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The Dangers of an Ordinary Night

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The teaser on the book jacket “had me” it states  ~
                                           This is perfect for fans of Celeste Ng and Megan Abbott.
                              True, I don’t always believe those teasers but I was willing to give this a try!

Story starts when teenager best friends Natalie aka Tali Carrington  and June Danforth both students at a Performing Arts High School in Boston go missing after auditioning for the next performance. Two days later June is dead and Tali is found traumatized on the coastline between Boston and Cape Cod.

Awww that teaser! I had my doubts going into this but the story and characters had me curious. 
I soon found the characters were unlikeable and I was having a hard time staying focused.
 I hung in there ~ it ended up an okay read certainly not terrible but just wasn’t a Wow read for me. 

Want to thank NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this eGalley. This file has been made available to me before publication in an early form for professional review purposes.  
Publishing Release Date scheduled for November 9, 2021
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The beginning was excellent. The reader is drawn into what is happening to June and wants to continue reading to find out what will happen to her. The rest of the story was at a good pace, except for Nell, whom I didn’t take to. I find Nell irritating, soft, undecided, drinking too much when she’s supposed to concentrate to try to help her daughter.
On the whole it was a good story but without reading the author’s interview and the questions and answers session, I would never have understood the meaning of the title. When I finished the story, I was actually upset that I find the title irrelevant. I was disappointed with the ending, even though I didn’t see it coming. I have difficulty in accepting that a mother will react as Nell did. Her reactions were stilted.  
Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for letting me read the book in advance.
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The Dangers of an Ordinary Night by Lynne Reeves is a twisty, suspenseful crime mystery, I have not read this author before, but after reading this story, she is someone I would recommend.
The setting of this crime in and around the Boston area is a location I'm familiar with. The descriptions were both atmospheric and authentic. The culture of the story takes place at a the prestigious Performing Arts high school. The pressure teens are exposed to there is dramatic and harsh.
June & Tali, two teenage girls, don't come home one night after practicing line rehearsal, every parents worst nightmare. Families will be upended and secrets uncovered. Two days later one girl is found, one girl is dead. The are as many suspects as there are motives for who took them.
There are characters galore in this story: parents, neighbors. X's,  siblings, teachers, detectives, students, psychiatrist. It took me awhile to get them all sorted out. As I got further into the story,  the character development was believable and realistic. The lives of each character were interwoven with varying outcomes. Not all of them are likable, but I know people like them. The relationships grew, changed, started and ended.
The clinical part seemed very well researched.  It was enlightening to follow the methods the  psychiatrist used to treat the surviving victim and family. 
Nobody knows what is in someone else's mind, how they feel, or how they are going to react under extreme circumstances.  
As in real life, the conclusion may not have been the result I wanted or expected, there were surprise twists. The story was a good read. It accurately included social media, reporters, and current issues.
Thanks to Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books for the advance digital copy. This review is my voluntary opinion.
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"On a chilly fall evening at the prestigious Performing Arts High School of Boston, best friends Tali Carrington and June Danforth go missing after auditioning for a play. They're last seen in grainy, out-of-focus surveillance footage that shows them walking side-by-side. Two days later in a town south of Boston, Tali is found disoriented and traumatized by the ocean's edge, while June is pronounced dead at the scene." - Good Reads 

Hmm, I am not sure how I feel about this novel. I would have to classify it as a mediocre. This is disappointing as I had high hopes . I was drawn into the cover, and intrigued with the description. However, the characters just fell short. The ending was satisfying and at times I did find this book enjoyable, I guess I just was not as "wow'd" as I would have liked to have been?
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Than you Netgalley for this advanced copy of the Dangers of an ordinary night. On a chilly fall evening at the prestigious Performing Arts High School of Boston, best friends Tali Carrington and June Danforth go missing after auditioning for a play. They're last seen in grainy, out-of-focus surveillance footage that shows them walking away from the school. Two days later in a town south of Boston, Tali is found disoriented and traumatized by the ocean's edge, while June is pronounced dead at the scene.

Tali's mother, Nell, is so bent on protecting her daughter from further emotional harm that she ignores rumors of her husband’s involvement and enlists the help of Cynthia Rawlins, a reunification therapist with personal insight into the riptide that hides below the surface of every unsuspecting family. Meanwhile, Detective Fitz Jameson uncovers a criminal undertow involving the high school’s overachieving students, and finally sees an opportunity for personal redemption from a secret that’s haunted him for years.

As Nell, Cynthia, and Fitz confront their own contributions to the scandals that beleaguer them, their lives turn out to be more deeply intertwined than they'd ever imagined. In the end, they must decide what lengths they're willing to go to protect the people they love while also saving themselves.
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Two teens - Julie and Tali disappear after a stage rehearsal. After two days, one turns up dead, the second alive but with little remembrance of what happened. It's up to detective Fitz to figure out who killed Julie. Is it Peter, the grieving father or Zeke, Tali's father struggling to pay is gambling debts? Is it Sam, boyfriend of the two girls or maybe Ana, Sam's overbearing mother who would do anything for her son's career? Or could it be Nell, Tali's mother? Little by little dect. Fits unravels the truth aided by Cyn, a child psychiatrist who has some relation troubles of her own.

