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Liked the narrator of the audio book.  Suspenseful, mysterious, and sensual with a huge cliffhanger of an ending.  Interested to see what happens next.
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I loved the whole thrilling vibe thus audiobook gave. There was not one dull moment while listening to it, the book totally kept me hooked! It was great but the narrator kept changing her voice with each character.
I totally recommend it!
Thank you NetGalley and OrangeSky audio for providing me the audiobook. I voluntarily left a review.
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This was my first time listening to Mr. Rooks Island and I really likes it. As a person who grew up watching fantasy island it gave me all the feels the tv show did. I rely liked how the narrator changed her voice foe each of the characters. I hope to be able to listen to some more stories from this series.
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I loved the premise of this book. It's original while also a bit nostalgic, evoking Fantasy Island (an adult one). It has a bit of everything, mystery, paranormal, romance, but the chemistry in the romance fell a tad short for me. This is the, where a lot has to be established i n the plot so I hope the chemistry will be more palpable in the next ones. The narration is great, I definitely recommend this in audio version.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The was the first time I am listen to/ read anything by this author and I must say that i really did enjoy it.  I feel that that the narrator did a really good. I would listen to her again.
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Mimi’s ingenuity and amazing writing skills shine through in this very original and sexy romantic suspense. 
I loved the performance by Lisa Zimmerman who made listening to this story a very enjoyable experience.
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An island where ALL of your fantasies can come true! There is a catch. First you have to know how to get invited, then you have to have the money to pay for your trip and finally you have to decide on what your  fantasy will be. Welcome to Mr. Rook’s Island. This is the first book in the series. It is well written and the storyline keeps you intrigued. The narrator Lisa Zimmerman did a fantastic job. You could feel the emotions of the characters. Great job on narrating. This is also the first book I have read/listened to by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. I am definitely going to read/listen to more of her books (including this series). Overall a great audiobook. I received an ARC of the audiobook book in exchange for my true and honest opinion. Thank you OrangeSky Audio and NetGalley for this wonderful opportunity.
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I'd like to thank Netgalley and OrangeSky Audio for providing me this audio book in exchange for an honest review.

Hello Fantasy Island! When it says it will provide for your every fantasy it wasn't kidding. I definitely had to watch where I was listening to this book at! I know this is a romance but I it can be categorized as a mystery too.

Stephanie wants to find out what happened to her sister so she goes undercover to go to the island vacation that her sister never came back from. Right off the bat you know there is a mystery to this island because you can't even find it on the map. It's by word of mouth only and you have to be super wealthy to go to it. It's also for women only to fulfill their fantasies. The only fantasy Stephanie has is meeting Mr. Rook and finding out what happened to her sister. Stephanie learns that Mr. Rook is off limits so that makes her want him more.

So holy fantasy scenes!! There is definitely a spice factor to this book. When Stephanie was placed in the wrong fantasy in the harem tent I laughed out loud to her reaction. Even though the book does not go in to details it does elude to sex scenes and some of the other women's fantasies.

This book does end in a major cliffhanger so I'm kind of looking forward to part two.
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I have had the ebook on my TBR pile for a while but hadn't read it. The new audiobook was a perfect time to dive into this crazy world. The narrator did a fantastic job of differentiating all the voices, and there were quite a few. She also did an excellent job with Stephanie's intense emotions and confusion. The story came to life with the narration, and I hope that this means that the next two books will be audiobooks soon. I would love to hear more as Stephanie searches for the truth.
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Loved this book when I read it but listening adds a whole new dimension. Fantastic narrator which makes everything so believable. Loved it.
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So, this was an interesting book. I was totally intrigued by the premise. MC goes to secret fantasy island to search for her missing sister and is drawn in by the handsome and off-limits owner of the island. Throw in a little paranormal mystery, and get me some popcorn, because I was Ready for this one. 

While I thought the audiobook narration was very good, and the plot definitely kept me guessing right up the end, I have to say, I was a little thrown off by the main characters. Overall, even though I got that they are super lusty and attracted to one another, I didn't really feel a connection between them otherwise. The MC oscillates between "I must find my sister but Rook is so hot but he's such an asshole" pretty repetitively, and I feel like I didn't really see a whole lot of growth in their relationship throughout. I was totally ready for an enemies to lovers plot, or even just enemies with a connection and benefits kind of thing... but really they just seemed kind of angry with each other most of the time, and I found myself not really enjoying their interactions. Maybe there's more character growth in the sequels, or it could just be a personal preference, but I didn't particularly like either of them.

However, the plot still definitely kept my attention and the writing was smooth. There were a lot of questions being raised and answered that I did not see coming, and I thought the paranormal tension was a refreshing addition that I wasn't really expecting. This is a short snappy book, and I would recommend this to readers looking for a "enemies with sexual tension with a side of paranormal. Also, just a head's up, there's a lot of language, so if F-bombs make you cringe, this one's not for you. (3.5/5 stars)
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(audiobook) She did it again! This author keeps creating stories that keep me glued to my Kindle. It starts with a little mystery, interesting enough that you’d like to resolve it; then you learn more about the characters, and they’re so compelling; and after a few revelations and twists that you never saw coming, you aren’t exactly sure how it’s gonna end.

