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artie and the wolf moon is a fun, family-focused supernatural graphic novel about preteen photographer artie, who discovers she's descended from a line of werewolves. there are warm themes of family and friendship, but it's also an exciting werewolf/vampire adventure with cool action scenes. the art is really lovely as well!!

my favorite thing about this book is its lore. artie's mom tells her that lycanthropy was bestowed from a mother wolf to an escaped slave woman and her children. the woman's interspecies compassion was rewarded with the gift of transformation and freedom.

the book has a month-by-month structure, and takes place over the course of a school year, which helps with cohesion. AND there's an unexpected sapphic relationship, which is adorable until it turns catty and toxic.

i do think the tension toward the middle of the book could have been fleshed out better. it's a cool 250ish pages, and some extra length would have helped the book come together even more nicely!! i would have loved to get to know the supporting characters better, and to see the bullying subplot resolved.

but i really enjoyed watching artie learn about her family's history, and gradually learn to embrace the wolf side of her. there is such a range of emotion over the course of the book. it's exciting and heartfelt, and the world is fascinating, too. i really enjoyed it!!

Thank you to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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Thank you for the publisher and NetGalley for the e-arc!
This was a cute middle grade/YA graphic novel. For me it had a bit of Twilight vibe, because of the vampires and werewolves, and I already read so many of these type of books that now its a little bit boring for me. But it was a nice one time read.
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Unfortunately I didn't finish this graphic novel. I liked the protagonist and how she connected with the others, but I just didn't click with the story.
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This was super fun! I love werewolf stories and the main character having my name might have helped me pick this one up ! :’) but I’m glad I read it. The art style reminded me on the walking dead games, I loved the colour palette so much! Also, anything gay gets extra points! I love Artie and her mum, and their little werewolf family. It was a fun but emotional read, I think I would really like to continue reading this graphic novel!
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This is a great coming-of-age story about a young girl who finds out her mother and herself are both werewolves. This also includes vampires and fights between them and the wolves.

There were so many aspects of this book I loved, including but not limited to: the relationship between Artie and her mother; the history surrounding the werewolves, vampires, and Artie’s family; the plot; and the art style that felt more like a comic book than a graphic novel. I think this will be great for younger audiences, but older audiences can also enjoy it!
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Artie and the Wolf Moon is a fantastic graphic novel. It plays into its medium with dynamic artwork and colors. The character designs are down to earth and each one, distinct. 
The story is a coming of age, with themes of family bonds, forgiving and reconciling the past. This is a story about werewolves and vampires, bringing a new spin on things by intertwining werewolf history with black history. I really enjoyed the black love pouring off the pages. This story also features an on-page sapphic romance. While it is not the focus on the story, I am nonetheless happy with its inclusion. I can see many younger readers being excited to see this kind of representation in a main character like Artie.
I am looking forward to the work Olivia Stephens makes in the future, because this is a very promising start.
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At its heart Artie and the Wolf Moon is an ode to family and the Pacific Northwest, The supernatural aspects to this story were really second to the love between daughter and mother. I enjoyed how photographs, even the ones from the past, were used to move the story forward. The romance was trickled in there, but wasn't a main plot point, so I think this graphic novel could appeal even to readers who might not be entirely into romantic plots.  Some of the plot points were predictable, but I think the themes are strong enough where it didn't bother me as a reader. The art style was great. The color scheme went with the story. While this story takes place throughout a year, I think this would be an especially fun read for young readers during the Halloween/fall season.
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When Artie finds out that her mothers family comes from a long line of werewolfs this brings into motion a deeper acknowledgment of her roots, her past and a new way to move forward. This graphic novel was an exploration of grief and loss, of a mother-daughter-relationship that is very strained and a family that is broken but may not remain so. 

I really, really enjoyed experiencing this story. I very much loved Artie and could feel for her and the struggles she was going through, especially her search for the truth about her father. But also the difficulties she faced in school and the feeling of having no real community in which she could feel safe. I think this graphic novel did a great job at exploring those topics and giving us a fantasy background to bring across a bigger message than one would initially think of. 

The community Artie learns to be a part of throughout this novel immediately felt like a safe space for me and seeing her and her mom build those new roots made me tear up in the last few pages. 

I'd definitely recommend this graphic novel and will most likely reread this many times in the future.
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Let's start by saying something good: the art was nice. I liked that there were plenty of POC characters shown in a positive light in a supernatural book. 

The rest of it, however, was no bueno. The writing was extremely choppy and frankly, it was not great at all. The plot was overly simplistic and overdone; we don't reeeeeally need more vampire vs werewolf stories. The "relationship" lasts one panel and then is never seen again. 

Overall, bad writing really let this one down.
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I absolutely adored this! The graphic novel so good I couldn't put it down! I mean a story about a queer girl being raised by a single mom who finds out she is a werewolf is so far up my alley.  I loved everything about this! The story was amazing and fun and full of so much heart! The extended family theme in this book just really made me smile. Then the art style was amazing as well. The colors and crispness of the art was great. This is one I can not wait to get so I can gush about it and show it off to everyone!
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Artie and the Wolf Moon is a coming of age story with a twist. Artie learns that werewolves are real and that her and her mother are part of that family. Artie has to navigate the trials of school and growing up, all while learning how to be a werewolf. Artie’s mom reconnects with old family friends, which also brings up more information about Artie’s late father — things that Artie never knew about him. Artie soon finds out that being a werewolf comes with its challenges. Especially when the werewolves’ enemy, the vampires, start to reappear. Will Artie survive school, learning to be a werewolf, and the oncoming threat of the vampires?

