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The Holloway Girls

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With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC. 

A well written, enjoyable read featuring sisters Remy and Maggie and their ‘kissing seasons’. Maggie is finishing her season and Remy is beginning hers, but Remy’s season becomes cursed when “the rules” get broken. How is Remy supposed to reset her season? 

Add in new neighbours, friends who aren’t so friendly, confusing emotions and a few doses of self discovery as the characters develop throughout the story and you have a rather charming teen romance (or two).
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I had to read this book because my last name is Holloway. 
I liked the sisterly dynamics between Maggie and Remy. I liked their family bakery, I wanted some of those whooped pies! 
I liked the magic and the kissing season. I felt it is really a way for these teen girls to figure out things about love and family and friendship. I liked how we see different types of love throughout the book. 
I really liked this one and related to Remy as I have a sister myself. 

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC!
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I really loved the concept for this book and it was executed very well. I do however think that the solution to the problem was dumb but that's just my opinion. Remy and Tobin are super cute and I do wish they had a few more scenes together but they were adorable.

I received an arc through netgalley.
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i really enjoyed getting to read this book early. it was so much fun and such a sweet little romance. it made me feel good and that's something i really enjoy in my books. a lovely escape!
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This is a beautiful book that shows how precious some of the things we take for granted can be! Wonderful LGBTQ+ representations and a strong message about owning up to our mistakes!
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*I got a free copy through Netgalley, this in no way affected this review*

Look, I enjoyed this book, but I have a feeling there was so much more potential and the synopsis made me believe I would be reading a different kind of book.

It’s very character driven which puts the plot to the back a bit, which means it was a very easy book to follow but it didn’t really grab me so that I couldn’t put it down.

Remy was a fairly nice main character, though a bit whiny from time to time.

So a good read, but not extraordinary
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A story of sisters, magic and a bit of luck. 

“The Holloway Girls” promises a stroke of luck and good fortune to anyone who receives a kiss from a Holloway during their season and when it’s Remy’s turn she finds that her magic is not as fruitful as her ancestors. 

I’m starting to believe all story’s of inherited magic must have sisters at the center and this book is no different. Remy and Maggie were the best of friends before the season began and as each deal with the consequences of their magical kiss they pull apart and their back and forth is both frustrating and endearing fully representing the dynamics of that kind of relationship. 

The neighbors were fun with Juliet taking Center stage between the two and that may be a the charm of her character vs the quiet more reflective nature of her brother but I did enjoy her scenes quite a bit more than the other. It’s complicated doing a romance where the kiss can lead to the other party gaining this reward and I wish they spent a little more time discussing that uneven balance in a relationship setting as it seemed all the Holloway’s before then treated it more like a gift bestowed upon who they wished. 

Not bad but also not great, I feel it improved as I continued but overall it’s just alright. 

**special thanks to the publishers and netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for a fair and honest review**
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I was a bit disappointed with The Holloway Girls.  I though it would be more about Remy trying to find ways to break her curse, but instead it focused mainly on her romantic drama with Tobin, which I just didn't find that interesting.  I do think that probably teenage readers, who are more in the target demographic, would enjoy it.
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