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This book sounded good from when I read the summary but I loved it. It was a book that had me constantly wanting to pick it back up, even if I had other obligations. The story and romance between Preeti and Daniel was such a well done second chance romance. I love how they had that chemistry from the beginning but worked through their past before moving forward. The cultural part of it offered a glimpse into the cultural and also showed that cruel people can be found anywhere. I also enjoyed the Q & A at the end and glimpse into the authors thought process.
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Preeti Patel is almost done with her residency, she's going out with a man who she may see herself settling down with and everything seems to be going according to plan. Except Preeti needs a new place to stay, but her girlfriend has the perfect solution! Preeti can stay at her place while she's out of town. Only there's one catch - Preeti will be shacking up with her ex who she hasn't seen in six years! What happened between Daniel and Preeti? Daniel wants to know what made Preeti leave him and never give an explanation. Will they be able to repair their relationship while also rooming together?

First Love, Take Two tackles a lot of serious and tough subjects throughout the books. Topics such as racism, sexism, anxiety and depression are all discussed. I felt like Sajni Patel did a really good job weaving these topics into the romance. I only wish that I felt more for Preeti and Daniel as a couple- I wasn't quite sold on their chemistry. I did however love how sweet and attentive Daniel was with Preeti.

I did read the first book in the series, The Trouble with Hating You, but don't feel like you need to read it before picking up
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i really enjoyed this book as a lighthearted, desi romance but i did find the conversations surrounding daniel and his role in preeti's community and his own. the way that the concept of racism was handled in this book made me question whether or not the author truly grasped the fact that preeti herself was a target for racism, as daniel called himself. however. daniel, being Black, was a target of a specific kind of racism aka anti-Black racism. the lack of distinction/boundaries in this area made my reading experience less enjoyable.
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This was such a cute romance book! I really loved the idea of exes having to share not only the same home but the same bedroom! I laughed out loud so many times and had so much fun reading this!
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As a nurse, I loved this book. Residency is beyond stressful and I could not imagine discovering that your new roommate is your ex! I felt the chemistry and I wanted them to make it happen!

I loved the characters as well as the plot.
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I truly don’t know who Sajni did it again! I absolutely loved :Liya and Jay’s story, but she also had me falling in love with Daniel and Preeti. One of her chapters perfectly depicted how I believe safety in a relationship should be. I loved EVERYTHING about this story, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thanks to NetGalley for my gifted copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 
First Love, Take Two is a sweet rom com. Preeti is a Indian woman, raised by very traditional parents, who is still deeply embedded within her Indian community. In college she meets Daniel. He is everything she needs but shouldn’t want. They both fall deeply in love but because of their extremely different upbringings, religions, and their parents goals for their life, they are forced apart. This story follows their journey through self discovery, standing up to racism, and trying to see if they can find their way back to each other.
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"Because caring for you is as natural as it’s always been."

I lost myself in this book. I started reading this in the morning after an exam and it pulled me in so deeply that I completely lost track of time and finished it in one sitting. Reading about Preeti and Daniel’s love story was just such a breath of fresh air. Preeti and Daniel met in college and hit it off right away, but once their families start intervening in their lives, their relationship gets very complicated. Preeti and Daniel come from completely different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and yet work wonderfully together. Although this must sound like any other romantic comedy out there, what sets this novel apart is how much I learned about each characters own values and traditions. There are so many important topics discussed in the book, from racism to classism. You get to see these characters struggle through their individual mental health issues and grow with them.

I loved this novel and I’m very excited to read more from Sajni Patel. 

Thank you so much to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for providing this review.
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I had really high hopes for this book as I've seen such great feedback from others but I felt a little let down by it. I didn't hate it by any means but felt like something was missing. I still recommend it to others as feels are always very subjective.

I did enjoy the forced proximity this book encountered, as well as the strong female friendships. I  enjoyed reading about Preeti's struggles with being a doctor, as well as her family. It dealt well with emotions and anxiety and I'm glad they were addressed.

There seemed to be some communcation issues in this book that really had me questioning. Some cofnlict would have been avoided if characters had just talked with each other. That was slightly irritating to see when it seems like such an easy thing to do (and I know, its always easier said than done in reality). 

I really wish we could have seen flashbacks to the past to see Daniel and Preeti's develop their relationship. Their connecton seemed to be lacking a bit and flashbacks may have helped here.

