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Norse mythology, fierce female warriors and sapphic enemies-to-lovers all in one young adult novel.

I liked the strong start to Sigrid's story. Her desire to be a part of something bigger with the Valkyries. When an enemy attacks Vanaheim, Sigrid steps up to protect her place and takes down an enemy attacker named Mariam. Little does she realize the journey in store for her.

The undertow of the growing connection with Mariam was one of the parts I enjoyed reading. The character depth was unique and though I struggled with a few plot points I liked the way Warner merges myth and fantasy to create the world and plot. Lets not forget the bond between horse and rider. Hestur was an excellent addition to the characters.

This is definitely a novel where the development lies in the journey. Some of the areas are slower than I would've enjoyed but overall I found myself cheering for the underdogs and itching for the unraveling of mythic details.

I'd recommend this novel to young adult readers looking for a myth based journey with relatable heroines. Thank you Entangled Teen for the gifted digital copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. True rating 3.5/5.
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I picked up this book because I love valkyries and thought it would be fun to delve a litter deeper into Norse mythology. It ended up being a good read with some great characters and an interesting storyline.

Sigrid is our main female lead. She's a stable hand in Vanaheim who dreams of becoming a valkyrie. What I really liked about Sigrid was her drive and determination to go after what she wants and stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. She's strong-willed and full of hope for her future. Definitely a main character I can get behind. I was also a fan of the side characters - Mariam was fierce, Fisk was interesting, and we even had a good villain.

While the book was great character-wise, I wasn't totally in love with the flow of the story. I found it pretty slow in some parts, and the writing and dialogue seemed a bit off at times. I've seen some reviews mention that the dialogue is quite modern, yet the story feels like it's from a different time and the contrast between the two is essentially what could lead a reader to feel unsettled. I think I agree with that viewpoint now that I've finished the book however, I think that it will allow some younger readers to connect better so not a bad thing overall just not great for me.

Overall, I think this is a good book, and I'm interested to see where the story goes from here. I think it will appear to a younger audience - I'm not if all of the YA-loving adults will love it though, in my opinion!
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i loved the idea of this book, but i just didn't feel as though it lived up to my personal expectations. i wanted something different to what this book was about, but loved it all the same.
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"the valkyries daughter" is a wonderous sapphic ya fantasy. this is based on norse mythology which is incredibly underrated so i was super excited to read this. sigrid was an interesting and relatable main character who wants to be more then an ordinary stable hand. mariam was a great love interest and i loved learning more about her. i wasn't big on the romance but it was still super fun! the enemies to lovers was executed nicely. the plot was quite unique and there were many plot twists that I enjoyed. this is marketed as shera meets thor so if that seems up your alley, definitely check it out when it's available
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4.25 rounded down to 4. A fun journey through Norse Mythology with just a pinch of romance. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sigrid wants more than anything to be a Valkyrie, using those abilities to protect her realm from night elves and forces seeking to invade; however Sigrid was not born with a flying mare at her side. She has a mortals horse, leading to the Valkyries in training treating her as less than...even though she tends to their mares even better than they do. Upon seeing a vision of her riding Odin's famed 8 legged horse, Sigrid strikes out with a banished enemy Valkyrie to find her fate. The journey will be treacherous and that's even before they reach their destination: Helheim.

Sigrid was a great character to go on this adventure with. She made mistakes....numerous ones, but she learned from them and made herself better for them. She didn't run from them or hide them, openly admitting her faults and preventing any awkward reveals she would have to make later. The same however can't be said for her companion, Mariam. That doesn't mean Mariam is a bad character or is unredeemable, it just makes it harder for me to relate with her. The banter between characters throughout the story I fantastic, and the woven stories stitched into the fabric of Sigrid and Miriam makes a beautiful tapestry to take in. 

While the story took some obvious turns, I'm glad I was allowed in Sigrid's world. The ending was open(ish) to where a second novel could be possible, and I would welcome it home with open arms. 4.25 stars rounded down to 4. Recommended for readers ages 12+ as well as for those who love Norse mythology.
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The Valkyrie's Daughter follows Sigrid, a should-be-valkyrie who was matched with a regular horse and is unable to train with the other recruits. Instead, she is a stablehand and serves the junior valkyrie recruits. Sigrid's world falls under attack and she teams up with an unexpected valkyrie named Mariam who loses her winged horse. After that, hijinks ensue! I'm a lifelong horseback rider, a fan of historical fiction/myth retellings, and enjoy books set in viking times, so I was very excited to request this book!

