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This was a lot of fun to read! I loved how each cocktail was paired with an artist. The descriptions and illustrations are enough to draw you in. Absolutely recommend for any art enthusiast or cocktail master. Also serves well as a coffee/cocktail table book :P
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Art Boozel: Cocktails Inspired by Modern and Contemporary Artists by Jennifer Croll and beautifully illustrated by Kelly Shami is such an amazing cocktail book. The cover is gorgeous! The drinks are so much fun. I can’t wait to try the Andy and the Frida! What a great gift for a cocktail lover! #ArtBoozel #NetGalley
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Art Boozel has both excellent, short biographies and inspired cocktailing pairings for each featured artist.  I was really impressed by the variety of artists that were featured.  I also liked that the biographies were not all praise - they looked at the artists as complex, sometimes problematic, individuals.  I will definitely be getting a few copies of this book as gifts for friends!
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Fun!

First off, the cover on this one is all kinds of outstanding! 🙌🏻 The book itself was also all kinds of fun. The graphics were bright and colorful. You get a little of history about each artist. Then easy to follow instructions on how to create the drinks named after each of them. 🍸🍹🧉 I can totally see this book being used at a party (themed or otherwise) for a fun evening with friends. 🙌🏻

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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Art Boozel by Jennifer Croll is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late July.

Sixty drink recipes with a two-paragraph narrative, a page-sized portrait that sort of evokes their art style and includes their drink in some way, and cute, colorful photo-realistic sketches. It’s creative, fun, and eclectically informative.
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As a curious art aficionado, I had to pick up Art Boozel even though I'm not much of a drinker, let alone a cocktail maker. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of artists Jennifer Croll included in this book, penning brief yet beautiful biographies to accompany each artist and their signature cocktail. 

Although some of these cocktails might be a little more involved and abstract than I'm willing to try making myself, Art Boozel introduced me to several artists I wasn't familiar with before. I look forward to using this book as both a reference guide for expanding my knowledge of art history and crafting mixed drinks.
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Art Boozel is a well designed and light-hearted collection of cocktails inspired by 30+ modern and contemporary artists (such as Max Ernst, Anish Kapoor, Banksy, etc). There are several useful and detailed pages on glassware, ingredients, garnishes and rim additives before the recipes. Everything is designed in a simple, san serif, high contrast font that is very easy to read. Each drink has a bio on the artist and an illustrated artists' image then a fun recipe inspired by themes for the artist's work such as edible roses and chrysanthemum as a garnish for The Kehinde Wiley, gold shimmer and turmeric for The Gustav Klimt, a whole hibiscus flower ice cube for The Georgia O'Keeffe,
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This is such a great cocktail recipe book! The formatting is really fun, the drink recipes all sound delicious, and the illustrations are wonderful! Thank you net galley, for the advance copy. I love this one!

Each artist has a drink and an illustration. The artists highlighted are a nice mix of men, women, and poc, from Picasso to Yayoi Kusama toJean-Michel Basquait and many more.
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As a cocktail making novice I was initially terrified by some of the recipes in this book (HOW DO I FOAM AN EGG? WHAT IS A BASIL SYRUP?) 

But actually, this book takes all that into account right from the get go with a comprehensive introduction that goes through all the tips and tricks to make everything from flower filled ice cubes to egg foam and flavoured syrups. Even a cocktail virgin like me could do it!! There were straightforward steps for each recipe that also included page references to ingredients you might need that can be found elsewhere in the book for ease of navigating.

Where this book REALLY shines though is the art - each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful full page illustration of the artist and half a page of biography about them, including explanations for the cocktails ingredients and how it links to the artist. Through this book I not only discovered great drinks, but great art too that I will appreciate long after the ice has melted and the cocktails have run dry.

A perfect gift for art lovers, cocktails lovers, people who love both in equal measure.
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Reviewed: July 14th 2021
Pub Date: August 3 2021

First of all, art and booze are two things I adore so finding this book was SO MUCH FUN! 

Each artist had a signature drink and a small description on who they were and why the drink was a perfect fit. Each drink as meticulously paired and it showed. I loved how the authors picked artists from every walk of life as if was extremely diverse. The illustrations were also amazing. I am excited to use some of these pairings on my own blog account.
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I have to say, this is the first time for me to read a Cocktail recipe Book. It was very neat how Jennifer Croll had history for every drink and who it represented. We did try a few recipes from the book and our favorite one was James Turrell. It was really fun to make the blueberries ice cubes. We did wish that there was more recipes for Bourbon and maybe even some western legends. Overall a nice read but wont be trying out all the recipes. Thank you NetGalley for this advance read.
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5☆ Quirky, Fun, Exciting and more than a little bit Boozy! 

