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A book that will make you laugh and cry and frustrate you , we’ll just sign me up!  Not only is it wonderfully written , it’s witty and fun. A fantastic debut with great characters . A definite 2022 favorite
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An okay book that just didn't really hook me. I think it captured the struggles of a woman in the field at that time but I just couldn't connect with the character maybe because I have never been a career woman or what I don't know I felt like the pacing was off not diving deep enough but also not moving swift enough. I wanted to like it and I kept at it but it just stalled out for me.
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Wow!  There are very few literary characters that leave a lasting impact like Elizabeth Zott will leave on each and every reader that is smart enough to pick up Lessons in Chemistry.    A book set in the 1960s you will be transported to a time where your history books will leave you unprepared for the woman that is Elizabeth Zott.  Elizabeth Zott is not your average woman of the 60s and in fact she will be the first to tell you there is no such thing as an average woman.   

As a chemist, Elizabeth Zott, finds herself amid an all-male team at Hastings Research Institute and ultimately catches the eye of Calvin Evans, a brilliant and gruff Nobel Prize-nominee and chemistry between them simmers and eventually fall in love.    Years later though Elizabeth Zott finds herself in the most unprecedented position - a single mother and hosting a cooking show.   Pushing boundaries and social constructs of what the 'woman's role' truly is Elizabeth Zott makes waves and gathers a following with her unique approach to hosting her cooking show - using chemistry with a pinch of bold and fearless thoughts.  

This book and it's cast of characters is funny as it is heartwarming.  The reader will fall in love with Elizabeth Zott and you will feel deeply for all the characters you come across in this story.    This is a masterpiece of a debut.
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⚛️ I love female STEM rep in books. This book nails it for the time period regarding how women in STEM were likely treated by male colleagues. Thankfully, due to strong, perservering women like our fictional Miss Zott, women do not have to deal with that nonsense anymore (at least in most cases). 

⚛️ I’m an engineer and there were only two courses in college I absolutely hated - chemistry and differential equations! If I’d have had Miss Zott as a chemistry teacher I would have loved the class! I appreciate when people, fictional or otherwise, are able to make a complex science relatable and understandable. 

⚛️ I’ve always said that cooking was a science and this book proves that! 

⚛️ I did feel like Christianity was misrepresented a bit in the book… or maybe oversimplified is a better word. I do get frustrated when stories bash one ideology in support of another.  

⚛️ Every single character in this book was amazing! Every one. I was sad when the book ended because I felt like I was losing some friends. 

⚛️ Six-Thirty!! Best dog name ever! The dog has a backstory and a perspective in this book. At first it felt corny, but it quickly became endearing. 

⚛️ This is a phenomenal debut book! It’s a love story, a fight for equal opportunity, and a family drama. You’ll enjoy it and maybe even learn a little chemistry along the way.

Thank you @NetGalley and @DoubleDayBooks for an eARC of this book, which I have read and reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I loved this refreshing book featuring a strong female character who really was the shining star of the story, despite going through a lot of trouble before finally finding success in life for herself. At times the story made me gasp with shock and at other times I was crying with grief for what Elizabeth Zott went through in life. For a debut novel to be this awesome, I am very eager to see what the author writes next. I absolutely loved this book. Thank you so much for the review copy!
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I had so much fun reading this book I forgot it was historical fiction. 

In this book, we meet Elizabeth Zott, a zingy name for a zany scientist-  turned cooking tv show host. She is refreshing and whip-smart and a lot of fun to read. 

She reminded me of the character from Masters of Sex but just replace any sexual content with cooking content and you’ve got this book. 

If you think a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down then you’ll love this gulp of realism mixed in with lines that you’ll be smiling at from behind your headphones. 

I listened to this one in audiobook format and recommend you check it out. 

Out now!

Thanks to Doubleday Books/ Penguin Random House Audio and Netgalley for the advanced copies!

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"During one of the advertising breaks he turned to the woman next to him.
'If you don't mind me asking...what is it that you like about the show?'
'Being taken seriously.'
'Not the the recipes?'
She looked back in incredulously.
'Sometimes I think,' she said slowly, 'that if a man were to spend a day being a woman in America, he wouldn't make it past noon.' The woman on the other side of him tapped his knee.
'Prepare for a revolt.'"

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book - perhaps a more science-y Where'd You Go Bernadette, maybe a little feminist zing thrown in here and there - but what I got blew me away.

The story is heart-wrenching, yet hopeful; infuriating, yet hilarious; romantic, empowering, thought-provoking, and altogether unforgettable. The cast of characters is wonderful, Elizabeth Zott is the hero we all need, and if someone were to create a show like Supper at Six, I would watch it religiously.

A top book of the year for me, for sure.

Thank you to NetGalley, Doubleday, and the author for the eARC in exchange for my review.
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Picked this up from a recommendation on my book review page. I have to admit that I was skeptical about how it was all going to come together at the end but it totally did!! Elizabeth Zott is reminiscent of Eleanor Opliphant and Molly Gray, both of whom I loved.
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I am so surprised by how much I loved this book! I hated the subject of chemistry growing up, which makes me the perfect reader for this story of such incredible triumph in a time when it was so tough for women to get ahead in not just education, but so many other areas of society. I cannot believe how much ground the author was able to cover here, yet she tied it so nicely together (as much as life can be in all its suffering). Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for provider me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I absolutely loved this book. I loved the women's movement. I am not a feminist but I thoroughly loved this book. This book will stick with me.
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This was a witty and charming read about Elizabeth Zott. She’s a chemist in the 1960’s and doesn’t receive the respect she deserves in her field just because she’s a woman. I loved everything about her -she’s smart, independent, sarcastic and she’s brutally honest. At times the things she said to others made me laugh out loud.  Don’t be fooled by the “chemistry” aspect. She is a research chemist so at times there was some scientific jargon, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  It was such an entertaining read. 

