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The Journey of Discovering Inner Peace

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Thank you to the publisher for this ARC and to NetGalley for facilitating it. 

This book should be on every book list for every school in every country, because it is so important to have this knowledge and know how to help yourself understand yourself, accept yourself and heal. 

When I started doing yoga a few years ago it taught me much more than just physical postures. It taught me that I am a complex being of spirituality having a human experience and that I need to nurture that. 

When I discovered that the author was a psychologist I thought the book would be rather stiff, that is definitely not the case, she gets super real in this book, I love how open and spiritual the entire book is. Completely exceeded my expectations. The perfect blend of science and otherworldly magic. 

The book covers a lot, it takes us through early childhood belief systems and traumas that develop in early life, and how they subsequently impact us as adults. 
There are discussions on the ego and how it can lead us away from our authentic inner selves, and subsequently how that can hinder inner peace. Subconscious vs conscious and how our realities are shaped.  

There were chapters in the book on self love and self worth that I wish I had as a teenager, I would have been a much more confident woman growing up. 

The techniques mentioned in this book are incredible and ones that I personally will be implementing ASAP. I was pleased to discover that my inner self had already started me on some of these techniques without even realising it.

This book is the knowledge that gives the reader the power to change their parameters and actively identify trauma, understand that they are powerful and can change, can heal and ultimately find inner peace along the way.
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