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Finlay Donovan and her accountant/nanny/sidekick/bestie Vero are at it again. Their zany antics and “ride or die” attitude make them the perfect crime fighting (or really more of a crime creating) duo. Once again, these two attract trouble like magnets. Their ability to deal with dead bodies and sinister characters, all while raising and keeping two little children safe, makes this series funny, fast-paced and enjoyable. You may even wonder if some PTA moms in your area are dealing with the same things, although I certainly hope not. This makes for great fiction, however, but I can honestly say a life like Finlay’s would be exhausting. Luckily for its readers, this book is anything but.
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She’s at it again!

Finlay Donovan is a mystery novelist currently (well, almost always) in the throes of yet another writer’s block. The primary inspiration for her next book will come from her everyday life. Because Finlay’s life is in fact, just crazy enough to work as a piece of fiction! I believe the saying is, “you can’t make this stuff up!”

Finlay discovers that someone wants her ex, dead (other than her). So now it’s a race against time to find who’s putting this bounty on his head and bring it to a grinding halt, if for no other reason than to protect her children.

Finlay is such a fun and quirky character. You can’t help but love her. She’ll keep you amused and chuckling throughout!

If you’re looking for a light read that will have you rolling your eyes, (strictly from all the shenanigans) look no further. This book can definitely be read as a stand-alone. But as always, I highly recommend starting with book one Finlay Donovan Is Killing It. You’ll be glad you did!

A buddy read with Susanne

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I loved the second adventure of Finlay! This was such a delightful and fun read. I wish there were more novels like this one. It's fast paced, suspenseful and super silly. I'm actually super impressed that this sequel is as good as it is. I feel an epic series in the works!
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Everyone's favorite soccer mom/accidental contract killer, Finlay Donovan, is back! More writer's block, more misadventures with Vero, and more drama with ex-husband Steven and handsome cop Nick. Can Finlay keep everything together, or will the police find out about her extracurricular activities.

The first Finlay Donovan novel was a true 5 star read for me - I absolutely loved the escapism! This one was still an enjoyable read, but I didn't feel the same magic of the first. As other reviewers have mentioned, there were just too many characters and too much going on, which made the narrative feel a little bloated. I also didn't like Vero's characterization - she goes from being a reliable sidekick/BFF for Finlay to someone who causes a lot of trouble and headaches!!

If you enjoy capers and don't mind when things go over the top, I think you'll still enjoy this book.

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Pros: When I first read Finlay Donovan is Killing It, I was excited to find out there was going to be a follow up book because I had so much fun reading the first book.  I love that Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead sets up a next book in the series—something to look forward to!  My favorite thing about this series is that it’s a comedy of errors with a main character who the reader can cheer for even when she’s a bit of a mess and makes reckless decisions. 

Cons: This isn’t a con, but I do suggest readers read this series in order rather than pick this up as a standalone.

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3.5 Stars
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Cosmiano delivers an amazing addition to the Finlay Donovan series with this one. When the first novel is so amazing (5 star read) some times I get nervous the 2nd one won’t live up. However I almost loved this one more than the 1st! The story was hilarious and kept me invested the whole time. I also really enjoyed the creativity of the twists. Highly recommend. 

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I’m sad to report on this one. I loved loved LOVED the first book in this series. I devoured it. I couldn’t put it down. This book…still had the signature twists and turns from book one, but Vero didn’t land as solidly for me as she did book one.  I am a fan of suspending logic in most circumstances, but this one took me beyond my realm of logic.  It was a little disjointed and left me on a cliff-hanger that I didn’t really want to hang on. It may have been a situation of sky-high expectations, but I was left hoping for more.
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Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em
Dead should be called Finlay Knocks ‘Em Out of the Park it’s that good! 