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review,
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I didn't realize just how much I was going to love this book. I had heard about it and thought it sounded like something that would keep my attention. It did that and more!

I loved the quirky characters. I loved everything about them. Elizabeth Zott did not take prisoners and she educated a myriad of women with her "cooking" show. I loved Mad and how she was so much like both of her parents. I loved Harriet, the no-nonsense neighbor who stepped up and ended up being so important. I loved how all the stories tied together seamlessly and were brought back around at just the right times.

I loved this book. Period.

Thanks to Netgalley and Doubleday for a copy of this delightful read.
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I want everyone to read this book!!! Lessons in Chemistry is a story with SO much and it hit perfectly for me. It's smart, full of heart, and quirky... a layered story with rich and interesting characters. We follow Elizabeth Zott through it all. We learn her back story including her strange upbringing. Then she faces misogyny and terrible abuse in school and her career in chemistry research. She falls in love then experiences devastating loss and even more challenges. I think my favorite part of the book was when she finally asked for help and developed her found family. Her career totally shifts gears and it was so fun to see her chemistry brain working while cooking. There is so much I left out, I would really love to go on and on gushing about this book. I can guarantee any review or synopsis you've read of this story does not touch on all the intricacies of this wonderful story.
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This book just wasn't for me. I was really engaged at the beginning, but then I quickly got bored and just ended up not caring for the characters.
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3.5 stars - This was an up & down book for me. I liked it, but I didn't. I wasn't what I expected (no HEA), but I can certainly appreciate how different it was for women years ago in any work/educational pursuit, but sometimes it seems unrealistic and over-the-top. It has some interesting & quirky characters, the slow plot development almost made me stop reading the book, however, I am glad I continued on as it did pick up. There were definitely some funny parts & some surprising emotional parts to the book that I was not expecting, overall, I'm liked the book, but I did not love the book.

I received this advance review copy from from NetGalley & the publisher for my honest review.
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This is the best book I have read in years — well-written, witty, entertaining and transformative. I was originally put off by the cover which made it look like a cheesy rom com. Then I read some Amazon reviews that said things like “laugh out loud funny,” and to myself I said, “Well, I’ll see about that!”  So you might say I started reading this because I didn’t want to like it.
It didn’t take me long to change my mind. The droll understated play of characters and situations really are laugh out loud funny. Contrast that with descriptions of the injustice of the world of the 1950’s against women, and you will become fully engaged in the story of Elizabeth Zott  and her quest to be taken seriously as a woman of science.
My review is brief because since everything about this story was perfect, I find it impossible to select a few highlights. IOver and over, I found myself reading paragraphs and pages aloud to my husband which made us both laugh and shake our heads. 
Bonnie Garmus treats her readers  with respect as she provides a great story along with a challenge to push your limits. I sure hope she continues to do the same with what ever she writes next.
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This was a quirky book that tells the story of Elizabeth Zott, a chemist in the early 1960s. It was entertaining and fun to read, but the characters and setup were just too unbelievable for me. The book stretches real things and character traits to exaggeration in a way that became annoying.
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Elizabeth Zott is a chemist, but in the 1960’s she’s finding it challenging to be taken seriously in a male dominated field. Until she meets Calvin Evans who not only takes her work serious, but falls quickly in love with this very serious, intelligent woman.

I absolutely adored this novel and the characters that Garmus brought to life on these pages. The writing was phenomenal and pulled me in immediately when I started reading.

I was not prepared though for all the emotions this book would evoke. As a woman, I was often frustrated and enraged reading about how the men treated Elizabeth. At the same time, there were moments I found myself laughing or in tears. There is so much within these pages to unpack, but I loved the journey that Garmus takes us on and the characters woven in throughout.

LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY is an amazing read that covers everything from women empowerment and female friendships to identity and grief. This book is so special and I would absolutely recommend giving it a read!
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“This blockbuster debut set in 1960s California features the singular voice of Elizabeth Zott, a scientist whose career takes a detour when she becomes the star of a beloved TV cooking show.”

Elizabeth is a smart and driven scientist who often can’t do and succeed at what she loves because of the expectations placed on women during that time period.  I loved seeing how she refused to compromise and just went after what she wanted. I honestly wasn’t sure what to think about this book at first and wondered if I should continue at about 30 percent.  But I am SO glad I did because it ended up being a wonderful five star book!

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🤟funny, heartwarming, feminist
📚The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
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This book didn't live up to the hype for me.  I appreciated the scope of the feminist angle, but am not sure if I liked the main character. Reminded me of John Irving. At times serious and others absurd. I like the dog and bringing his thoughts to life enhanced the plot.  The precocious daughter and her actions and conversations with Waverly, the reverend, were good and thoughtful.  Parts of it were really good but others seemed trite.

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