First of all, I thought that the horses were very fleshed out in this book. I could tell that the author put a lot of care in describing parts of horse care that we don't usually see in books (like wrapping legs, diet, differences in horse temperament that was actually realistic, and flying vs. riding). I wasn't a huge fan of Sigrid at the beginning but she grew on me as the book went on. I really liked her relationship with her horse and her relationship with Mariam and am interested to see how sequels will continue their story!

I thought that the world was a little weird. Maybe it was the mix of modern language with a historical fiction/fantasy setting, but it was weird to me that a character who lives with actual valkyries didn't know anything about Norse mythology. It's explained in the story but it just felt a little off. I felt like I was reading a queer YA romance/adventure that happened to be set in a world with valkyries. This tone left me scrambling to make sense of the world and characters. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is particularly interested in horses or wants a fun adventure book. The world was a little off for me and made me not love this book as much as I wanted, but I had fun reading it. 2.95 stars rounded up to 3 from me. Thank you to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley for the electronic advanced reader's copy in exchange for my honest review!
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I love anything based on Norse Mythology, so this did not disappoint.  Sigrid wants to be a Valkyrie, but doesn't have a winged horse.  What can she do?  She was paired as a child with a plain horse.  She is destined to be a stable hand, nothing more.  But everything changes when she sees a vision of riding one of the winged beasts during a battle.  Her destiny awaits, but it is intertwined with Mariam, a fallen valkyrie.  It is a coming of age tale that is well written and an enjoyable read!
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Sigrid as in infant was found in Vanahei.m. Now as a sixteen year old orphan, she sleeps with her Midgard horse Hestur that she was born with.  Sigrid works as a stable hand..  She helps take care of the powerful full winged horses that the valkyrie  ride.  Sigrid wants to be a valkyrie  so badly.  The Vanaheim  (town) is attacked by night elves plus more.  She accidentally kills an “evil” Valkyrie’s horse.. the Valkyrie is taken and put in a “prison cell.”  Sigrid sees a vision of herself riding a mystical horse leading the valkyries into an awful battle.  Sigrid now knows her destiny.  But first she must help the valkyrie Mariam free as she needs her help to go to the land where the mystical horse lives.  Will Mariam help her?  On their way, they are trapped by night elves who have dubious ideas on what they will do.  Fisk who is a weak night elf  according to the other night elves but  helps them escape and gets them to their destination.  

The author has written a novel that is filled with  fast-paced adventure with surprising twists and turns.  There is the mystery of Sigrid’s parents that she wants to know.  The story includes a budding romance.  The author writes in an author’s end note telling that she used the Norse mythology for her story though there is little information about it.  I loved how the author kept my interest and attention throughout the story.  I hope that she writes a sequel to this novel due to my enjoyment of the book.  It’s a novel to be enjoyed by adults besides the original audience of young adults.  It’s a novel that I didn’t want to end!
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I enjoyed this nonstop adventure to Hel. Sigrid has the heart of a Valkyrie but wasn't born with a winged mare. So she is relugated to the stable.
After an attack and a vision, she sees herself as something important.
So she travels with Mariam the Valkyrie that she helped capture during the attack.
Sigrid and Mariam's relationship becomes closer along the way.
But then their destination a person Sigrid never thought she would see appears and tells her a bunch of stuff. Let's just say a war breaks out.

You have to pay attention to every page because they are constantly trekking or plotting and you can easily get lost.

Interested to see what book 2 brings now that Sigrids parentage is known and certain truths were uncovered. 

Thank you entangledpub and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.
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I have loved what I have read from Tiana Warner, so when I saw The Helheim Princess, I had to have it. I love myths and legends and reading books that stretch my imagination.

‘Sigrid urged Hestur to a gallop….’ and their mad dash to Vanaheim and back had me cracking up. I’ll leave it to you to find out why, but with a start like that, I feel good about the rest of the story.

Sigrid has no memory of her family and she is bullied by the Valkyries. She wants so much to be one of them, but so many things work against her. Valkyries have magical horses and Hestur is not magical, or white and gorgeous. He is brown, ordinary looking, but as fast as the wind. She trains in secret…and it will come in handy.

