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Delightful! Engaging art. Perfect for bedtime reading together. I can definitely see this one becoming a cherished favorite for kids and parents alike.
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Night Creatures: Animals That Swoop, Crawl, and Creep while You Sleep is a nonfiction picturebook written by Rebecca E. Hirsch and illustrated by Sonia Possentini. It is currently scheduled for release on September 7 2021. As the sun sets, night creatures awaken. In their rural backyard, a parent and child camp out, watching as fireflies flicker, bats flap, and rabbits race. Atmospheric illustrations bring the nocturnal world to life in this lyrical and informative picture book.

Night Creatures is a beautifully illustrated book that shows young readers the wonder of the creatures that come out at dusk. The illustrations do a great job of showing the real aspects of these animals and insects- showing where they are likely to be and what they might be doing. Similarly the text explains why they are out, and how they go about their hunting or work towards survival. I found the images and the text well matched, and the design of each page complimented both and help the book come together seamlessly. I think this book would be great to share at bedtime, or to share pretty much anytime.
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What a beautiful children's book! This book has beautiful illustrations and makes learning about different kinds of animals fun. My three year old great granddaughter loved it!
I received a complimentary copy from Lerner Publishing Group via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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This has nothing whatsoever to do with the BeeGees song that spent eight weeks at number one in the later seventies, tied to the movie Saturday Night Fever, but reading this I kept finding that lyric in my head, suitably adjusted, of course:

Listen to the ground, there is movement all around
There is something going down, and you can feel it
There are creatures in the air, there are critters everywhere
And it's something you can share, if you believe it
Those denizens of night come with the waning of light
Taking over the world as we sleep
They're hunting and gathering, and spreading through the night
They are Night Creatures, Night Creatures!
They know how to live it!
Night Creatures, Night Creatures! 

Of course that song was Night Fever, but now you know happens when I haven't had enough sleep! Gorgeously-illustrated by the elegantly-named Sonia Possentini, and written with panache by Rebecca Hirsch, this book takes a look at some of those living things that populate the evening, night, and early morning, such as bats, bobcats, fireflies, mice, owls, rabbits, raccoons, skunks and others. The book talks a little about each, their favored time to prowl, their diet, and so on. It's makes for an absorbing and educational introduction to a world not many young children are familiar with, and I commend it as a worthy read.
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Night Creatures is written by Rebecca E. Hirsch and illustrated by Sonia Possentini. The book tells of a mother and child that are camping in their backyard and all the creatures that they see as they prepare to sleep. I love the descriptive actions, such as the bobcat leaping. The text is engaging and informing without being overly complicated, which make this book ideal for preschool-early elementary children. This book would a great addition to a study on nocturnal animals.

Possentini did an excellent job with the illustrations for this book. The details on the night creatures are extremely intricate, which makes them appear realistic. I love the way that the actions of some of the animals (such as the bobcat leaping and the owl swooping) are multipage spreads. This helps the reader to better visualize the actions that these animals take as they hunt for prey.

This book would be a wonderful addition to a public, school, or classroom library. It is an interesting and engaging read aloud that doesn't take a large amount of time. The topic of animals, and especially of nocturnal animals, is one that usually interests young children so I believe that this book would hold mass appeal to children for many years.

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A lovely quick book about the animals of the night, like bats, raccoons and firefly to name a few. The illustration are beautiful and the story is easy to follow for young children. It would be a wonderful book to read in a tent on a star filled night.

I want to thank Lerner Publishing Group, Millbrook Press ™ and NetGalley for this enchanting book
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Beautiful illustrations and action-filled pages, great information on night creatures, It's very on-point with the theme and I like how it transitions to what the animals do as daylight comes after the night. I would definitely buy this book for my child.
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This is a great book to read about the animals that come out at night and what they do at .
This would be a great goodnight book to read together. Loved the illustration in this book it is beautiful
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What a lovely introduction to night creatures! My son loved the illustrations and how the book created a wonderful atmosphere for learning.
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This book would be a great supplement to a unit on nocturnal animals. The illustrations are fun to look at and bring the animals to life. I love the vocabulary that lends itself to more discussion. Students would enjoy reading this book again and again as they learn about night animals.
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Thank you NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

I look forward to buying this book to read with my students. It teaches kids about animals that are awake at night. There is lots of vivid vocabulary and beautiful pictures. It would be perfect for preschoolers - early elementary school!
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The illustrations in this book are beautiful. The flowing text is informative and fun. Highly recommend!
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Thanks to NetGalley along with Lerner Publishing Group, Millbrook Press for providing me with a free ARC of this book in return for an honest review.
Another 5***** effort by Rebecca Hirsch, a prolific children's author who has turned a superb academic education into a great career. Here we get to meet and greet 11 different animals that inhabit the night. Animals that come out at night to eat, and some of whom become meals for other nocturnal animals. This all takes place one night with a mother explaining to her daughter these nocturnal creatures. The book is clear, simple and informative. Beautifully illustrated by Sonia Possentini, it takes the scariness out of nighttime sounds and explains a bit about these animals. Certainly not an encyclopedia, but rather this is a good way for parents to have their child understand these animals, their importance and to learn that just because we may not see them, these animals live most all of their waking hours in the dark. Top Notch effort by both author and illustrator..
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Rebecca E. Hirsch's Night Creatures is a lovely book with inspiring illustrations that explains what most children fear about nighttime – the unknown. Not only is this book a great bedtime story, it would also be an amazing addition to school curriculum for beginning readers. Love the symbolism, the simplicity, and the beauty of this stunning book!
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Illustrations are almost photo-like - a lot of detail. simple sentences - easy to read. Good to learn of animals who stay up at night.
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"I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
While this is an illustrated picture book and not realistic photos, it still shows predatory aspects. The story with rhyming was well done though.
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I loved this story and think it would be great for bedtime! There could also be some fun ways to set up a classroom before reading this story. I think young kids would love to read about and hear what the creatures of the night do while we are all fast asleep. The illustrations are beautiful and have that nighttime glow about them. The additional information about the creatures at the end is a wonderful starting point to complete a mini-research project. I will be finding a way to incorporate this into my personal library and curriculum in my district.
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As a wildlife biologist, I am always searching for children's nonfiction books about wildlife. Night Creatures takes children on a backyard adventure to discover a variety of wildlife that only come out at night. 

Rebecca Hirsch gives solid factual information in a fun and enlightening way. The writing I found to be engaging for children and allows for questions about wildlife. For example, firefly populations are slowly decreasing, and exposing children to these wonderous insects is perfectly done. 

The illustrations by Sonia Possentini beautifully depict the scenes and the wildlife around Hirsch's story.
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In Night Creatures, author Hirsch and illustrator Possentini beautifully present information about animals while evoking a feeling of being outdoors on a summer night. The text uses sensory details to accomplish this—the touch of “a cool night breeze,” the sound of a green frog calling “gaLUNG!” The illustrations move between landscapes and close-ups, showing fine details such as owl feathers, bobcat fur, and bat wings. Action occurs as animals hunt and flee. The story closes with daybreak, providing a sense of peace and quiet anticipation. Back matter gives more information about each night creature in a readable format.
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