Findlay Donovan has done it again! I LOVED the second book in this series by Ellie Cosimano. This one has it all: friends you’d bury a body for, the mob and two hot guys competing for our heroines affections! It was fun, lighthearted and charming! Everything you want in a mystery you’re reading in a never ending pandemic! Can’t wait to see what Finlay gets into next.
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I think I enjoyed this book even more than the first! It seemed a bit more relatable and easier to track what was going on and the conclusions she was jumping to made sense. These books are fun!
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I loved this book as much as the first one. It picks right back up where book one left off, and I am so glad it was structured that way. Book one left a lot of complicated situations open ended, and I liked getting to see some resolutions come to be in this book, but it also left a great cliff hanger for the hopeful next book. Finlay and Vero's relationship grows more in this book. They show how important female friendships can be. There are shenanigans, serious crime, and so much humor throughout this book - not unlike the first one.
These characters are flawed and lovable. The author shows how life is complicated and messy. But she also shows the good.
If you're a fan of Dead to Me on Netflix, I know you'd like this book.
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As sequels go, this one was wonderful! So good to be in the universe of Finlay Donovan again and enjoyed the ride.
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What a fun ride! I enjoyed the first book in this series, but this one was so much better. It is a super fast and easy read, perfect for the weekend. 
Is it realistic? No. Is it a delicious distraction from reality that will keep you laughing and turning the pages? Absolutely. 
If binge-watching Good Girls with your bestie, a bottle of wine, and a pint of ice cream sounds like your kind of weekend, do yourself a favor and read this series! 
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I enjoyed the first book in the series and was looking forward to the 2nd. I enjoyed the book and found it to be fast paced. I flew right through the book and didn’t want to put it down.
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Thank you to St. Martin’s Press, Elle Cosimono, and NetGalley for this eARC copy of FINLAY DONOVAN KNOCKS ‘EM DEAD (Pub date: 02/01/22)

In this follow up to the highly rated FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT, Finlay Donovan once again finds herself in the middle of a murder for higher ring. But this time? Her ex-husband is the target. Finlay and Vero have to race against the clock to figure out who is hiring a hitman to kill Steven, and how to stop the hit. 

If you loved the first book, you will absolutely not be disappointed in the sequel. The follow up has everything that I loved about the first book: awesome female friendships, a cozy mystery vibe mixed with the darkness of a murder for hire, adorable mom moments, and more. But, the second book still stands on its own as a unique story, and we get to see Finlay and Vero become more developed characters that are more and more entwined with each other’s lives. 

I loved this one and thought it was the perfect sequel. It leaves you with enough questions and anticipation for a third book, while also being its own completed story. While some things were predictable, I didn’t mind the predictability because the story itself was just so fun. If you loved the first FINLAY, don’t hesitate to preorder this one!
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First off I would like to thank NetGalley and Minotaur Books for this e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

3.5 Stars!

I adored the first book and anxiously awaited the sequel because I was so impressed with Cosimano's humorous writing style and striking plot. I am happy to reveal that I can say the same for this one as well. I love the relationship between Finn and Vero although Vero had me ANGRY in this book. (Seriously, why is Finlay not as angry as I am?) 

The relationship between Finlay and Steven bothers me because most of the issues in this sequel would have been avoided had they just communicated with one another. Or maybe not - I mean, Steven is not an intelligent guy. He is literally assaulted while with his children in the beginning of the book and he doesn't see it as a big deal - I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. In the first book, I felt soft at the end towards Steven and after reading the sequel, I just can't stand him. 

While I feel like there wasn't as much of a thrill as the first book, I want to chalk that up to me just being used to the characters and how they usually handle situations. 

Ultimately, I still really liked the book and will highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a good cozy mystery. I'm super stoked at how the book ended because that means we aren't done with Finn just yet.
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The sequel picks up right where the first book ends. If you loved the first one, you’d definitely love this one just as much! 

Finlay and Vero are at it again with their crazy, over-the-top adventures! Finlay is still a hot mess and I love that her character stayed true to herself. It was so much fun seeing how the story unfolded, with all the twists and the romance! 