Dire wolves. Night elves. Helheim…the land of the dead.

On Sigrid’s quest for her destiny, she will be used and betrayed, but she will also find the most loyal friends and her place in the world.

Tiana Warner’s creative world building had me lost in the fantasy. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with Sigrid and her friends. The characters are fleshed out, growing and changing.

I couldn’t put it down long enough to take many notes. I was captivated with the vividly created world, fabulous characters and an adventure filled with surprise and danger. I love when I don’t always know where I am going, but enjoy the time it takes to get there.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Helheim Princess by Tiana Warner.

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Sigrid grew up around valkyries, wanting to be like them, but always on the outside. Her arc through the novel of coming to realize the value in her own unique skills and talents is very well done. Warner has written an enjoyable adventure story with love and friendship and growth. Unlike some opening books in series, The Valkyrie's Daughter stands well on its own, while still tempting readers to want to know what comes next in Sigrid's journey. The approach to gender roles and sexuality was well-balanced, showing how a culture can be both accepting in some ways and rigid in others. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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This is the first book I’ve read by Tiana Warner. I was expecting an epic fantasy just by the description. What I did not expect was how The Valkyrie’s Daughter grabbed me right from the beginning. This story took off running and didn’t stop till the last page. I’m so happy I got to read this ARC from Entangled Teen and Netgalley!

I am not very familiar with Norse mythology but lately, I’ve been reading books with their stories based on these mythologies. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them!

If you’ve been with me for any time at all, you know I love stories with a journey at its crux. I just love to see a character move from point A to point B, and beyond, and to witness all the changes and growth that happens. It’s very satisfying to see someone who starts out in negative circumstances (whether real or perceived) to become someone who thrives in spite of –more likely because of–the challenges they’ve come through. I absolutely love Sigrid’s journey. She feels abandoned, is bullied, and sees herself as less than others around her. Her biggest dream is to be a Valkyrie, but all she’ll ever be is a stable hand–to hear her tell it. But even though it seems unlikely she’ll ever get her dream, she works toward it (in secret) anyway, hoping that someday she’ll get the chance to prove her worth. I just wanted Sigrid to be able to rise up and become all that she ever wanted to be, even if that particular dream changes and grows as she travels on her path.

There were points I had to stop reading for a bit. Every time we turn around there is another betrayal or lie or abandonment. I wanted to throw my book at a few of the narrow-minded, haughty, unwavering characters. Sometimes, though, those horrible people are the very ones that bring the others up and out. If Sigrid wasn’t treated as she was, would she have set out to make her vision come true? It’s hard but the Universe has her plans.

Then there’s Mariam. I love her character too. She has so much to offer but is blinded by her past and her thirst for revenge. There are so many lessons to learn in this story. Everyone is having an awakening of their own. Whether it’s their strength, their worth, or their love, eyes are being opened anew. The relationship between Sigrid and Mariam is a slow burn and it is written perfectly. You can’t help but hope for their happily-ever-after.

There is one villain but several who are villainous. The villain comes off as a narcissist, making everyone believe their agenda is for the best of all when things aren’t what they seem at all. You just really want them to get what they’ve got coming to them.

This book has non-stop action. The battle scenes are intense. And the world building is very well done. The characters feel like real people and I have come to care about them and their futures. The ending is satisfying and leaves you wanting the next book. I cannot wait for book 2!

I highly recommend The Valkyrie’s Daughter to fans of epic fantasy, Norse mythology, romantic fantasy, Sapphic romantic fantasy, forbidden love, found family, and enemies-to-lovers.
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Thank you to Entangled Teen and Netgalley for sending me an e-ARC of this book to read and review. This was okay for me. I thought getting into it was really slow and drawn out and it didn't fully pull me in like I hoped it would. I loved the adventure and the combination of the Norse mythology, but it fell flat at a lot of points. I thought Sigrid was such a hard main character to like. She seemed selfish and I would have loved to see narration in other points of view. I liked the side characters and thought they brought much more to the story. I also didn't see a ton of character development and after a book with mostly no action, the end felt really sped up and overdone to me. This is the first in the series and I think for right now I won't continue reading the other installments.
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Two words that I would use to describe this book are EMPOWERED WOMEN! Practically every single one of these people in the book is a badass! So jealous of them, they have all these awesome abilities and they have PEGASI too so yup I am definitely jealous! Also, if you loved the Magnus Chase series by the amazing Rick Riordan definitely check this book out you won't regret it! Ok now back to the review writing😂! This is a thrilling story about a girl who is trying to figure out where she belongs in the world (or should I say worlds) and meets a badass woman who happens to also be the enemy but as they spend more time together traveling the nine worlds something starts to bloom between them but it might be the thing that changes everything... 

