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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

First and foremost, I really liked this book. I like the cover, the writing, Remy and her parents. I really liked the concept of the story and I did not get dissapointed at all.

I really liked the maincharacter Remy (the others not so much tho syke). She went from being this populair mean girl ish type to a 'darker' character that shit happened to and she deals with it with humor.

Now about the other characters. Everyone around her could see how badly what happened scared her and instead of leaving it be (why should she have to kiss anyone anyway) they kepts pushing her ir even pushing the dudes in their town to kiss her. I honestly didnt like any of them.

The book itself was a nice, quick read with a cool story, it should probably be knows that is is mostly a romantic story.
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This was a fun, interesting YA book. I really enjoyed the concept of this story. I thought it was written really well, the writing flowed easily. I found myself not having any issue paying attention like i might have with another YA. Remy was my favorite character, i liked her humor and the way she handled what happened to her. Overall, a pleasant enjoyable book.

I would probably give it 3.5 stars. 

Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire for providing me a copy of this book for my honest review.
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I thought the pacing of the book was well done the characters where easy to connect with and I overall thought it was a good read!
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Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire for allowing me to read and review this title! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Holloway Girls is about:
When your kiss is good luck, the wrong kiss could change everything...

During the kissing season, one kiss from Remy or her older sister Maggie will give the boy—or girl—good luck. Or so it has been for all the Holloway girls before. But this year, Remy's first season, she doesn't follow the rules, dooming the boy she kisses to bad luck that almost kills him and leaving Remy with a cursed kissing season.

Now Remy is adamant about keeping her lips to herself. But the new boy in town is making it hard to keep her promise. Especially because he seems to really want to get to know her, and isn't just using her for the Holloway luck. But before she can even think about kissing someone else, she'll have to find a way to fix the curse, or else her family's legacy will be tainted forever.

My thoughts:
I wanted to like this book more. I really did. The premise sounded like it would be so much more fun and maybe a little fluffy supernatural-like read but I wasn't too much of a fan of Remy. For a debut author, the writing is very good and I liked the kiss-curse and how Remy wanted to fix what she had done but it was just her personality I couldn't get behind. I liked the "love interests" that popped up. I would like to see what Susan Crispell will have in store for us in the future but this was a slight miss for me. 

3 stars
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This was a great YA novel!! I liked the characters and the plot a lot. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you to NetGalley for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The premise of this book definitely had me intrigued: magic, kissing and curses. What’s not to love? 

The book starts with Remy embarking on her season as a Holloway girl; a time in which all her kisses bring luck to the fortunate recipients. In actuality, her first kiss of the season goes to Isaac who was not entirely honest with her and therefore unlocks an unlucky curse. The story follows Remy as she tries to undo the curse that she blames herself for initiating. 

I found Remy to be quite an unlikeable protagonist- her woe-is-me attitude throughout the book got a bit tiresome and I found it difficult to root for her in the end. Whilst the romance element was relatively cute (if not a little repetitive), the magic element of the book was a bit under-explored and seemed to exist in complete isolation to the rest of the setting. 

Overall, I think some of my 12-13 year old students would really enjoy this as a quick romancey novel.
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Thank you, Net Galley for this wonderful ARC. 

Imagine getting good luck because you were kissed by a Holloway girl. But there are rules to be followed.  The book is about Remy and her kissing season which did not turn out the way she was expecting. Not a witchy story and the focus was on Remy's struggle.  Her feelings and dealings, sense of responsibility, stuborness and her determination will make you both root for her and be miffed at the same time.

I found the blurb a bit confusing. The magic angle was not explained. I thought it was about the sisters but again no.  It is a teenage romance book and a bit of a slow start.
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This was such a cool concept but I just couldn’t get into it as much as I wanted to. I had a hard time connecting with the characters but it was still unique. I did really love the author’s writing!
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I really enjoyed the plot in this book. I was very excited about this book when I seen it. It has everything you need a coven of witches that give out good luck kisses that help people throughout their lives. It is time for Remy to start her kissing season and it all goes wrong. 

Unfortunately I DNFed this book at 25%. It was very slow paced. I loved the plot but it was the characters that I just couldn’t fall in love with. The relationship with Remy and her sister was not like anything I have ever experienced with my sister; making it hard for me to relate. Even though I DNFed the book I’m still curious about how the story ends.
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I’m always in search for a good magical realism title, and The Holloway Girls did not disappoint. I loved the characters and how real they seemed and the history behind the magic of the Halloway girls.
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From the get-go this book had me by the hem of my pants just from reading this books blurb. It’s good to a point but then it kinda gets redundant and annoying. It’s either kiss him or don’t. I hate when a book goes around in circles. I love the ending and who wouldn’t. But the whole running in circles thing keeps this from being a five star read.
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Susan Bishop Crispell sort of has a thing about magic and food, and The Holloway Girls has a bit of this trend in sisters Maggie and Remy, who help their mother with her bakery food truck. Remy is the budding baker of the family--working through her problems with baked goods, and Maggie is the non-baker, who makes things explode. But that's a side note to the real magic of the book: when Holloway girls turn sixteen they must go through what is called the kissing season, which occurs on the summer solstice following their birthday and lasts for a full year. During this year, anyone who kisses them will have good luck and the girl will have luck in return. It's a whole luck jamboree. Unless rules are broken and someone is kissed whose heart is with another. Then things turn pretty bad.

Enter Remy, who rushes out and kisses her crush the first chance she gets. Unfortunately her crush breaks the rules: he's in love with someone else. Then he pretty immediately almost dies. That's the beginning of Remy's disastrous kissing season, so she immediately decides no more kissing! But kids from school are terrorizing her and a cute boy moves in next door and Remy knows she has to find a way to break the bad luck, but how?