I absolutely adored this graphic novel. I loved Artemis as the main character. Watching her try to navigate school, her friends, relationships, and being a werewolf — I can relate to her. Being a teenager is hard, but also learning how to become a werewolf, it had to be even harder! I would love to read more about Artie and how she deals with the world around her. I also can’t wait to read more by Olivia Stephens!

Thanks to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group for the ARC!
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It is 8:30 in the morning and I am crying. This is pretty normal when I’m reading something really good. 

Artie is a young girl who has a passion for photography that she got from her father, but it’s someone she has never met. She connects with him through pictures she has found over the years and her own personal love for photography. One night after sneaking out she discovers an interesting family secret that opens up her world and also answers some questions about her father. And we see there are some very scary things inside the forest!

I’m not one to reach for middle grade, but this graphic novel was great. I loved the illustrations! The relationships were lovely to read and I feel so attached to this family. Like I said earlier - I cried. A lot. Artie and her mom have gone through a lot, but even with all of the tragedy the family that they have of friends is fantastic. I would absolutely recommend this graphic novel!
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ohhh what a lovely little graphic novel

Just like this book, I'm going to keep this review short and sweet, so:

What's it about?
Artie and the Wolf Moon follows Artemis, a Black girl who discovers that she and her mother are werewolves and gets dragged into the world of werewolf-ery and all the joy and dangers that come with it.

What I enjoyed:
- The lore around werewolves and vampires in this book was really interesting to read about, even as someone who has never been particularly interested in these beings. I also liked how real-world issues were woven into the worldbuilding.
- There was a sapphic relationship between the MC and another Black girl that was really adorable!
- The mother-daughter relationship in this books was *chef's kiss*
- All the main characters in this book were really enjoyable to read about (especially Quintin, the most adorable little brother) and I loved the family and found family aspects
- The art style and colour palette was very cool to feast my eyes on

I only wish there was more! More character development, more plot development, more worldbuilding, more. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys graphic novels!
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This was such a nice and entertaining read. I love how the author built up the story for the werewolves and the vampires, the lore behind it was quite unique compared to the other ones I've read before. The story mainly focuses on family and friendship and I enjoyed all aspects of it. I loved Artie, her mom, and their community. The storyline with the vampires, although I enjoyed the backstory of it involving Artie's dad, I felt like it could have been improved on a lot more with Kat. I thought she'd have a bigger role than what she actually had. I wanted the friendship she and Artie supposedly had to have been shown a lot more, most of it was just through texts and arguing. I liked how romance didn't play a big role here, although I would have liked more of a conclusion to the one we got.
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This was a very sweet graphic novel about family told as a coming of age story for a young werewolf. As Artie learns more about what it means to be a werewolf, her mother reveals the family she left behind and the story of Artie's now dead father. The art in the book was clean and easy to look at for managing the multiple plotlines and timelines. This book is perfect for preteens if they want an easy and enjoyable story.
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Interesting read, could have been shorter. The illustrations were good but at times they were not eye catching.
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This one was an amazing find on comics on netgalley.

I was attracted to the wolfs on the cover and wao it was a nice ride with Artie, I loved how real the problems are even when you're portraying them in a fantasy setting.

Families are always complicated but if you actually are very thighs with them not even the worst problems will separate you and that's a very positive message since family is family no matter where you go.

The art was lovely I liked it a lot sincerely, I do think it's an awesome comic for coming of age.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing me an ARC of this book!!!
Uhh, I have a lot of mixed opinions about this one. I usually love graphic novels because they are fun and easy to read, but i found this book a little difficult to get into. The idea sounded amazing, and it has lots of good aspects, but it kind of bored me. I understand it might be because it’s a middle grade novel and I’m 18. I think this is not for teenagers, but could be for little kids, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. 

What I didn’t like: 
There were some parts were nothing happened, the flashbacks were interesting but the fighting and training moments were boring and the art wasn’t very clear. Sometimes I couldn’t really understand what was happening. Additionally, the story was super predictable. The main character made poor choices, the miscommunication trope is not my favorite. 

What I liked:
The story was well planed and it had a black and queer main character.
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Found nothing of interest in this book. Werewolves vs. vampires has been done thousands of times before. I didn't   like the art and the characters weren't built enough for me to care about what's happening to them. Also the dialogues are lame. 
Maybe it's aimed at a younger audience, who haven't have the time to read better books yet. Still, it needs a lot of improvement.
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Is it just me or Werewolves have always end up drawing the short stick in comparison to Vampires when it comes to stories and coverage in mass media? As a Lycan fan, I pleased to inform readers we have a through and through winner in hands and I want to thank you NetGalley  for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review. With its freshly tie up of Black history with the werewolf lore, Olivia Stephens's story is constantly engaging, humorous, at time terrifying and always entertaining. I really hope the story continues and the writers/artists work on further expanding the world they have created...
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