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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Apparently I am late to the game, because I had no clue this was the third (and last) in a series! What a wonderful cozy this was, and for the first I'm reading from Hallmark publishing I have to say I am impressed. I live in Wisconsin, and I loved hearing about a part of the world I am familiar with. The author writes in such a way that makes the characters and the town feel like home. They also set up a scene wonderfully, so much so that I felt like I was actually there. Another thing I liked about this book were the characters, who are just all so likeable and that really is pretty rare for any book, let alone a cozy mystery. Lastly, about the actual mystery, it was very intriguing and kept me guessing whodunit 'til the very end. I'm sad this is the end of our time in Carson, given the fact that I only just begun. I'm on my way to find copies of the other two books in the series!
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This is the 3rd book in the Shepherd Sister Mystery series. I love the Shepherd sisters, Savannah, Sydney and Skylar. They make a great team in solving mysteries. Each come at the problem from different angles. Savannah is the most active in looking into the mysteries that come to Carson.
The story is about the murder of the local flower shop owner but much of the book is about the relationships of the characters, the family bonds and the romances between Savannah and Aidan and Sydney and Finn. 
The local detective is very patient with Savannah. It’s interesting to have a series where the police work with civilians.
I enjoyed how the story progressed until the climax when Savannah takes some rather stupid actions in relation to catching the perpetrator. I understand her hasty decision making in the moment but it didn’t stop me yelling at the book.
Overall, I recommend this mystery.
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Thrilled to be back with the Shepherd sisters. This is just as much a romance as it is a mystery. Adorable dogs, too. Clever mystery to keep one guessing and a romance or two to tug the heart. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley.
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Still Life and Death by Tracy Gardner
Book #3: Shepherd Sisters Mysteries
Source: NetGalley and Hallmark
Rating: 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  The Shepherd sisters are back and, once again, they are up to their butts in a mystery.  When the local florist is brutally murdered in her own shop, Sidney, Savanna, and Skyler jump into the investigation with all six of their curious feet.  Libby’s murder is beyond comprehension and of the three Shepherd sisters, Sydney is having the hardest time adjusting to the senseless loss of her friend.  As the sisters delve deeper into the mystery, they discovery a series of threats and accusations, attempted bribes and manipulation, all of which led to the death of a mostly innocent woman.  

I am still very much attached to this series and that has everything to do with the great levels of evolution in the characters.  All three of the Shepherd sisters have major life events in this read and that is all wrapped around the three intrepid women once again bringing closure to a family and their community through their incessant nosiness.  The way the girls go about their sleuthing is with each other’s safety and security in mind.  Their love of one another, their larger family, and their community is one of the reasons I enjoy this series so much.  At this stage, all three sisters have told their respective stories which means this series may be at an end.  If this is the end, I can truthfully say I am satisfied with the ending and wish the Shepherd girls nothing but the very best in their respective future.
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A solid addition to this fun series featuring the Shepherd sisters,,, Savanna, Sydney, and Skylar. When a woman from a neighboring business is found dead, the sisters work to uncover what could have happened to the sweet florist. Sydney is particularly affected, This is a great read for a Saturday afternoon on the porch!
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'Still Life and Death' is a perfect cozy and the third (and hopefully not the last) in a series about the Shepherd sisters of Carson, Michigan.  A close friend of Sydney's is murdered in her florist shop and the sisters dig in to solve it.  There is a multitude of delightful family members and a charming blend of romance in the book and a natural progression in relationships that is delightful.  Again, I hope there are more!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Oh my goodness this is a fabulous story. I am very quickly becoming a big fan of cosy mysteries and this one is most definitely up there with the some of the best. The mystery is well planned out and keeps you guessing throughout. I love trying to guess how a story will go and this time I was way off the mark.

I must also mention that i love how this book included a recipe at the end!
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3.5 stars

This Hallmark mystery was as expected: pleasant, undemanding, with an interesting setting and likable characters. Sometimes that is exactly what you feel like sitting down to read, like a Nancy Drew for grownups.

This is the third book in the series about the Shepherd sisters, Savanna, Sydney and Skylar but works fine as a standalone. This one centers mostly around Savanna, who moved from the big city and an art authentication job back to her Lake Michigan hometown two years ago. She teaches art at a local elementary school and adult classes as well. Sydney runs a pet grooming business and Skylar is a lawyer and married mother of two. The family scenes are warm, realistic and comfortable.

The whole town is shocked when the local florist is found murdered in her flower shop. Savanna's uncle works there, and she initially gets involved because of that, although he is soon cleared of suspicion. But apparently there are financial problems with the business and serious neighbor problems with the owners of the dance studio next door. Plus the murder victim's grown daughter is involved with a man her parents disliked and who has a mysterious past.

