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Cover Image: Delilah Green Doesn't Care

Delilah Green Doesn't Care

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Meredith S, Reviewer

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I really enjoyed this book! The characters were so well-written and fleshed out: Delilah was the cool yet wounded one, Claire was sweet and vulnerable and finding her strength, Astrid was a bit cold with a gooey center, and Iris was hilarious and a teeny-tiny mean but not in an evil way. The romance at the core between Claire and Delilah was so sweet and sexy. The sex scenes were hot! I particularly enjoyed the side relationships between Delilah and Astrid - their sibling rivalry. There was so much angst and I just wanted them to communicate so badly! When they finally did, the wait was worth it. All the secondary characters truly added to the story: Ruby, Josh, Isabel, "Shit boot" Spencer. Enjoyable in every way. I look forward to Astrid's book!

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