So, the premise of The Holloway Girls is great and the first 25% of the novel goes by in a blink. It's engaging, it's fun, and I found myself really wanting to root for Remy to find the solution to her problems. But then...the love interest shows up. Don't get me wrong, I love a good romance, but this one kind of throws the book's forward momentum into the mud. It just gets so stuck on will Remy kiss Tobin. When will Remy kiss Tobin? Can't Remy kiss Tobin? SURELY SHE MUST KISS TOBIN. And then Remy is constantly harping at her sister: Have you kissed Juliette yet? Are you going to kiss her? WHY HAVEN'T YOU KISSED HER, MAGGIE? And I'm like, whoa. Where did the plot go in this book? Why is it just a bunch of people arguing about kissing all of a sudden? I mean, granted, the book is about kissing, but also it's about lifting a curse, which...Remy does not really actively try to accomplish. Getting her to try is like pulling teeth and that's when you realize there are muddled stakes in this book. Like, sure, Isaac has some bad luck, but nothing about that really pushes Remy to help him. Nothing is affecting her so much as it's affecting other people, and that's mostly off page, so you mainly get Remy moping while she's making whoopie pies and listing to moody music. I wanted there to be more urgency, but Remy didn't seem to have any. 

The writing style was mostly pretty strong, but I found the way people spoke to each other off-putting, or almost like characters were giving away too much of the plot in dialogue, which ran the book right into jarring territory. For instance, when Tobin and his sister show up the first thing they say (literally, the first thing) is announce which of them have dibs on which sister. The magic was also a little scanty and unexplained. 

So, cool premise and set up. Readers more invested in the romance won't be disappointed. Readers there more for the magic might not get the mileage they're expecting.
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I really enjoyed this book, the idea of her kiss becoming a curse and taking control of your power is really awesome. Overall Remy is a cute character and it is a good YA book.
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Sadly DNF @ 36% (that's why I'm rating this 3/5 on NetGalley)

I had a problem with the protagonist as soon as I started the book, but I kept going because that's not something that would stop me reading a book. I didn't really enjoy reading her and her voice had something that I can't quite place but annoyed the hell out of me. It might be that the MC was selfish and made arbitrary decisions based on ??? stuff? And I don't mean "oh, this MC makes bad decisions because she's a teenager in a YA book", but decisions that didn't make sense to me as a reader. 

First of all, kissing Isaac? Knowing he was still in love with Hannah? The MC says she's hopeful he might want her and that she has a little bit of his heart, but she's clear to state that Isaac's most probably still hooked to Hannah. So she still kisses him, knowing the magic she's known for her whole life (and she has seen at least one other Holloway girl go through it) not only doesn't work that way but that it WILL give the other person bad luck?

Then, she decides to let it be? Like, she goes on and on about "I have to find a way to make Isaac's bad luck disappear", "I gotta research on this on my book", etc etc yet she never does a single thing. She only calls an aunt who doesn't want anything to do with the Holloway magic who basically convinces her to leave the magic alone? And she does actually, yet keeps thinking about doing something about Isaac's bad luck, YET SHE KEEPS DOING NOTHING?

The last straw for me is the kind of insta love with the new neighbor. Like??? I get he might find her attractive and flirt with her, absolutely no problem on that front, but her feeling automatically attracted to him, wanting to be close with him WHILE she keeps thinking "I can't kiss anyone else this summer, I have to find the cure to Isaac's bad luck, damn the neighbor is hot, oh no he can't have me, I'll go talk to him so Maggie doesn't steal him from me, I can't kiss anyone else this summer" etc etc. 

I think the idea was lovely yet the ejecution felt short for me, which is really sad because I think the whole thing had (has!) potential. I would still love to read other things by the author, because I think her ideas are interesting and fun!

PS: I also didn't love the whole/writing/like/this out of nowhere. I don't know if that's gonna be there on the published version, but yeah.
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Thank you netgalley for the opportunity to read the Holloway girls. 
OK so I was excited to read this as the blurb sounded refreshing to me and ultimately could be a nice little read. 
While I didn't understand the whole Remy falling out with a certain someone won't name names, it finally became clearer towards the end.
I would have liked maybe some kind of flashbacks or more people searching from the book of luck but overall still enjoyed the story alot and Toben & Remy had some funny Dialect.
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Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It is a great example of how people make mistakes, but that should not stop them from being happy and living their lives. Remy is a very likable character that you will find yourself rooting for.  If you are looking for something cute with a lot of growth, I highly recommend The Holloway Girls.
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Overall a well written YA book, wasnt completely my taste but was definitely good! In conclusion the book was good just not my personal favorite.
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Thank you to netgalley for providing me with an opportunity to read this super cute story. 

I rated this good luck turned bad luck teenage romance at 3.75 stars. While the concept and characters were supper adorable and realistic. I found the plot to be a little lacking.

I wanted the pace to pick up a little more on this one. It was a wonderful story and I may choose to read again in the future, but the pacing made it hard for me to keep reading consistently as it didn't quite hold my attention.
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I enjoyed this book. The characters were well thought out and the plot moved at a great pace. I would enjoy reading more from this author in the future.
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From the premise, to the cover, to the characters and plot, everything was perfect.
The writing is sharp, witty, and fast paced, with engaging characters and sparking dialogue.
The Holloway Girls is such fun and definitely added to the overall enjoyment. 
She creates strong characters who jump off the page, are complex in their identities and who I honestly liked spending time with.
This was a phenomenal young adult fantasy romance story. 
The pace was pitched perfectly. I honestly wanted this book to last forever!
This book exceeded my expectations. 
Definitely one of those, I'll read one more chapter, and another, and then I got to the end in one sitting.

Sourcebooks Fire,
Thank You for this eARC!
I will post to my platforms in the near future.
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