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All That We Have Lost

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A lovely  generational historical fiction about two women, one living in 1944 during Germany’s occupation of France, the other from 2019 trying to rebuild her life in France. A story of  love, fear, loss, grief, strength and empowerment. A very good read!
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Such a good historical novel with a great dual timeline. I really enjoyed it it captivated me from the start and I just wanted to keep on reading
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All That We Have Lost by Suzanne Fortin

A brilliant read that was a dual timeline set in modern day and WW2 .This book had it all, part romance , part mystery , throw in intrigue and a little history and you come up with this excellent book.
We have Imogen in the present day , who has just tragically just lost her husband . Inspite of that she makes the bold decision to move over to France to take on a place that needs a lot of work doing to it. She finds that the locals and builders shun coming to It to help her out.
Back to WW2  and Simone , living and surviving in occupied France and having to do things to help her family through terrible times.
The storylines are worked together very well making it a heartening and at times heartbreaking story.
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All That We Have Lost is told in two time lines that are related. In the modern timeline. Imogen Wren's husband unexpectedly dies of several years after they were married leaving her a young widow. In 2019, she decides to follow a dream that she had with her husband to move to France. She purchases an old abandoned Chateau that she falls in love with. This chateau is in ruins and needs major work done to it. The townspeople won't come near the Chateau and all local tradesmen in the area refuse to work on it. There seems to be a web of secrets surrounding the house that lead back to the war when the Germans occupied the Chateau.

The second story is set in 1944 when the German troops occupied the village. Simone Varon does her best to avoid  any contact with the soldiers however one soldier begins to leave bottles of medicine for her sick brother. This soldier seems to always be keeping an eye out for her. She begins to realize that he is a genuinely good man that is forced into being a soldier. Another soldier that is not a good man forces her to play her flute at the parties at the Chateau. The two stories both have the Chateau in common. This is an excellent book that I recommend.
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This is a new author for me but absolutely enjoyed this story from page one. Read this in one day as just had to know and had to keep going. Brave Imogen and courageous Simone and throw in a lovely french man and a kind German into the mix and of course a beautiful chateau in need of tender loving care and with a mystery. 
Would probably liked to have had a bit of an inside to what happened to Simone after 1944 but all in all loved this book. 
Thank you NetGalley  and Aria & Aries for the early read.
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