As with many cozies, the amateur investigators go way over the top in "helping" the investigation. There are some romantic threads dealing with Sydney and Savanna's relationships with two brothers. Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a wonderful cozy mystery that you don't want to miss. It's a fast paced story with just enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. This book was a joy to read and I highly recommend it and the entire series to anyone who likes a good cozy mystery. I received a complimentary copy from Hallmark Publishing via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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This is a quick book based on a Hallmark movie. The characters are well done and the mystery itself was interesting. 
Thank you to NetGalley for selecting me to read an advanced copy of this book. 
#StillLifeandDeath #NetGalley
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Still Life and Death is the 3rd book in the Shepherd Sisters Mysteries by Tracy Gardner and it is as good as the other 2 books! Savanna Shepherd is an art teacher at the elementary school and also teaches art classes locally. Her Uncle Max works in Libby's Blooms Flower Shop where Savanna teaches a class in the evening. Uncle Max finds a dead body on the rooftop greenhouse and is a suspect. Savanna and her sisters Skylar and Sydney need to work together to clear Max. Savanna is dating Dr. Aidan Gallagher and Sydney is dating Aidan's brother Finn.  The sisters are  wonderful characters and make this cozy mystery series truly enjoyable. Their relationships with each other, the rest of their family, Aiden, his daughter Molly, Finn, and the 2 uncles give this series heart. The cozy mystery was interesting and kept me guessing.. Unfortunately this is the last book in the series (3 books) but it has a happy ending and the characters feel like friends. Definitely add this series to your To Read List! #NetGalley #StillLifeAndDeath #TracyGardner #HallmarkPublishing
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

I love these Hallmark books. The cozies are my favorite though. The author did a great job of tying them all the characters really well and the setting was amazing.
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I look forward to visits to Carson, MI and the Shepherd sisters and townspeople with each book in the series. Tracy Gardner has animated the delightful town with colorful, fun and loyal members.  Lately, though, there have been more than the average criminal activities. Count me in on a vacation when the spree diminishes. Until then, I'll imagine walking the streets, meeting the residents and enjoying a cup or two from the coffee shop. 

Sisters Savanna, Sydney and Skylar are unofficially on the case when one of their favorites perishes. As they search for clues, danger arrives at their doorsteps and threatens to upend the idyllic setting of Carson. Expect happily ever after for most of the characters in this cozy mystery. The Hallmark trademark continues with an exclusive bonus recipe. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book without obligation. This review is my opinion.
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Have enjoyed all 3 books in this series. The sisters make a great team and Carson is a welcoming setting. Fast-paced with twists to keep it interesting and you engaged until the end.
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I received a copy of Still Life and Death through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Still Life and Death is the third mystery in the Shepherd Sisters Mystery series and it follows the three Shepherd sisters, Savanna, Sydney and Skylar as they work together to solve the latest murder in town.

This is the second book in the series I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. The characters a fun and relatable and the town is somewhere I want to visit. There was the perfect amount of mystery and romance that held my attention and had me flipping the pages as quick as I could to find out what happened next. I really enjoy this series and need to go back and read the debut mystery in the series. This was a quick and interesting cozy mystery and I would definitely recommend it. I look forward to seeing what else this series has to hold.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. A hallmark movie in a book form, what could be better! Loved this book! The characters and the story kept me reading until the end! I enjoyed the storyline and the characters throughout the book.
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Thank you #Netgalley for the advance reader copy of Still Life and Death by Tracy Gardner in exchange for an honest review. Savanna moved in with her sister Sydney. She found a beautiful fixer upper near Lake Michigan. Savanna, Sydney and Skylar, another sister, all meet once a week for lunch. Their uncle Max goes into work and discovers his boss has been fatally shot. The boss was the sister's friend and they want to know what happened. This was a great story with lots of twists and turns. It was full of excitement and tears of joy. I really loved it.
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A Body Close To Home…
The third in the Shepherd Sisters series of mysteries from Hallmark Publishing and Tracy Gardner and life is seemingly settled in Carson with Savanna delighted when Uncles Max and Freddie make the move there. The peace is disrupted and scandal ensues, however, when Max discovers a body close to home, Will the real killer be uncovered before more deaths occur and in particular Savanna’s own? Entertaining, enjoyable mystery with a likeable protagonist, a colourful cast of supporting characters and a pacy engaging plot. Hallmark recipe for Chocolate Pecan Brownies included.
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I enjoyed this book although I thought it was slow, it felt longer than it is. The main characters switched from time to time which also is a bit confusing, although they're likeable enough. #StillLifeandDeath #NetGalley
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I think this series is definitely getting better as each new book comes out; the characters have grown on me and everything is both fresh and comfortable when I read one of these. I love seeing how everyone is growing personally and romantically, and also not doing too many stupid things. It’s nice to see Vanna working with with Nick and I love the great family dynamics! She only did one super stupid thing this book, so yay for that too.
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