Well, this book doesn’t really end, since it’s the first in a trilogy. When you turn the last page, you’ll have some answers about the first mystery–Stephanie’s sister’s disappearance–but you’ll have many more questions. There are hints though, and they veer toward a supernatural solution, but nothing is sure at this point.

There IS romance too, and it’s explosive. There’s a lot of attraction between Rook and Stephanie. And you get your fill of sexy times with the other characters, since Rook’s island is a paradise where he realizes all your kinky wishes.

With a unique point of view from the female character, a female narrator was enough to bring the story to life, and she does it with a lot of talent. Be it lust or panic, she conveys all the emotions beautifully, and takes you on an exotic journey. Pack your bag!


-    Series: Mr Rook’s island #1 (ends on a cliffhanger)
-    Hashtags: #paranormal romance #romantic suspense #dark romance
-    Trigger: multiple kinks
-    Main couple: Stephanie Fitzgerald & James Rook
-    Hotness: 4/5 (not between the main couple)
-    Romance: 2/5
-    + another fascinating mystery by the author, with many twists
-    – too short?
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Ms. Pamfiloff has created a memorable, modern-day Fantasy Island for women that have the money and inclination to escape life for a true one-of-a-kind adventure. Unfortunately, Stephanie isn't visiting Mr. Rook's Island for pleasantries. Her sister is missing and presumed dead. Her last stop? Mr. Rook's Island. Stephanie is determined to find out what exactly happened to her sister, but what she doesn't expect? Actually liking Mr. Rook. There's a lot more to the island than meets the eye. 

This was a fun book that I listened to within a day or so. It was fast-paced and had a really unique, fresh twist to it that kept me listening. There are some NSW scenes, but overall the book isn't dripping with sex scenes. It was narrated well and the narration brought the characters to life. I'd definitely recommend this book to others and can't wait for the next book by Ms. Pamfiloff! I received this audiobook for free in return for an honest review.
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Mimi has crafted a unique and  intriguing mystery.  The main character is determined to get answers in regards to her sisters disappearance and is willing to do anything to find them .  The plot pulls you in hard and you want the answers too!  

The narrator does a good job.

Book does end on a cliffy.......can't wait for the next addition..
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Welcome to fantasy island.  Off the grid, completely secret and confidential, anything you can fantasize you can have, no judgment, no boundaries.  Yum.  
Book 1 of a new series.  It doesn't have a cliffhanger but there's definitely a lot loose.ends.and questions that will hopefully be addressed in the next book.
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Mr Rook is  e nigmatic, dangerously handsome, and completely off-limits…The women who vacation on Mr. Rook’s exclusive island are looking for one thing and one thing only: to have their wildest romantic fantasies come to life. Pirates, cowboys, billionaires—there’s nothing Rook’s staff can’t deliver.When I started listen I couldn't put it down.Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is magnifysent writer.I cannot wait to listen more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely listen this book.
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I started to listening in the afteroon and stopped in the evening. It was really a nice ride of waves. Loved the characters and now I wont more. A very good combinations of mistery and romance. It was a really good narraation. 

It seems a vacation that every woman dream about.  On Mr. Rook's exclusive island women are  experiencing their wildest romantic fantasies. One of them was also Stephanie Fitzgerald's sister. She doesn't return after her week in paradise. Stephanie is determinated to discover what happend to her sister. And in the book is her journey.

Thanks to and OrangeSky audio for this opportunity.
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I had a hard time putting this book down to do 'adult things' like going to work!! I was hooked on this book at page one. The tension between Rook and Stephanie was palpable and hot. This pair reminded me a lot of King and Mia from the King series but the mystery surrounding Rook was so much different.  I have a lot of unanswered questions regarding the island and Rook himself and am disappointed that I have to wait to get some more answers.  

The narration for this book was performed well by Lisa Zimmerman was done well.  It is the first time that I have listened to her as a narrator and found that she made listening to Rook and Stephanie's story an enjoyable experience.

There is so much that I can say about this book but I don't know where to start other than if you don't like cliffhangers then this book is not for you. I just can't wait to see where this book and the answers as well as more questions we may encounter next!
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I have no words. I went in blind and ended up falling in love with the characters. Shrouded in mystery, secrets, twists and turns that will keep your head spinning. I need more of Mr. Rook!
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This book wasn’t at all what I was expecting and I loved it! So many great characters and a fabulous island setting where every woman’s fantasy can come true, no matter how unique they might be. Told with the author’s trademark tongue in cheek humour, it’s a delight from start to finish. The narrator is perfect and just how I imagined the characters to sound like.
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