Overall, still enjoyed this book and would recommend to friends!

Thank you to ReadForever and Netgalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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“Love is enough. Its society's views and old-world thinking that broke everything.”

First Love, Take Two is a cute and heartwarming story about, yes second chances. I can't gush enough about how much I love the 'second chances' romance trope, so I was definitely all into this one. I really appreciate the tension between Preeti and Daniel and I loved how they were fully fleshed-out characters. 

Despite being a heartwarming book it does tackle some serious issues such as mental health, interracial dating and racism. But despite the heavy issues I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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Final rating: 4.5 

I loved this book a lot! There was so much more to it than a romance. So many important conversations had! 

This was a second chance romance that took me for a ride. Although there was a lot to do with miscommunication, which usually isn’t my thing, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved all the side relationships as well. 

I will admit this book did take me a bit to get into, but once I was in I couldn’t put it down! Some of the chapters dragged and I think we could’ve  added a lot to the book if there were chapters with Daniel’s perspective.

The family and friendships that were explored throughout the book made my heart so full. This book also talked heavily on religion/roles and racism. Both are very real topics that need to be discussed and I think the author did a great job of exploring that.
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I wanted to like this book, but I didnt really like the author's writing style. At first it started off fun and modern, but as it went on, the way the author wrote made the FMC sound really whiney and immature. While I think this book has a lot of potential, touching upon some really interesting topics with familial duty and race relations etc, I don't think they were explored well enough.

I wanted to continue reading this book, but the immature voice of the FMC really turned me off, making this a DNF for me.
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Second chance romances are not my favorite trope but when it works, it works. This. Book. Worked! FIRST LOVE TAKE TWO by Sajni Patel focuses on Preeti and how she broke up with Daniel 6 years ago because of external cultural and family differences and not a day goes by that she doesn't think about him. When she's forced into proximity with him, all past bets are off.

When I tell you the TENSION between these two was thicker than a cement wall protecting a vault underground holding the secrets to the universe, it still wouldn't do the thickness justice. These two were on FIRE! The past regrets were looming constantly, their flirting was unstoppable, and their communication was abysmal. I was rooting for these two from the start but these children just couldn't get it together which is, of course, the purpose of the book but I digress.

The cultural, race, and financial differences discussed in this book were really interesting and I liked how everything was addressed. How the conflict was resolved was good for the most part, one scenario was impressive but the other was melodramatic. One other nitpick I have is that the author used certain phrases and names of people excessively in a small amount of sentences. This might not bother people but it was really irrationally irritating to me.

This book was such a great complement to THE TROUBLE WITH HATING YOU and I loved all the cameos from other characters! I look forward to other books by this author! If you haven't checked out Sajna Patel and these two books you are missing out!

Thank you @readforeverpub for the review copy!
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I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters, I loved their second chance romance. I also enjoyed everything they were put through. One reason I love reading diverse books about cultures in not personally familiar with is that I always learn something new. I like seeing how different yet very similar they are to how I grew up. I like how she handled the race situation and the stigma on mental health.
This was a very satisfying read that hit all my points for a five star read.
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I really loved book one and was looking forward to this book.  However, a second chance romance without an idea of the original romance is difficult.  Daniel is sweet but I do not feel like I know him at all.  The main focus is on the heroine and all the terribleness of her family.   

It just did not work for me and I am so sad about that.
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Why is it that I always have the hardest time writing a review for a book that I adored and/or that put me through the emotional ringer? What to say about this book? It was an emotional journey, and one I couldn’t put down. There’s something about second chance love stories that always gets to me. They feel like you’re talking to a friend, hearing their story. You get to see the growth and emotional work, and it just feels that much more real. While, obviously Preeti and Daniel's love story is the central focus, this book had so much more depth: family dynamics and issues, friends, culture, racism, mental health and anxiety, touch aversion, feeling like you need to solve all the problems yourself. The meddling friends, and forced proximity definitely helped provide the some levity and spark to the story. Also did I mention there’s an acoustic guitar, only one bed….