Thank You Entangled Teen and Netgalley for the eARC!!!!
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This was a wonderful world full of adventure. I loved exploring with our main characters. If you are a fan of fantasy then this is the book for you!
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It is a thrilling, intricate, and romantic #OwnVoices LGBTQ fantasy that builds on Norse mythology into a beautiful story all its own.

We follow Sigrid , who for as long as she could remember, she’s wanted to become a mighty, fearless valkyrie. But without a winged mare, she’s a mere stable hand, left wondering who her parents were and why she’s so different. So when the Eye shows her a vision where she's leading a valkyrie charge on the legendary eight-legged horse Sleipnir, she grabs the possibility of this greater destiny with both hands, refusing to let go. 
Too bad that the only one who can help her get there is Mariam, an enemy valkyrie who begrudgingly agrees to lead her to Helheim but who certainly can’t be trusted―even if she does make Sigrid more than a little flustered. As they cross the nine worlds, battling night elves, riding sea serpents, and hurtling into fire to learn the truth about Sigrid’s birthright, an unexpected but powerful bond forms. 
As her feelings for Mariam deepen into something fiery and undeniable, Fate has other plans for Sigrid. What happens when the one thing you think you were meant to do might end the nine worlds?

Lately I really enjoy reading Viking / Norse mythology inspired books and this one was no exception. 
I liked the writing style and I loved the story. There is an LGBTQ+ slow burn romance in the book that was perfectly done. I also really liked how the relationship between Sigrid and Mariam evolved as well as the friendship dynamics between Sigrid, Mariam and Fisk.
The world is inspired by Norse Mythology and it is done beautifully despite the liberties that the author took. I loved the part where they travelled through the nine worlds to Helheim where Sigrid would fulfill her destiny.
It has a satisfying ending and I am really excited to read the next book with new adventures for Sigrid.
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The Valkyie’s daughter is about Sigrid, a young woman of mysterious origins who longs to be a Valkyrie. She sees a vision of herself leading the Valkyrie’s into battle riding Odin’s horse, and sets off on an adventure to see the vision through. 
This book was set in the world of Norse mythology, but is not an actual horse myth. I enjoyed that it has such a strong world built, but felt that overall the characters struggled to keep my attention.
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I know very little about Norse mythology, I'm deathly allergic to horses, and I am very over YA fantasy. And yet this book was pretty charming. I started out skeptical, and wondered exactly where the story was going to go. But by the end I was enthralled! I liked the adventure, I liked the characters, I thought the romance was fairly well done (though very young adult, I can forgive that as just being not really meant for me in the first place). The rocky start led to a much more interesting later section, and I liked the afterward just as much in exploring how Warner came to write this and where she drew from myth and where she inflected it with her own voice. In fact I really loved the ideas woven through this of being allowed to feel out of place and that one wants to pursue a greater goal- while validating that others can have it harder, and system prejudice/racism/assumptions mean that every person is fighting for different stakes. Honestly, I think that brief sidebar was the best part of the book, and really made it step up from a 3.5 star read to a 4 star read. If you enjoy horses, myth, romance, great sidekicks, and two really kick-butt steeds, then this is the book for you. And if you're a teen, all the better- but as a very full-grown adult, I enjoyed riding along with Sigrid and her new friends.
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Thank you Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for this eARC for review! 

4/5 stars. This was a fun, Sapphic YA read with Norse mythology about an underdog facing the challenges of their world and their current station, while also having a f/f enemies to lovers relationship. 
Full review to come once I collect my thoughts!
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The Valkyrie's Daughter is the first book in The Helheim Prophecy series by Tiana Warner. I was captivated by the vividly created world, fabulous characters, and an adventure filled with surprise and danger. I love when I do not know where the story is going.  The Valkyrie's Daughter is the perfect young adult romantic fantasy.
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