The ending sets up for another one in the series and I’m already looking forward to it!

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Whoa! My favorite Donovan is back! ( sorry Ray, I’m not talking about you! But as for sure I’ll watch your showtime movie on 2022) 

After burying a man, getting rid of Russian mob, publishing her bestseller, sending her scumbag cheat husband’s fiancée to jail, she’s ready to move on her life!

 But as it seems like she cannot get out of trouble so easily!  Her partner of crime/ babysitter/ best friend,  sarcastic queen Vero obsessed with money, making calculations at each second, nervously hiding secrets! Someone also posted an add on an online forum, offering a hundred thousand dollars to anyone willing to dispose of her cheating ex Steven Donovan : actually 100 good reasons the world would be better off without him! ( that’s what ad says) 

Even though that man turned her life into hell, she can let her kids grow without important parental figure! But if she tries to inform the authorities about the forum they can connect her with Harris’ murder which will open a can of worms about the incidents she’s already acquitted! 

  Now somebody threats her ex and she has to work on her new manuscript but Sylvia insists to bring back the hot cop back as she still struggles to maintain a casual relationship with her young and super hot lawyer lover Julian and she’s still resented to charming cop Nick Anthony for not believing in her innocence even though she still barely resists the attraction she feels. 

Well, buckle up, this book is freaking unputdownable, addictive, sarcastic, hilarious! 

 I can get enough of Finlay and Vero’s ultra smart banters, whirlwind action packed plot, engaging, genuine character development and always surprising, WTH cliffhangers full your addiction to crave more series! 

I loved this second book so much more and I truly need at least 5 books for this series ( I can also need a brilliant adaptation! 

I’m telling you my friends Finlay Donovan series are everything you need! Your heart rate get skyrocketed at action scenes and you laugh so hard till your stomach hurts and you cannot feel your face! It guarantees an amazing, ultra entertaining time! 

Special thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press / Minotaur Books for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.
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Finlay Donovan is my new favorite female protagonist. Her and Vero’s adventures make me laugh. I am delighted to hear that this could possibly be a TV series! I am looking forward to more of her adventures.
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4 stars 

Oh, Finn! 

Despite the long list of arcs I should be reading before it, I jumped this one to the front of the line the day I received it; I was not disappointed. 

Fans of Finlay and Vero's exploits - because I think it's hard to not love Vero - will be pleased with this second installment of the series. This time, the focal point changes in a satisfying way: preventing the murder for hire of Finlay's ex-husband! This man is so unlikeable that it's easy to think that this contract killer might just solve EVERYONE's problems if they succeed, but Finlay is too practical and decent to let that happen...especially when her two small kids might be caught in the crosshairs. 

What I enjoyed most about this second book is three-fold. First, I love the tie-ins between Finlay's life and her novel. It's fun to guess what will happen to Finlay based on her predictions for her characters. Second, the romantic relationships are less simplified than one might expect in this genre. They are more layered and round, and I love that while this romantic element is present, it never takes over who Finlay is or where her focus lands. Finally, the relationship between Finlay and Vero grows, and I love to see a friendship at the center of any novel featuring women identifying folks: particularly a healthy one that doesn't revolve around fighting for some trash dude. 

Overall, this is a very satisfying follow-up to the first novel in the series. On a related note, this is one of those situations in which readers should DEFINITELY read the first book before jumping into the second. There's already a great setup for the next one, and my eyes will be peeled until that arc - if I'm fortunate enough! - lands in my inbox! Recommended.
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Ya’ll. Elle Cosimano freaking DOES IT AGAIN. Finlay Donovan, I can’t. We have another witty, captivating, mystery that leaves you wanting more with every page. I loved that it picked up right where the first book left off. This book is just as good as the first one, it is seriously THE perfect sequel, and I hope that we continue to have more Finlay books for years to come. Thank you St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my review. I fully intend on preordering this book as soon as possible! Finlay must live on my shelves.
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