitely a romance you should add to your TBR for this fall. If you haven’t yet read Sweet Bliss, you don’t necessarily need it to enjoy Good Catch. However Sweet Bliss is completely adorable too, so I definitely recommend both!
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While it is the second in the Harper Landing series, Good Catch can definitely be read as a stand-alone. I have not read Sweet Bliss, but considering how much I enjoyed this book, I am planning on going back to read the first in the series! 

I love a good enemies-to-lovers story, so I was really excited to dive into Good Catch. Their experiences with online dating were really entertaining, and brought humor to the story. I enjoyed watching Ben and Marlo begin to see each other in a new light as adults, rather than how they perceived one another as childhood "enemies." The progression of their relationship once they started "dating" felt a bit unrealistic to me, but if you are someone that likes a fast-paced development of feelings, you will enjoy it. 

As someone who has suffered a career-ending injury, I really related to Marlo. Her journey in finding passion in life after dance was inspiring, and provided me with hope for my own future. I also really admired Ben's love for and devotion to his career as a journalist. 

I so badly wish I could take a trip to Harper Landing, the lovely small town in which Good Catch takes place. The map of the town at the beginning of the book was such a wonderful touch, and I really enjoyed being able to look back at it throughout my reading.  

Definitely read Good Catch if you love any of the following: childhood enemies to lovers, slow burn, a small town romance
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My honest opinion about this book,easy read but kinda boring and too slow for my taste. I feel that if given more space to the main characters it would have been more atmospheric, more insightful,the kinda story you want to feel the characters, you want to get into their world,but the mashup of the stories,and the other characters made me get lost in some chapters and i was getting carried away from the main plot. But overall a i liked the idea,i even found interesting the way everything developed, I'm sure there are people out there who will love this book.
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