After my mini review on When Sparks Fly I have been DMing with some many people who had similar feelings on the book/ Declan…. The theme of those discussions are how we need more leading men who are actively working on their “stuff” and have already put in the work, are in it for the long haul, vs those looking for our heroine to do the hard work to save them. Daniel solidly falls into that camp, of having put in the work, and what he does as support of Preeti is 100% what we need more of!!! Have you read this yet? I’m anxious to hear what you think!
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This is the second book in The Trouble with Hating You series and I think it was better than the first! Preeti is one of Liya’s best friends and finds herself in need of a place to live. Liya offers her apartment she is no longer using but on one condition: Daniel, Preeti’s first love and ex, is going to living with her for 3 weeks. Preeti is struggling with finding a job after her residency is over, a new apartment, her pending engagement (to someone she doesn’t think she’ll be able to love), and now living with her ex. Could her anxiety levels get any higher? Will she choose her parents’ happiness over hers or will she try to give true love a second chance?
This is not your typical romance, it has many other issue going on within the storyline. It explored the traditions and family expectations in the Indian culture, mental health issues of someone in the medical field, classism, and racism. Daniel’s father doesn’t think Preeti is good enough for his son and that she won’t fit into his “world.” Preeti’s family (her aunties) don’t like that fact that Daniel is Black. At times, the story felt like it had too many topics going on at the same time but I think the author did well covering everything. I don’t think the story would have been as good if the classism and racism topics weren’t an issue. Family drama is really high throughout this book. Daniel is butting heads with his father in his work life and personal life. Preeti is dealing with her potential fiancé and his family, her parents and aunties, her next steps in her career, all while trying to deal with her anxiety. I liked how Preeti’s anxiety was not presented as a weakness and she showed great strength in seeking help. Daniel did what he could to help when Preeti was feeling anxious but also helped her realize her anxiety was something that needed he attentional a professional. Again, I didn’t like that the setting was very generalized and no Houston landmarks made any appearances. Overall, I really like Preeti and Daniel’s story and felt their story was better than Liya and Jay. Also, the author’s dedication was really sweet.
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As you can probably guess from the title, First Love, Take Two, features one of my favorite romance tropes: "second chance at love". Preeti and Daniel are exes who ended their relationship due to pressures from their families but reunite when they both move into a mutual friend's apartment. While they try to keep things platonic, it does not take long for their feelings towards one another to come out again. Patel, the author, does a fantastic job tackling a difficult subject - how someone's cultural background and family can influence their relationships with others - while also writing a swoon-worthy romance novel that you won't be able to put down!
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I've been anticipating reading this book ever since I devoured The Trouble with Hating You back in February, and this book was worth the wait!! 

In the second book of the series, we are following Preeti and Daniel, a Blindian couple that broke up six years ago but never stopped loving each other. The book starts when our MC from The Trouble with Hating You, Liya, offers her place to both Preeti and Daniel. We love forced proximity!! After six years of running away from their relationship, Preeti knows it's about time Daniel learns why she broke up with him with no explanation. Yet, with Preeti's anxiety mixed with complicated family dynamics, saying what you need to say isn't always so easy.

Y'ALL. The chemistry between Preeti and Daniel was off the charts! There was so much flirting and taunting and sexual tension and I was so here for it. Simply put, I could not put this book down, and I just need more romances from Sajni Patel ASAP. Unlike other second-chance romances I've read/watched on TV/seen in real life, the premise of this one, where they initially broke up due to a mix of conflicting family values and bad mental health, kept me rooting for them the whole time. Besides the romance, I loved the representation of South Asians seeking therapy for their mental health. I also love how, like in The Trouble With Hating You, we once again see our MC stand up to their toxic Indian community, this time concerning anti-blackness. 

If you read and loved The Trouble with Hating You, I would highly recommend First Love, Take Two. The only negative in the book I would note is that some plot points felt a little rushed, but I was so invested in their romance that I barely cared.
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This one explores a lot of hard issues with racism, mental health, families, different cultures, and when you get to pick your life. Parts will make you laugh and then cry the next chapter. This touches a lot of mental health and how its still viewed in main stream but also different communities and how long it takes for people to ask/get help. This one will make you want to yell at them to talk- many times "just talk please you two" over and over- in true second chance fashion they are trying to learn from their past issues.  

We get all the characters from book one and they come in perfectly! I can't wait to see more of this series and more of the ladies to get their HEA. 

we also get a hint of steam with them. I also want her red dress :)

I listened to the audiobook and just loved it! The narration was amazing! 

4 stars
3 steam 

Thanks to Hachette Audio for a copy of this audiobook
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