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Mr. Rook's Island

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Love that hawt cover….yum! The blurb really caught my eye on this one. An amazing audiobook by Macmillan Audio!

What did I like? I loved this audiobook! Narrator did an amazing job! I didn’t want to stop listening! I hope the next parts are put on audio. Great inflection and true storytelling talent! 

Author did a great job on such a unique and interesting story. Mr Rook didn’t account for the lengths Stephanie would go to find her sister! Or for the savage chemistry between them. She deserves to learn what happened to her sister. Five star story! I really want the next part!

Would I recommend or buy? I was very hesitant to try audiobooks but they are really amazing and let you multitask. I can still read while doing bills or some other mundane chore. I loved this audiobook! Romance lovers will enjoy it. Macmillan Audio did a great job!

I received a complimentary audiobook to listen to and voluntarily left a review!
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I had read this book before I listened to this narration of it and I love Mr Rook and his island. I was actually surprised how much this narrator brought to the story as I usually either read or listen to a book. I really enjoyed the way the characters came more alive to me and how the voice characterizations and pacing and tones brought so much more to the story. I listened to most of this as I lay in bed with a migraine and I was carried away on an adventure even though I already knew what was going to happen. This is definitely a five star rating from me for both the story and the narration.
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Mr. Rook’s Island is an interesting read.  Stephanie finds herself worrying about her sister, Cici, who traveled to an exclusive island. Stephanie hasn’t heard from Cici since…and to say the least she is very concerned. 

Unable to get in touch with Cici, Stephanie decides to do some undercover detective work on her own. Stephanie is determined to discover what happened to Cici on Mr. Rook’s enchanting island paradise. That means Stephanie will need to spend as much time as possible with the island’s owner, the mysterious and remarkably handsome Mr. Rook.

Stephanie is more than a bit shocked to learn (and to quote the book description), “The women who vacation on Mr. Rook's exclusive island are looking for one thing and one thing only: to have their wildest romantic fantasies come to life.” And boy do they ever!

This is book one in a series, so while we learn some interesting information, there is still more for Stephanie to discover about her sister and about the tight-lipped, Mr. Rook. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
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Ahh! This was amazing and I was so sad when it ended. The trouble with trilogies!! Alas, Mr. Rook was steamy and mysterious. Stephanie Brenna goes to a fantasy island to try to find out what happened to her missing sister. 

Great writing - I loved being inside Miss Brenna’a head! The ending really hd me intrigued.
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Mr. Rook’s Island
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
This is Fantasy Island on steroids!
Stephanie Fitzgerald travels to Rook’s Island to search for her missing sister. Women travel to the island to have their romantic dreams come true and their intimate needs met. She made a deal with a notorious character in order to obtain the $100,000 dollars fee. Her life is on the line; she must obtain information about Rook and report back. 
From the moment Stephanie steps off the plane, she is surrounded with men, handsome men, with incredible bodies all wanting to please her. She demands to see Rook to the chagrin of the stall. From the moment she lays eyes of him there is no other man for her. Stephanie keeps reminding herself she must focus on discovering what happened to Cici. 
Rook owns the island and takes the needs and safety of his guests seriously. He is exceedingly handsome and oozes sexual tension. He is the only one on the island that Stephanie wants but its not to be. Mr. Rook has a secret.
I absolutely love this book. I want more, but don’t we all. This is the first book in the new series written by author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. It is filled with mystery, suspense, romance and sexual tension. However, the cliff hanger left me wanting more, unsatisfied and a little disappointed. This is the first book I’ve read written by author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. I loved the plot but was disappointed in the ending. 5 stars
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Mr. Rook by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Stephanie’s sister, Cici, doesn’t return from her vacation on Mr. Rook’s exclusive island!  What happened to her?

Determined to get answers, Stephanie decides to take a trip of her own to the ‘Fantasy’ island. She gets to meet the mysterious Mr. Rook!  

I was kept interested the entire time. 

Thank you Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, OrangeSky Audio and NetGalley for the audio to listen to this book in return for my honest review!
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This was a great listen the narration was great the story is captivating . I can't wait to see what happens next in this story awesome listen. Thanks netgalley
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I went into this one with no preconceived notions other than it would probably be fluff and full of sex but it was not. It was full of intrigue and had me wondering what was going to happen next. Stephanie sets off for Rook's Island in search of her sister CiCi who did not come back from her vacation and she goes under an assumed name looking for her. She is greeted by Julie who is assigned to make sure she gets all she desires. When she throws one fit after another to get Mr. Rook's attention he is forced to take notice and when their eyes collide she is smitten. She does not like to be touched but that doesn't apply to Rook and she craves his touch. However, he is not part of the fantasy but he has taken her under his wing, so to speak, and he vows to give her the fantasy she needs.  This one had me intrigued and listening to the end and when I reached the end I was bummed it ended.  Now I need the next one!
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Mr Rook’s Island
A hidden Island that allows all your romantic fantasies to be played out and come true sounds like a dream, right? But when Stephanie’s sister goes missing from said island she decides to take matters into her own hands to find answers on why she never returned. Stephanie tells a few lies and goes undercover to be granted access onto the island. Insert the gorgeous and sexy Mr. Rook who owns this island. Stephanie believes he’s the one who can give her answers. But how will she get close enough to him since he does not mingle with the guests?
 If you’re looking for a little mystery with some steamy bits, this is the perfect book to curl up with. The narrator was perfect and I didn’t want to stop listening. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series! The twists at the end had me on the edge of my seat wondering how everything will play out. Don’t miss the release for this first book on July 26th, 2021! 
Thank you NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for allowing me to have access to this book in exchange for a honest review.
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