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The "I Love My Air Fryer" Affordable Meals Recipe Book

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Unlike so many cookbooks these days, these recipes don't insist you buy fancy ingredients or only organic foods. Instead, it meets you where you are -- trying to put nutritious meals on the table without spending a fortune. These yummy recipes give you great dishes, desserts, and sides, you can use anytime.

The recipes are clearly written and each includes cost per serving and nutrition information. Steps for making are clearly written. While the dishes include many pantry staples, they are not full of pre-made convenience foods outside of pastry and doughs.

It's a very useful book.
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Having just gotten an air fryer, I was eager to find things I can cook in it and this cookbook was great! I love how it has a variety of things to cook, from simple to a little more complicated, and that even the more complicated recipes aren't too crazy. I also love the cost breakdown with each recipe. If you are new to air frying like me, this cookbook will be great to have with you in the kitchen!
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This is an excellent beginner to escort book on the basics of an air fryer, equipment needed, basic techniques, then breaking into recipes. I highly recommend to all who are new to air fryers.
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What a wonderful recipe! I just purchased my air fryer and I cannot wait to cook everything in this cookbook! I'm so very excited. Sure, these don't follow a particular diet, but they look delicious and that's all I need!
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I wish I could love this book but they just use to much processed food in their recipes.
I am not 100% sure about the affordable part but the quick and easy meals is a definite.
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There are some great recipes to be found in this book. The great thing about air frying food is that you can make some of your favorite comfort foods a little more healthy. There is an abundance of recipes in the book. I was particularly enthralled with the breakfast section and can't wait to make homemade breakfast pastries!
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What a gem of a cookbook! I adore my air fryer but had no idea there were so many things I could be making with it! I also feed a family of four- three meals a day plus snacks. The affordable aspect of this book is awesome! 

This recipe book had every topic of meal covered with ideas! The pages are simple with the ingredient list in yellow which makes it easy to scan. The recipe is typically short and sweet which is great for a busy mom! Each page also says how long it takes to prep, to cook and what it costs! I love that they’ve also included all the serving facts- something I never know when I make things myself!

I’d love to have this book in print to keep on hand in my kitchen! I’m definitely not a chef so this book is worded so perfectly for the every-day- person. I saved quite a few recipes to try out. I had no idea I could make this many things in my air fryer! What an excellent resource!
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Ok, so I am becoming a little bit of a nerd about air fryer cookbooks. Different enough of an appliance, I relied on cookbooks to help with cooking times and best practices through my learning process. Even now when I understand enough to adapt my own recipes, I still love checking out the latest cookbooks. And this is a really god one. It includes enough to get a novice up-to-speed quickly. What sets it apart is finding good recipes to feed  your family without breaking the bank. Each recipe includes a cost per serving that I found interesting. Good recipes using affordable ingredients. I only have made one so far, but I have a decent-sized list that I will be making soon.
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This book has lots of good recipes that can be made fast and cheap! I really want to try the Monkey Bread, Corn Fritters, and General Tso's Cauliflower. One thing I will say is that if you are looking for low carb recipes, this is not the place to look.
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I always love having recipes on hand and with new technology, this will be my first "air-fryer"cookbook. So excited to have this one and try some of these amazing sounding meals.
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I was excited to see this book and I love that all the recipes have nutritional information; however, what I don’t love is that the large majority of the recipes don’t include pictures. The recipes that caught my attention were breakfast, snack, sides, and dessert. I was not that interested in the main dishes; however, the book kept my interest throughout.
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I have both a basket-style and an oven-style air fryer and I appreciated the ideas in this book for how to get more use out of both!   It's very helpful to have clear instructions for how to cook things less obvious for the air fryer (baked dishes, breads and sweets, etc) since sometimes it's a real advantage to cook on a smaller scale and not heat up the whole kitchen with the conventional oven.  