Wow Art Boozel is one quirky, Fun Cocktail Book with a bit of a twist. 

Each Cocktail is inspired by Modern and Contemporary Artists.
Oh and if you love Modern art work your in for a bit of a treat! 

The Cocktails are fun and very inventive, but also fairly easy to follow.
I must admit some of the ingredients/ alcohol I had never heard of before but I'm definitely excited to find out more! 

What I really enjoyed was that each cocktail has the information behind the artist, so not only are you getting delicious sounding cocktails your also getting an educational treat too. 

This would make the perfect gift for someone who loves cocktails or is after a quirky gift and loves Art. 
Overall it's a big Cheers from me!
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First, thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for providing me with an electronic copy of this title in exchange for an honest review. 

As someone who is always on the hunt for new and exciting cocktail books, "Art Boozel" caught my eye immediately. This would be an amazing gift for someone in your life who likes booze and art. It would also be a great addition to a bar cart or coffee table. Major kudos to the illustrator, Kelly Shami, for her work here - the full page illustrations really make this book. 

As far as the recipes go, they are definitely not basic or ordinary which I LOVED as so many cocktail books repeat the same trends/concepts. Each cocktail is pared to an artist and Jennifer Croll is careful to explain exactly why she selected certain ingredients or methods for each artist. I also appreciated a compilation of simply syrup recipes at the beginning of the book: so intuitive and great if you want to use certain elements of this book to build your own cocktails. 

Highly recommended!
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Great book with great illustrations. The cocktails are very creative! I am impressed with the recipes, As a former bartender, I did not need the information on the various bar tools needed to make the recipes,  but I appreciate that it is included for those that do.. the book also provides recipes for different syrups that I will be using in the future. This book will make a great house warming present and gift for others. I plan on buying for a couple friends in the future. Thank you NetGalley for the copy.
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This is a fun drink recipe book full of original drink ideas paying tribute to artists around the world.  A lot of these recipes are, shall I say "quirky", just like the artists they portray, such as a dehydrated tomato for garnish. ART BOOZEL would be a lot of fun for someone who enjoys making cocktails, even better if they're an art fan.

Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy.
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This is probably one of the coolest cookbook/ cocktail books I’ve ever seen!   It’s a book you could easily find on one’s coffee table it’s so beautiful.   Each artist has their own cocktail created in their image?    The cocktails themselves are quite obscure and I wonder how some of the combinations would actually work out.   The artwork and descriptions are very entertaining.   This one shouldn’t be missed!
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The art in this book is fantastic! The recipes seem very easy to follow as well. I read through all of the ingredients for each artist and each one fits so well.
I’m in love with the idea of making a different cocktail for each artist and their art. The syrups all sound so good. I’m definitely inspired to try making my own fresh cocktail ingredients, instead of buying them from a liquor store. Infused gin and vodka sounds so good!
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Art Boozel is a fun guide to both the art of drink making and art history. I enjoyed the quick descriptions about each artist and their artwork because it gave me the context about how the drink was designed around their art. As an artist we learned about art history in school I find this book very compelling. I also enjoyed how the drink recipes were simple to follow and had their own creative recipe. This book would make a great gift for any artist or drink mixologist.
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This book's title -- a play on the name of the international art fair, Art Basel -- drew me right in. It's a bit of an in-joke so my expectations of the book's art-related content were set higher than they typically would be for a book of this kind. While the content did not meet those higher expectations, often drawing out the salacious, pop-cultural aspects of artists' stories, the book is unquestionably fun. It sets up some playful polemics, like whether a single gooseberry garnish on Kusama's cocktail is sufficient representation of her iconic dots. BYO opinions.
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I absolutely delighted in turning page after page of this fascinating, artistically designed cocktail recipe book by Jennifer Croll with illustrations by Kelly Shami. I read this aloud to my sister because I couldn’t help myself from sharing the incredible blurbs on each artist and inspiration that helped to create interesting and one-of-a-kind drinks suited for each artist’s style. I have made a couple of the more tasty (and less daunting) drinks to begin with, but I will definitely be making the more ribald drinks in the future, when the mood strikes and adventure calls forth! 

I received an ARC from the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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