  The book is well crafted, the language is beautiful and the characters realistic, not necessarily likable but certainly not one-dimensional. I especially liked Fitz with his own history, and the chemistry with Cyn. They certainly could form a pair to start a series in this psychological thriller genre. All in all, it was a fast and intruiging read and with every twist and turn, I wanted to know more. The end was original but slightly unrealistic in my opinion, but it didn't deter me from having a very good reading experience.

  Thanks to Netgalley, Crooked Lane Books and the author for a free copy in exchange of a review.
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This took you on a rollercoaster ride. .   At first, I thought I knew what happened because these books can be predictable.    Then wait....   Ok curveball -- now I need to rethink it.     I was surprised by a few things in this book, which I loved. 

The odd part is that I didn't really like or sympathize with any of the characters.  This is usually a deal breaker for me.   But in this case I was just drawn in and had to know what happened to these girls.  Not only that, I needed to know what happened next.  

This was told from multiple points of view - and not everyone is reliable.  Ok, let's be honest.  None of them were really reliable.   That was part of what made this so interesting.   And are they lying to us, the reader, or to themselves?  

I want to thank the author, the publisher, and #netgalley for the ARC which did not impact my review at all.
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What a rollercoaster. I wish this book could go on and on. The Dangers of an Ordinary Night is a cracking tale of the dangerous competition there is between elite actors, especially at a young age. A pefect storm of dysfunctional family leads the plot down a plausible path only for the seeds to be sown for a much darker set of circumstances. Highly recommended.
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I received an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review 

I loved this one. Very fast paced, had me turning pages as I tore through it – I had to see how it would end.  The characters were well rounded and the narrative felt believable. Gave me chills. Solid five
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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of The Dangers of an Ordinary Night.

The premise sounded interesting so I was pleased when my request was approved.

Sadly, this didn't capture my interest as I had hoped.

The characters were all unlikable; I abhor female characters who turn a blind eye to a spouse's fatal flaws, especially when it may damage and/or endanger their child(ren).

I realize we, as human beings, are in denial about bad things our partners may be capable of, but Nell is a doormat and wishy-washy. That's not her fault. It's the fault of the author's that her character read that way to me.

All of the adults have personal issues of their own; the investigating detective, Fitz, is struggling with a shameful secret from his past; the social worker, Cynthia, is still trying to make sense of the deceit her own partner got away with right under her nose; Nell and June's father, a widow, are embroiled in an emotional affair, and Tali's dad is a loser.

In many ways, the mystery of Tali's reappearance and June's death takes a backseat to all the mental turmoil the adults are experiencing in their own lives.

I guessed whodunit and I was right; it was nothing surprising, anti-climatic, really, but the plot read like that.

The writing wasn't bad, but at times the pacing dragged especially when POVs bounced around and the adults were moaning about the mistakes they made; the characters were weak, and there was very little suspense or urgency to the narrative.

Tali wasn't a sympathetic character, and the more interesting characters, I felt, were the deceased, June and her mother.
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It was enjoyable enough and held my attention until the very end. I know that sounds a little lukewarm, but some of the twists and turns seemed contrived and defied belief. The characters were all just a little bit too inter-related. However, if you like intrigue, family secrets, and drama you'd probably enjoy this book quite a bit. I'd be interested to read another book from this author if it becomes a series as others have suggested.
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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

June and Tali go missing after an evening audition at their stage school. Two days later they are found on a beach - June is dead and Tali is injured and traumatized. This is told from the perspectives of Nell, Tali's mother; Cyn, the therapist assigned to Tali; and Fitz, one of the detectives. Cyn and Fitz have such substantial backstories that I assume the author is planning to make this the first in a series. I liked them, and I liked them together, although I couldn't help thinking that if the police and Cyn had been better at their jobs, they would have got to the bottom of things more quickly.

The plot moved along fairly quickly, and the ending was reasonably satisfactory. It certainly kept me guessing, and I would gladly read more by this author.
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Great story. Reminded me of Little Fires Everywhere. Love family dynamic books and I finished this in 1 day, I just had to keep going. So good. Thank you.
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I would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. When I read the premise for this, I found it very interesting but unfortunately I struggled with it. I found it slow and it didn’t keep my interest.
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On a chilly fall evening at the prestigious Performing Arts High School of Boston, best friends Tali Carrington and June Danforth go missing after auditioning for a play. They're last seen in grainy, out-of-focus surveillance footage that shows them walking away from the school. Two days later in a town south of Boston, Tali is found disoriented and traumatized by the ocean's edge, while June is pronounced dead at the scene.

I was hooked! This was a great book! Full of amazing characters. The writing style is what had me hooked! Such amazing writing.
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This book reads like a first graders/learning to read book. June is scared. June is running. June doesn't know what to do. I thought it might change after the first chapter but nope. Icouldnt make it past two chapters in and even that was a struggle.
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Last seen on a fall evening in Boston while on the way to an audition, high school students and best friends Tali and June disappear after auditioning for a school play. Two days later the girls turn up at the edge of the ocean a few miles away, Tali is unresponsive and June is dead. Nell, Talli’s mother, is desperate to protect her daughter and contacts a reunification therapist to help her, all the while ignoring rumors that her husband is somehow involved in the incident. Detective Fitz Jameson is bent on solving the case and redeeming himself in the process. This is a gritty, intense thriller head and shoulders above the typical domestic thriller
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