A few recipes were repeats (egg dishes presented as two separate recipes when they were just ingredient variations with the same base and instructions) and I noticed sometimes the quantities seemed off (a recipe for muffins seems to suggest pouring a mixed box of cake mix and can of pumpkin into 6 egg cups, which seems unlikely.  No mention was made of cooking in batches.) but generally speaking these are good, useful recipes that I'm looking forward to trying!   Most recipes do not have pictures.   

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review.
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Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC, in exchange for this honest review.

I love flipping through a new cookbook and finding inspiration.  As a new air fryer owner, this provided some great ideas for ways to use my air fryer.  I especially liked the recipes for side dishes and veggies, and look forward to trying some out.  Recipes appear to be clearly written and easy to follow.  I like that the author did the math on cost per serving and nutrition info, although the former can vary widely by area and may go out of date, and the latter can be an imperfect science unless you are using all the same brands and a kitchen scale consistently.

Overall, I wouldn't personally buy this particular cookbook after browsing it.  It uses a lot of processed food short cuts, and that's just not the way I like to cook.
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I'll be honest, I don't have an air fryer. I'm reading books such as this one to see what I can make. Very intriguing. So many great recipes. More than my usual cookbooks. 

Thanks to author, publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.
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This is a decent cookbook- most of the recipes do look pretty simple and like they would be fairly cheap to whip up. I like that they had nutritional facts as well. While there were some pictures, there was not near as many as I would have liked to see. Also, many of the recipes use a lot of processed junk food. It may appeal to some, but they recipes really just weren't things I would personally make, unfortunately.
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Thank you for an ARC of The "I Love My Air Fryer" Affordable Meals Recipe Book.

I bought an air fryer last year and have only used it to make mostly small snacks like fried shrimp, onion rings and fries.

This cookbook was great!

Not only does the author offer easy and affordable recipes to make, nearly all of them are delicious and simple to make.

She also provides a budget breakdown of how much each meal costs as well as shortcuts; frozen items you can just pop into the air fryer, and jazz them up with a few personal touches.

Since I love sweets, I especially loved the section on desserts, which covers pretty much popular recipes that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

I just wished there were more photos!
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The book is a great compilation of ideas for food that is to be made in an air-fryer. I was slightly disappointed only in the fact that there weren't many vegan options. I do recommend this book because the recipes are easily applicable and I will be definitely referring to it for non-vegan options for family gatherings and such.
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I  received a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I've recently started using my air fryer, and I love finding new and easy recipes for it. I always get so surprised when I see that certain things can be cooked in an air fryer. French toast? Bacon? No way! 

Love this collection!

Favorite recipes:
Banana bread
Pigs in a blanket
Honey goat cheese balls
Fried pickles
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This is a really great air fryer book—simple ingredients, easy recipe steps, and a LOT of variety! I can’t wait to try so many of these!

Thanks to Adams Media & NetGalley for the opportunity to preview this cookbook!
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I love reading through cookbooks! This is a tradition that my mother-in-law passed along to me. This one is different because it is an alternate kitchen counter small appliance that many people, including myself, own. I have used it largely to heat up frozen French fries in a spectacular way, but really haven’t made much else in it. This will certainly change this. 
This cookbook is divided as a typical cookbook but with the addition of instructions and recipes that will be easily made in the Air Fryer. Many of these recipes are staples with a twist. I can’t wait to start trying these. The best aspect of this book is the additional information that is included with each recipe. For instance, there is information about alternative ingredients that can be used for a recipe and hand’s on time as well as cooking time. The author includes when to shake or flip the food and even the cost per serving. The photos are well done and are usually my favorite aspect of a cookbook. I love these photos and wish there were even more, but the information from the author is my favorite for this particular book.
Oh, and by the way, we made the Bruschetta Chicken tonight and it was delicious! Even high reviews from family who are skeptical of new recipes. 
Highly recommend for those trying to come up with ideas for other ways to utilize the Air Fryer!
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